Sunday, August 9, 2009

Georgia Lake

By Skeeter
My little Georgia Bunny's have put away their 4th of July clothes. They have gathered their Sand buckets, Badminton rackets, Beach ball, Hula hoop, Butterfly net and Flip flops! They are ready to go to the lake!
Last week I showed you the Saints parents lake in Virginia. This week, we shall stay here in Georgia and enjoy our lake. Well, we may also be on South Carolina waters as this lake runs along both states. The Savannah and Little Rivers both cross just above the dam to form the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River! J. Strom Thurmond/Clarks Hill Lake has 75,000 acres of wetland for our boating pleasures.
During drought seasons, the lake gets really low. Here you see this boat is out of the water when it should be in the water. This boat owner will not be able to enjoy their boat until the water rises a bit. (This was last year and we are no longer in a drought so the lake has risen)
Always trying to look at the bright side of a dismal time, one can see what is under the water during low water times. Here you see the brown rock landscaping.
Here you see pure Georgia Clay! Lucky for us, we don't have much of this in our yard.
This dock which is usually floating on the water, is sitting on a mixture of pebbles and sand.
This spot shows the white rocks.
Pure soft sand at this spot. The lake terrain is diverse and that makes for a great habitat for much wildlife.
Here is some of the wildlife we see at the lake. High upon a power tower, we see Osprey in a nest.
A Killdeer enjoys hunting for food.
As does this Great Egret.
Canadian Geese really enjoy the lake.
Blue Heron taking off after we got a little too close to him.
The highlight of each boat cruise is when we spot a Bald Eagle soaring high in the sky.
This Great Blue Heron is enjoying a fish he caught.
What is that on the boat ladder?
Oh, little frog, what are you doing on the boat? Gee, now we have to beach the boat on the shoreline to let you go. What next?
Well a lizard of course. Now we have to rescue you as well. We try to hunt the boat over for such passengers but at times, they are hiding too well for their own good. Sail boats lined up look like telephone poles from the distance.
Ah, that is the sail boat I like to see.

I find dead trees lying in the water, a work of art.
I am not sure what you call this. Maybe a Georgia version of a Beach Buggy!
On this day, we spotted this one lone cloud in the sky. I think it looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost flying around.
We visited our friends Georgia Lake a few weeks ago. Lake Jackson is much smaller then Clarks Hill Lake but fun in the sun all the same!
Here the Saint is getting ready to partake in some water sports.
He was being a bit of a Smarty Pants on the tube so the Captain of the boat decided to really let him have some hig speed fun. Click on the video to see the Wipe Out!

No tubing for me as I am happy with kicking back and relaxing and waiting to see what I can spot next. We really do enjoy our time on this GEORGIA LAKE, when not, In the Garden...


  1. What a wonderful time you had! Isn't is a relief to not be in the middle of the drought we had last year! The lake looks great and the wildlife happy! gail

  2. Love all the wonderful wildlife! And the bunny in the floaty is just great!

  3. Seeing the lakes so low is really heartbreaking. I am glad that this year the water levels are better. Love the picture of the Heron with the fish in his beak-- great action shot! Nice picture of the Bald Eagle too! I get really excited to see them.

  4. So Skeeter, I did a Google map look at your are very close to where we will be living in SC!

  5. Wonderful pictures and that looks like Casper to me also!!

  6. Love the shots of the wildlife! The lake looks like a wonderful place.

  7. What fun! I think I like the osprey picture of the wildlife best but that video of the Saint wiping out was super good! How did you get it and steer the boat too??

  8. Wow, Living in Maine with 3500 miles of coast and so much more than that of natural lakes (no madmade ones here), it is really mind boggling to me to see floats out of the water like that. But then again I think of my landlord in Georgia when she saw a photo of Tina as a year old in a blue lake in Maine. My landlord who was in her late 60"s had never seen a lake that was blue. She lived in Columbus where the river was red and brown from the clay.

    Boy Skeeter you get the best pics of wildlife. We have all those birds here but do you think I could get those photos? Nope not in a lifetime and I even have the killdeer nest and have babies on my lawn.

  9. I is so interesting to see what is usually underwater when the level of a lake drops. You have some great shots of the wildlife.

  10. I agree with everyone you get wonderful pics of wildlife. Too funny about the saint wiping out, I enjoyed that with my coffee!

  11. Lovely views of the lake and the wildlife. I'd LOVE to have green frogs and green lizards around me but no such luck!! Loved the bird shots, the dead tree in the water and the lone cloud!

  12. Good Afternoon everyeone! I am still in TN but the Saint has taken off for his journey back to GA to be with our fur babies and hold down the fort while I spend some more time with my family.

    We do enjoy this lake so much as long as it has water in it. We have lived in GA for 9 years of which 5 of them have been drought years, two were way too wet and the other two normal with perfect gardening weather and rain falls! The drought times is the only draw back of this lake.

    Janet, where in SC will you be relocating? We will have to take you on a lake cruise some time. We enjoy touring people around the lake...

    Tina, I was not driving the boat. When pulling someone behind a boat, you must have a driver watching the pathway and a spotter watching the pulled person. In this instance a friend was being spotter while I was playing photographer. I got lucky with the video as it was very difficult to film with the boat moving so quickly and tube going wild. lol. The Saint felt like a kid againg while on the tube! I was a chicken to get pulled fearing Captain would give me a wipe out as well...

    Jean, All the lakes in Colorado were filled by snow run off so they to were blue, along with clear and cold! Loved them but did not swim in them as they were too cold...

    I am glad you all enjoyed the pics and a peek at our GA Lake...

    I need to get back to family now... Enjoy this beautiful but hot TN day today!

  13. Great pics of the birds. Am impressed by the ospreys ...

  14. I really enjoyed this post and seeing the lake. It's so interesting the differences and similarities between a lake there and one here in Seattle.
    Great video, I haven't gone tubing in years.

  15. Love all the wild life you were lucky to see and photograph. Looks like a really fun place.

  16. I can see why you enjoy your time at the lake so much, especially with all these sights--seeing a bald eagle would make my day! But I would definitely be in a chair next to you with my feet up; I'd leave the water sports to the Saint:)

  17. hi Skeeter, we will be on a lake as well...Lake Greenwood.

  18. I hope the Saint wasn't injured! It sure looked like a lot of fun regardless! Did y'all find any cool lookin pieces of driftwood? I'm always on the lookout for some when I'm around a lake or waterway that's experiencing low water levels.

  19. Great pics of the lake, Skeeter. I use to like to go to Ky Lake when I was home. It's man made but that makes it better.
    I like the Eagle. We use to go watch Eagles in nest where we use to hunt.

  20. What a fun day!!!! I like the Georgia Beach buggy!!!

  21. Great wildlife photos Skeeter!

  22. Lola, We plan to retire on KY lake one day as it is such a nice place and also full of wildlife. Plus oh so close to home... We love the water whether in it or just observing the activities around it...

    Saint was not harmed in the making of the video. His Ego was a bit bruised though. hee hee....