Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Montgomery County Master Gardener Training

Hi all! Today's post is a public service announcement for folks in my local area. Karla (our local extension agent and master gardener coordinator for Montgomery County) is offering the master gardener course beginning next week. The class costs $100; which includes all materials. Classes will be taught each Tuesday evening starting August 25 from 6-9 pm at the extension office located on Cumberland Drive. Application deadline is tomorrow so hurry and sign up! Call Karla at (931)648-5725 for further information and to sign up. Once you complete the class you get to join a really REALLY awesome group of folks who like to garden-just like you!

in the garden....

The above perennial is Ligularia dentata 'Desdemona'. It grows in full shade with plenty of moisture here in my garden and is a lovely plant for the shade.


  1. Oh Tina--this post almost makes me sad! :) The MG courses here are only during the day. Good for your area to accomodate folks who work!

  2. Anyone interested in gardening should take the MG course. Even if you are just starting out! I think the name 'Master Gardener' may dissuade some from taking the classes who may think you need to a lot about gardening already.

  3. Become a Master Gardener! You will learn and grow as a gardener AND make wonderful friends!

  4. Linda, That is a big bummer. Here they only offer the classes at night-not enough folks will take them at night. Too funny huh? Maybe if you ask the agent long enough and he/she can find interest in night classes they might come around.

    Dave, I think you may be right on the master part but really the complaint seems to be the cost and the fact you have to do volunteer hours. But as you know, it is SO worth it. I hope many folks sign up as they'll learn a lot.

    Janet, This is the best part of the MG groups-friends!

  5. Good morning Tina. Can't comment on the Tennessee MG program but your ligularia is nice. I've never seen one in our area.

  6. I agree with Marnie, the ligularia is beautiful.
    The video from the prior post finally showed up, I guess I needed adobe reader/flash.

  7. When I was younger, I told my dad he should be a Master Gardener. He laughed really hard and said," I teach the Master Gardeners!" I was not even aware of the vast knowledge I had access to back then.
    Like your photo... b.t.w.

  8. The extension is an incredible group of knowledgable and very friendly people. I have to go to Portland today to pick up Sarah and Josh and I will be dropping of a dead tomato plant at the extension office to find out for sure if my tomatoes all died of late blight or not. So many of their services are free so I wonder why they charge so much for the master course. Not that they don't deserve it as they do but a lotta folks just can't afford it.
    Young folks who are starting a family sure could not afford it but it would really help them a lot to have the course under their belt.

  9. Marnie, The ligularia is a plant I have killed before:( so I was ever so happy it is doing well finally. I believe ligularia will grow up north as well as in the south but I am not sure. I think some of the yellow star flowers you see on the side of the roads in moist woods are of the ligularia species. A wonderful plant but it needs moisture. The leaves alone make it worth growing. Glad you like it.

    Dawn, It is a nice plant indeed. Brightens a very very shady spot. Adobe is pretty important.

    Rosey, The knowledge you glean from gardeners such as your dad is more valuable than any other knowledge you can get in a classroom (in my humble opinion). Your dad sounds like a very good gardener!

    Sarah, Thanks! Loved your photos of Bailey Island this morning!

    Mom, I think it is pretty expensive but they have to recoup the expense of the books and materials. Just about everything now a days has to be self supporting and the extension agents are not exempt. The book you get is quite in depth. I still have my HUGE book from my course in 1997. It is the extension office offers so many resources for gardeners and homeowners. Remember my post on the land grant universities? It was one of my favorites. I might rerun it but that helps with the services for this country. I hope Sarah and Josh had a great visit with her folks!

  10. A lovely flower to illustrate your public service announcement, Tina. I often look at these, knowing we have no moist areas at all, other than in the pond itself! :-)

  11. I grow that Ligularia in full sun, it work there to / gittan

  12. Neat plant and great reminder for those interested in taking the MG course. I too think a bit pricy for someone with eagerness but little money...

    Another hot and sticky day here in GA....

  13. Master Gardeners are also a great resource for those of us without the time to take the course...

  14. It is a great program but like most think it is a bit pricey. The ligularia is nice.
    We just had another shower even tho it's 90º. Sun is shining. Strange.

  15. I saw a ligularia like that in Blowing Rock, NC in their park garden. It is so gorgeous!

    PS You're a good public service announcer!

  16. been away for too long... this caught my eye, for I live in Montgomery County. Pennsylvania.