Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Little Munchkins

By SkeeterIt has been hot in my Georgia Garden the past week. The temp in our car was saying 104 as we headed to dinner one evening! Yikes, my gardens and grass have been wanting water so badly from Mother Nature rather then my hose. We tried to stay cool with our Great Niece and Great Nephew's visit! Mackie D's indoors air conditioned playground is a great place to burn some energy. While also having a bite of lunch.
Shopping with Uncle Saint and Aunt Skeeter is always fun as well.Aunt Skeeter cannot resist being a bit silly at times. Hum, is that ice cream or sour cream on our upper lips? Got Milk?The kids were happy to see the deer in our gardens. With lack of rain, they are coming to the bird baths for a drink every day.
The kids could not pet the wild deer in our yard but could pet our neighbors horse's, Harley and Georgia.
They loved keeping cool while running through the water sprinkler. I was entertaining them while keeping the gardens and grass happy at the same time! Here they are taking a drink break on the swing with the sprinkler flowing. I remember running through my grandmothers water sprinkler when I was a child. I wonder if these two will remember playing in Aunt Skeeters sprinkler and gardens???Little man made himself a nice tent in the sun room.A small pool was added to our Gardens for the kids to keep cool while playing.Taking showers with the garden hose seem to be more fun then the pool for the kids.They would soap up and each other would spray off the other. They thought that was so neat. I some times think it is the little things they will remember from their visit.
Craft time was a busy day. I braved the paints with an old plastic table cloth.
So many beautiful things were made with those little hands.
I now have a Monkey to put into my plants! How awesome is that? On their last night here, we had a party in the living room complete with the Disco Ball...
And "Happy Vacation" cake. The kids found out what trick candles are all about. Hee hee... Karaoke had the adults rolling on the floor with laughter. The kids were so cute singing their little hearts out and entertaining us. The Saint hooked up his Electric Guitar to give us a little concert, then the party started to wind down. My Brother, his wife and their grandchildren, have now departed and the house is way too quiet. I miss those TWO LITTLE MUNCHKINS, In the Garden...
Note: Yippee, we finally had a pop up shower pass through today giving us a greatly needed 1/2 inch drink of water for the Garden. My water bill this month will be a big one for sure with all the watering and the pool. I am excited about the rain....

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  1. Skeeter,
    Looks like you have lots of fun with those kids! Hope you get some rain. We got unexpected rain this morning a decent shower and yesterday too, others around here missed yesterdays showers.

  2. No question about it! The Munchkins WILL remember. Sounds like you drew on a large reservoir of creativity and energy all week.

    I enjoyed all the pictures and rejoice with you in the little bit of rain you received.

  3. You have given those kids some wonderful childhood memories to relive when they get older! :) I remember making forts at my great-aunt's house in her front yard with a old quilt and lawn chairs, lol. And whoever didn't run through a sprinkler in the yard was missing out on some good fun. lol

  4. My niece and nephew loved making those blanket tents! I think all kids deserve to have a silly aunt and I stepped right up to fill the role! :)

  5. Of course they'll remember their visit with Aunt Skeeter and Uncle Saint. What a fun time for you all! And lucky them to have such good hosts for their vacation!

  6. Are you kidding me? These dolls will be talking about spending time with you for the rest of their lives, what a great Aunt and Uncle!! Heck, I want to come spend time with ya'll.

  7. They will remember AND have alot to talk about with their friends. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Looks like you had a great time, but 104?? Goodness I thought we were bad with 101! Are you looking forward to fall? I think we are all starting to think about it now.

  9. Are you kidding?????? They will still be talking about all those wonderful memories when they have grand nieces and nephews!!!!

  10. Hi Skeeter, we would gladly send you some of our extra water. A lot of flooding in this area after a bad storm over the weekend.

    Such cute kids, I'll bet having them was fun---for a while.

  11. Great times Skeeter -and Sidekick agrees with Darla on this one -he would LOVE to come play at your house:0) He enjoyed this post alot! So much fun -hope you get more rain too! We had a couple good downpours last night -we really needed them. Lil Bundle is wanting to play so I must go -have a great day everyone. Ciao

  12. It looks like Uncle Saint and Aunt Skeeter know how to have fun!!!!!

  13. Good Afternoon everyone. I am trying to get the house back to normal but miss those kids so much. They were such fun and kept my mind off the nasty hot weather by splashing in the pool and sprinkler with me....

    Randy, We were so happy to see that rain shower yesterday. We had only 1/2 inch when others around us had up to 5 inches! But we will gladly take anything we can get....

    Rebecca, I do hope those munchkins remember their visit for a long time. That is one of the drawbacks of living so far from family. But we kept them busy their entire visit and that is important to one that age for sure…

    Raquel, you are so right! I remember running through my grandmothers water sprinkler as if it were yesterday! I will make them copy’s of all pictures taken by us and Nanny has them photo albums to put them in. Indoor tents on rainy days are remembered by me in my childhood. Such adventures we had….

    Monica, I am glad to know I am not the only silly Aunt in town! LOL, I think some people take life too seriously and we try to have fun. I told them from the day they stepped into the front door, that we live in a happy house and there will be no fighting or arguing with each other as we intend to have fun. They did a great job of having fun as did we adults too….

    Tina, I think this was their first trip together away from Mommy and Daddy for a weeks time. I was a bit afraid they may get homesick but I did not give them a chance to as I filled their days with so much fun that they did not have time to get homesick! They sure were full of energy and I only wish I knew how to bottle it as I would be rich! LOL…

    Darla, Thanks and come on over, we like to have fun in this house! I worked in Day Care for 7 years of my young adult life so I know how important it is to keep little ones entertained to keep them happy. As long as they have something to do and not get bored, they are wonderful…

    Dawn, Madame would have loved Craft Day! She would have been great to help them out in the more difficult crafts. I am hoping that maybe something will rub off with the kids whether crafting or the gardens in the yard…

    Meadowview, Yes! I am so looking forward to fall and cooler temps. Our heat index has been really horrible lately. The heat is not so bad but the stinking humidity is awful this year. Worse then I can ever remember in my 10 years of GA living. We normally get small breaks from the humidity but not this summer…

    Jean, I hope so. With us not having children of our own, we can only give memories to the ones around us. I only wish we lived closer to TN so we could spend more time with those little munchkins. Kids are awesome to be around as they have so much energy and seem to get me energized as well….

    Marnie, I saw on the weather channel where your area had some terrible rain falls! I cannot help but be reminded of my parents poor flooded home when watching that news. Yep, the kids were fun but not sure how much longer I could go with less and less sleep each day during their visit. If only I had that energy again….

    Anonymous, I was thinking of the fun you must have each day with your kiddoes! I tried my best to keep them busy and think I did a pretty good job of it. Kids can bore so easily and I did not give them a chance to bore. TV was only on a few times as we had better things to do then sit in front of a TV. The movie “Up” Was fun to watch though…

    Sherlock, Fun is what it is all about for a child. We are still children on the inside :-)

  14. They'll keep those memories with them forever! It looks like they had as much fun as you did ;). I'm glad you got some rain, we finally did here too.

  15. Dave, We had more rain today as well! I am sooooo excited about the rain and it has lifted my spirits since the kids departed for TN....

  16. Oh, it looks like they had such a wonderful time-what lucky kids to have such a fun aunt and uncle. These are the memories that are so important. I think TIME is the most important thing we can give young people. You have certainly provided them with that. I wish there were more folks like you in the world-kids nowadays need all the love they can get.

  17. Sue, Thank you so much for your kind words :-) I also agree that kids need more time from adults. I can see how easy it is to sit them in front of the TV but then I see what they are watching and it scares me to no end. TV's should be turned off and adults turned on by the kids.....