Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bloom Day-July 2010

Bloom Day this steamy month of July sees my gardens slowing down a bit. The daylilies are winding down and the late summer bloomers are just coming into play leaving coneflowers, rudbeckias, phlox, veronicas, crepe myrtles, annuals such as cosmos, cleome, impatiens, and lantana to make up the bulk of the flowers blooming here. Let's take a look at a few of them.

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Lilies, probably 'Stargazer' though these are 5 feet tall and I'm not sure if 'Stargazer' gets that tall. The fragrance is intoxicating.

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Coneflowers and daylilies in the Northside Shrub Border. Some might call this clown pants gardening, but hey, I love it! The colors work for me and that is what counts. Along with these two bloomers are amsonia (the fine leaf plant), and mums in the background.

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Coneflowers and Gladiolus. I lucked out and captured this shot of three swallowtails enjoying the coneflowers in the Sunny Perennial Border. Did you see all three at first glance? This sunny area has a LOT of pinks in it. I'll be preparing a post on the neat pinks. You can see only two here but I'll share the other three at a later date. Together they all make quite a pink statement here.

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Orange cosmos and hibiscus 'Fireball' in the Sunny Perennial Border.

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Dayliles, 'Moonbeam' coreopsis, coneflowers and catmint in the Perennial Bed.

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Peruvian Daffodils in the pot ghetto. These were purchased last year to go in a new garden bed but when it was found out they were not hardy, plans changed. They did not bloom last year but have more than made up this year. Each stalk has about four blooms per. It is a really cool summer flowering bulb.

From In the Garden
Patrina scabiosifolia and coneflowers. The patrina was a purchase from Summer Celebration last summer. I love it. The flowers are quite airy and bloom for a l-o-n-g time. I hope it spreads around a bit. One word of caution though, I've read it is a host for a daylily disease so site away from daylilies. I've found it easy to grow. I have my patrina sited in the Front Foundation Bed along with coneflowers, 'Sunny Border Blue' veronica, helenium and a few other significant plants. The combos are nice though and I've finally got a good plan for all of these flowers. Do you all know patrina? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Also blooming: 'Stargazer' lilies, 'Sunny border blue' veronica, 'Royal Candles' veronica, impatiens, crocosmia, baby's breath, mophead hydrangeas, 'Pink Diamond' hydrangea, phlox, 'Miss Manners' obedient plant, daylilies, lantana, agapanthus, geraniums, 'Diamond Frost', sedum, crocosmia. cleome, Chinese indigo, gladiolus, toad lilies, and hostas....

in the garden....

Note on the toad lilies. I thought 13 July was a bit early to find toad lilies blooming but when I looked back at last year's records I find that the toad lilies began blooming on 11 July 2009, so we are right on track.

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  1. Well then I have clown pants all over the place.! I love your garden photos, oh and that hibiscus--yummy!! I posted a new one for me today.

  2. Grand Jury Duty today so going to be a long day. But fun and full of new things learned by me. Yippeeeee....

    Tina, your gardens look beautiful as always! I noticed two butterflies off the bat and had to go back and find the third one. Funny how our eyes are drawn to one thing in a picture some times. Love the Iron Sun in the background, it really makes a statement in the garden. My Coreopsis are not shining for me this year but the cosmos you and Nina gave me are more then making up for them being less. I have a strange looking lily of the freebies and need to do a bit of research on it. May be a toad lily as it looks like a toad in a way or maybe a Tiger with its Orange and Black, I must look it up….

    All is Looking Good Girl…

  3. Quick image search tells me I have a Tiger Lily!

    Word Verification was "Exciters" Thats for sure...

  4. Peruvian daffy's aren't hardy? I will have to check mine but I thought they came up with the regular ones. Bummer.
    Everything looks great!

  5. Your garden is filled with beautiful flowers But most of all, what a big butterfly! Are they all that size? The butterflies over heree aren't near that one in size / gittan

  6. Hey, don't you make fun of clown pants gardening! LOL That's my life theme, more color! I do have to chuckle when people say they don't like garish flowers, or that they have a pastel color theme in their garden. Not me. Clown pants colors for me!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a wealth of lovelies :)
    The coneflowers may not be the most beautiful of flowers but with all those butterflies that they attract how can one even think of leaving them out of a garden?

  8. Hi Tina, man it is steamy here, too! My garden actually has quite a few blooms and if I get it together, I could just post about them in time for tomorrow!

  9. I have some of that 'clown pants' planting, too, Tina:) In fact, I have the same combo of coneflowers and daylilies in my roadside garden; some may think they clash, but I love it. You did a great job getting three swallowtails in one photo! I have trouble getting one butterfly to stay still.

    Your 'Stargazer' is gorgeous; I hope mine comes back next year after Sophie broke it off this year.

    Lots of lovely summer blooms!

  10. Awesome flower combinations. Love the lily with the sunflower sculpture. And the real butterfly!!!

  11. Hi Tina -lovely assortment of blooms! Most of my flowering stuff is about finished out here -brown eyed susans are in full bloom and my pink crepe myrtle is blooming -the white ones are finished, orange cosmos are looking pretty though:0) Have a great day everyone! Ciao

  12. Your garden is still lovely! Carla

  13. Those are the besst looking clown pants I have ever seen!!!!

    I had to enlarge photo to see the 3rd butterfly.

    Never heard of that daffy but it is awesome.

  14. How fabulous to get a shot with not one but three Swallowtail butterflies! You have some beautiful blooms going strong this month in the garden. That Peruvian (sp?) Daffodil is gorgeous, seen that for the first time last year I think and love the shape of the petals. :)

  15. None of my gardens have a real design.... If your garden has clown pants, then mine is the whole darn circus! LOL :) ... well in my opinion that's the most beautiful anyway.

  16. Beautiful gardens as always. Love to look at the pics.
    My Crepe Myrtle is blooming for the first time. It's supposed to be red but has turned out to be a dk pink. I don't think some of these suppliers know their colors. A few blooms but non the less I was happy to see them.
    Something has eaten all the older leaves off my apple tree. Brother said it was little green grasshoppers. Any idea is appreciated.

  17. That first shot is gorgeous Tina! Love the lilies with your yellow garden art in the background.
    You were lucky to capture not one but THREE Swallowtails on your coneflowers! I am feeling terrible now that I can't even photograph one!
    Those peruvian daffodils are awesome. I've never grown them before but I would love to try. Glad they overwintered and are flowering so well. Happy bloom day.

  18. Hi Tina, my stargazers have gotten really tall this year. First time I've had to stake them. One possibility with mine, there are some other plants crowding them and they what to get higher reaching for more sunshine.

    Your Peruvian daffodil is so lovely. Definitely worth waiting for.

    Wow, three swallowtails! I have a dozen phlox plus coneflowers planted especially for them and so far only ONE this season. Others could be coming while I'm at work but that really isn't fair is it:)

    Love your garden ornament. Marnie

  19. Hey guys, judging by the comments we need to start a circus gardening group. LOL I've been out looking for houses for my daughter. Wow, what a job. Anyhoo

    Darla, New hibiscus are always fantastic and you can't beat their color. Sorry about your blogging friend.

    Skeeter, You have fun today! I knew someone would miss the third swallowtail so put that in there for them (you:)! Tiger lilies will spread nicely.

    Dawn, Thanks! Yup, these Peruvian babies are not hardy. Their botanical name is hymenocallis then narcissiflora.

    Gittan, No, not all butterflies are that size. These are Eastern swallowtails and fairly typical. We have some Giant swallowtails and others that are bigger but probably way more that are smaller. Glad you like them!

    Robin, That is it exactly! So glad to have the support. Garish flowers are us-huh? I just love love love the color. Clown pants here we come!

    Sunita, It would be unheard of to leave out coneflowers for sure. The butterflies so enjoy these lovelies-and even birds too. I missed my bananas when I saw yours.

    Monica, Looking forward to seeing your blooms! You can get it together-just a few minutes of your time.

    Rose, I think the coneflowers and daylilies go well together. They sure do make a big presence here. I bet your display is a showstopper. And to think both are carefree. Your 'Stargazer' should come back though I'm still not sure this is what mine is:(

    GSS, Thanks! Butterflies are such a pleasure. The steel 'sunflowers' give me that happy sunny clown pants colors even in the winter so they work here.

    Anonymous, I hope your summer is going smashingly. Can you believe it is almost time to go back to school?? Still waiting for my calendar to see when. I think Aug 7th this year. Bummer on your white crepes passing by but all the others will fill for you.

    Carla, Thanks!

    Mom, Yup, clown plants-think lots of bright colors here. They are the only thing that shows up in the bright light of summer time. The daffodils are new to me too. Lucky them that they bloomed this year or they'd be toast. The eye sees what it wants to sees and misses things sometimes that is why I pointed out the three swallowtails. They were awesome.

  20. Racquel the Peruvian daffodil is really neat and blooms quite a long time. Not hardy though so that is a drawback for me. It might be in your area.

    Jackie, We are the circus gardeners for sure when we love TONS of color and blooms. For some reason it all just makes me happy-like circuses. They are truly beautiful and our style too.

    Lola, Those crepes are mysteries sometimes. You almost have to buy them in bloom to be sure you get what you wish for. Dark pink is lovely though. It sounds like grasshoppers are eating your apple tree. They shouldn't kill or anything really bad.

    Kathleen, Don't worry the swallowtails will show up soon to feast on your flowers. I seem to remember they come late to your area of Colorado? Here in the south we have insects like all year of some kind or another. You might like the Peruvians since you do so well with containers. I don't and have never posted mine and most likely never will. My containers are lucky to have one flower in them let alone a mix it is just not my thing. But I bet you could design something nice with the Peruvians. I keep thinking what I could put at their feet but so far they stay bare.

    Marnie, It is possible the 'Stargazers' just begin growing taller with age too? This one is in almost full shade so I'm sure it stretches as well. It is more than 4' tall. I'm amazed it still grows. Don't worry on the swallowtails. They are there you just need the right conditions. Also, you know here they like some coneflowers better than others. I could not tell you the varieties but I know I have more than one. Not sure on this one but it seems it was a volunteer. Glad you like it and the 'sunflower'.

  21. Hi Tina,
    I am getting ready to do my GBBD post. I looked in my sidebar to see if anyone had posted theirs yet. I enjoyed seeing and reading about what you have blooming.

    I was thinking some things, like asters and goldenrods were wanting to bloom earlier than usual, and looked back at last year's photos, too. I did have the smaller varieties of goldenrods blooming at this time last year, and the asters look about the same. I remember them hanging onto their buds awhile, so they probably will this year, too.

    I don't grow glads because I read a long time ago, that one shouldn't grow them near a vegetable garden. I sure love your pink one. I have a lily like your pink one, that I don't remember planting. I think the leaves are different than yours, though. I've never heard of Peruvian daffodils. That sure is a pretty bloom!

  22. Hi Sue, I am always a bit early on Bloom day since I do mine on the second Wednesday. I don't post on weekend and like a set schedule so the think on the 15th was not working for me. This works better but may throw off other bloggers. The glads in my garden grow right next to and in the vegetable garden. I've never heard that you shouldn't plant them there. Do you know why not? I've had no issues with mine and actually, these pink ones are like hard to get rid of. I actually thought you'd say you don't grow them because once you do you are stuck with them forever. lol Very hardy they are indeed. I do like them for cutting but the blooms don't last long. Yup, I ditto you, seems like our flowers are early but in reality they really aren't. Time passes by so quickly anyhow. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  23. Lots of pretties in your garden in the heat of the summer.

    Good to see Patrina in use. I've admired it from afar, but haven't brought her home. I could use some yellow lace in my garden that isn't on the top of bronze fennel!

    Clown pants? Who? Us? :-) If it grows, if it blooms, if you like it. I think I could write some country lyrics for that!

    I've been spending all my time in the garden this week. I can't believe that I planted salvias today, but Lowe's had Steel Blue nemorosa for $3.33 each and I just had to have 6 of them for the inferno strip where the dianthus has mostly died from heat.

  24. Hi Cameron, So glad you got some salvia to plant. I always plant in the summer and know I have to water but I think it is okay. I also think my dianthus is dying out too. Do you think yours will come back once the rains return? If it grows and blooms-you bet! Love them all. Do you know by chance why patrina is not more widely available or is it? And maybe is it because of the daylily rust host thing?

  25. I think it was a book on companion planting. It was in the 1970s I read this, talk about time going by fast. LOL

  26. Hi Tina,

    Very beautiful plants!

    Remember the orange cosmo seeds you sent me? They are growing! I hope they look half as good as yours do. Thanks again.

  27. Your garden is lovely tina. Your hibiscus bloom reminded me that a friend tried to give me a hibiscus plant , almost a tree but I have no room for it inside my house :( It is too cold to grow it outside up here.

  28. Your lilies are divine. I love the scent of stargazers too. So cool to catch the butterflies in action!