Saturday, August 29, 2009

Real Roadside Beauty

By Skeeter

Last weekend I had a post titled, "Roadside Beauty." I was of course joking about the Kudzu we see along the roadside in the southeastern United States. Even though invasive, I do find it a work of art in places and even see the beauty from within. I can say this as there is not any Kudzu growing in my Georgia Garden. Now lets move onto some real roadside beauties that I spotted while in Tennessee. The pictures above was snapped just up the street from where my parents live. It is along Dunbar Cave Road and I could not help but stare at it as each time I passed this spot. All greenery but so well placed don't you think?
Leaving Dunbar Cave road and intersecting with Wilma Rudolph Blvd, I found another spot of beauty. Different groups of folks from throughout Clarksville maintain some of the mediums at the intersections. I find this a wonderful program to help beautify a city.
This spot was in front of a bank teller machine. I was by this spot often and enjoyed this roadside beauty as well.
And right in the middle of the road, which is normally filled with asphalt, I spotted this beautiful little planter!
Some of you may recognize this place as Tina has posted on it once before when she first started this blog. This beautiful spot can be seen in front of the Toyota Dealership on Wilma Rudolph Blvd soon after you cross the Red River Bridge.
The beauty along this roadside is bursting with colors of Red and White. Do you notice that is the business colors used in Advertising? Thought sure went into that color scheme. This picture was not taken at the same spot as the pic above even though they look similar. They have several areas along the front of the car lot with the same pattern.
I was using the trusty Zoom lens from across the street to capture these pictures. My mother and I were not sure if the white vine is Clematis or Mandevilla but what ever it is, it is beautiful for sure!
And look, Palm Trees in Clarksville, Tennessee! I have heard a rumor of the price of each of these trees and they ain't cheap folks! Luckily for the landscaper, they made it through their first winter without dying. I am not sure but I think they have someone hired just to maintain these gardens on a daily basis as I saw him each time I drove by this spot. Maybe he washes the cars when not watering the flowers with his trusty hose. He should be proud with REAL ROADSIDE BEAUTY, In the Garden...


  1. My husband went to TN from Australia. In the photos he brought back in 2000 I think, I loved the street plantings too. I think it was somewhere in Memphis.

    I think that is a date palm, they grow here in the mountains, my neighbbour has one. We get frosts but no snow.

  2. Also there is a town an hour from here where the garden club does the street plantings and I enjoy the flowers very much. I took one photo a couple of weeks ago, maybe I could post it.

  3. Very nice roadside beauty. I love it when towns care about there landscaping. We saw some beautiful medians in Georgia as well.

  4. Hello there Skeeter girl ! Those are gorgeous eye candy spots : )
    You have inspired me to make a note of taking some shots of the very pretty plantings in the city of Kingston where I live .. it makes me proud every time we run errands around town to see the effort that is made here by the city .. I guess our taxes are good for something ??
    Joy : )

  5. These are lovely plantings, Skeeter! We have a volunteer group here in town who also plant and maintain garden spots at intersections and throughout the town. It certainly makes a town look more attractive!

  6. I appreciate the businesses putting together and maintaining garden areas.

  7. You found some nice little spots of roadside beauty. What I enjoy is when I see the bunches of wild flowers planted.

  8. Skeeter, That first photo really is super! I like all the greenery and have not seen this one around town. I do know Joe-Joe-Joe Toyota. They wrapped those palms really really well this past winter when we had a cold blast. They look good still. The owner does have a landscaper and I was told he takes as much pleasure in his landscape as in his business! It really shows.

    Everyone have a nice weekend!

  9. We are off to the lake for a boat ride. I will chat with ya later....

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

  10. I was going to say...they must wrap the palms. Believe it or not we have 3 large ones outside a seasonal resturant, they are wrap but I cant't figure if they are wrapped because they are real or wrapped because they are silk! LOL! One day I will know, busy place, I've eaten there once. Good food and they sure do look real, complete with brown fronds, do you think they will think I'm strange to ask what kind of palms they are?

  11. As an avid gardener, I really appreciate roadside plantings, but I think all people benefit from them, even if not consciously. They just brighten one's spirits and make the world softer, less concrete.

  12. Those are really nice roadside pretties and how could one not enjoy them and make one smile. I also think when it is hot ouside the flowers make you feel much cooler than the darn ole hot concrete.

  13. What a pretty example of curbside appeal! Those look like Mandevilla vines to me. :)

  14. Very nice Skeeter. I've seen places like that. In Gainesville they have different groups of people to take care of different spots along the streets. Most are kept nice but with mostly shrubbery.
    Have a fun day all.

  15. These urban oasis are most welcome. I have also noticed things that I thought only meant for shade in some like black alocasia.

  16. Good day at the lake. We caught some fish and had a good cruise and picnic. Now the clouds are rolling in....

    Linda, I am glad your husband had the chance to enjoy the roadside beauty in Memphis! It really does brighten up a spot that is normally filled with asphalt. Yes, you should post your picture!

    Darla, in our community here in GA, we have lots of gardens at the entrance of housing developments. They really do seem to take pride in plants in our neck of the woods. Our adjoining city (Augusta) is called "The Garden City" and that may have something to do with all the plantings here. They really are pretty...

    Joy, Do post on your city gardens! I think they are a nice touch to any city. Some people think it is a waste of tax payer’s money but I think beauty is attractive to the eye therefore draws more people to a city...

    Rose, Yes indeed. A spot of beauty in a concrete/asphalt world is a nice touch. I am glad they have this program and think it is wonderful. Community pride at work...

    Janet, If I were in the market for a car, I would sure go to that Toyota to see if they had something for me. I truly feel they give something to the community every day of the year with their beautiful garden...

    Dot, Yes, South Carolina and Texas come to my mind as they seem to do a wonderful job of wildflower planting in the interstate mediums! They make a boring drive, not so boring!

    Tina, that has to be the most beautiful landscaping I have ever seen at a business! It puts a huge smile on my face every time I pass that place! I saw the trees wrapped for the winter and my parents kept me updated with how they were fairing. We did not think they would make it over winter but they did! Tender Loving Care for sure to those beauties.... The greenery spot is just across the street from Dunbar Cave Park by Swan Lake. You can see it on the right as you come down the hill from Wilma. I bet Anonymous sees this spot often...

    Dawn, If I know your Sister (Tina) she would have already asked them! Show them to her the next time she is in town and then you will know what they are. hee hee... I vote you go for a bite to eat and then ask. Any excuse for a good meal. Yum. Maybe they are fake and they are fooling everyone. That would be a funny joke to play on the community.

    Monica, I could not have said it better then you just did! I totally agree with you. I even see birds on the plants when no other greenery is within hundreds of yards! I think these type programs are great for a community...

    Jean, anything to take the mind off the hot days of summer in the south! lol, Beauty has a way of putting a smile on everyone’s face from the green of a tree to the bright colors of a blooming flower!

    Racquel, You are the first one to mention the vine! I too think they are aMandevilla nd dont they just pop with their bright white blooms against the deep green of the leaves? I think they are awesome!

    Lola, Aren’t they wonderful little spots to break up the concrete jungles? They probably use the evergreens as they are low maintenance. Some volunteers go all out and change them from season to season while others opt for more Perennials. Either way, a nice touch for our society...

    Donna, I see things like hosta that I thought were shade plants thriving in some of these planters! They must be some type of variety that enjoys the sun. I have noticed lots of potato vines in different colors here in some GA roadside planters. They dont seem the have the bug problems that my vines have. Maybe the bugs will not walk across the hot asphalt to get to the planters....

  17. Hey Skeeter -these are all really great photos that I see on an almost daily basis. And, they still make me smile each time I pass - a bit of calm from my usual chaos, hahaha:0)
    Another busy but productive day here -my garden is gone. Hubby took up the fence and mowed down all the remains except my bell peppers. They are still producing nice size peppers. I finally finished a blanket I have been working on -I really need to learn how to use a machine, hehehe.
    Everyone have a great evening -ciao.

  18. simply beautifully captured shot...lovely view all around!

  19. Anonymous, Those are really some eye catchers along the roadway and do add a bit of calmness. Yep, the veggies are starting to fizzle out now. We plucked some tomatoes and a cucumber yesterday and are still watching the peppers as they are almost ready for picking as well. The gourds are still growing and I am hoping for some large enough to make new birdhouses. Hand stitches are so much better then using a machine. Lots of love and care in your hands...

    Flying stars, Thanks, it was a bit difficult snapping shots while in the car driving but I was stopped at the red lights or stop signs while doing so....

  20. What a beauty! They do that here down under too. The council even promote island gardening, planting ornamentals in the middle of the streets flanking two one way lanes. They make driving less tedious at the sight of beautiful plants growing on the roadside, the middle side and just any sides. I think it has something to do in promoting Climate change by greening the environment.

  21. Hello Bonnie! I am glad to hear that this roadside beauty is in more places then just my small hometown in TN! I think these little spots of beauty do make ones day a bit more enjoyable and especially while stopped at a traffic light when one can become frustrated. This is such a wonderful program for the entire community to enjoy whether planting the islands or just viewing them from your car…