Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tiger Or Two

By Skeeter Tina mentioned yesterday how the Lilies are "winding down" in her Tiger Gardens. Lilies have about fizzled out in my Georgia Gardens as well. Lilies are fairly new to my garden. I added the first Lily 2 years ago with the Saint gifting me with two dwarf yellow Lilies. I have since added more as I catch them on sale.
And of course, I had the gift of Free Lilies from our wonderful neighbor this spring. In that batch of Freebies, were about a dozen strange looking plants that I assumed were some type of Lily. Being new to Lilies, I am learning as I go along. What fun that can be for a Gardener. Above you can see one of the strange looking plant as I have circled it for you.
This plant kept getting taller and taller and remained a mystery until recently. This one reached a height of 4 foot tall while the remainder are around 3 feet tall.
When the buds finally open for me, I was ever so excited to see the beautiful blooms.
Bright Orange Flowers with big Black Spots all over them with some protruding outward!
I was thinking they were some type of Toad Lily due to the spots but then upon talking this over with my Mother in Law, she informed me I may have Tiger Lilies.
Tiger Lilies would make sense as they do have the colors of a beautiful Orange and Black Tiger. I also mentioned these berry type things on the stem of the Plant. I was assuming they are seeds and once again, my Mother in law says they are indeed seeds. I am hoping for many more of these beautiful lilies as I think they are so darn neat. If only the blooms would last longer, sigh. Hum, I wonder if Tiger Gardens has any Tiger Lilies? What say you Tina?
Here are some more of the Free beauties in bloom during the past month. This yellow beauty may be a Freebie or a Bargain find. I found some bargain Lilies with no name tags at the end of the season last year. Silly me, planted the Freebies in the general area of the Bargain Lilies and did not mark them. Duh on my part but if I don't know the name, I don't care as I am more interested in the show then the name of the performance.
This bright Orange was a Freebie.
As were many in this color.
This little unknown beauty was a freebie as well.
Here are a few that I planted last year and have tags for Identification. Darling Deception.
Blueberry Candy (I believe)
Mini Pearl
And Pandora's Box.

I have talked a lot about Lilies this year but they are such fantastic plants to talk about. I am still wondering why it took me so long to add them to my gardens. I will have one more surprise Lily to talk about soon as I see a bud forming on the top and I cannot wait to see what this one will have in store for me. I am ever so excited about this one as it was a pass along that I thought was a goner last year! I am so pleased to have A TIGER OR TWO, in the Garden...

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  1. Those tigers are stunning. Your other lilies are lovely too. You sure have quite a nice selection, and quite a few of them were free. That's great!


  2. Yep, those seeds will spread! I love all the rest of the flowers but the kitty is precious!

  3. My tiger lilies don't get that tall, hmm. All of these are pretty.

  4. I've always love the black spots on the orange! Cute kitty, too!

  5. Awesome flowers Skeeter -and that last picture was too cute!!! Good thing you have such a cute helper:) Ciao

  6. What a handsome cat. All my lilies have bloomed except Stargazer. Still waiting on it. The daylilies are winding down. Hate to see them stop blooming because they leave a big hole in the garden.

  7. Gotta love those lilies. They are awesome Skeeter. I thought the orange & black to be a Turks Cap Lily. I do so adore those. I first saw them in N.C. in the mtns.
    I have 4 different & will add more when I can.
    Surgery is scheduled for 8-12. I sure will be glad when it's over.

  8. I'd love some tigers in my garden. I've tried them once before and despite assurances from the gardener who gave them to me that they would grow like crazy, mine died:( So save some seed and I'll find a spot and give it another try. OJ is a perfect match for the lilies! Your neighbor sure gave you a bundle of good stuff. I bet he kicks himself in a few years.

  9. They look great Skeeter! Our daylilies are pretty much done but maybe the rains we have will rejuvenate them.

  10. Good Morning everyone! It is sunny and still so muggy outside. I have stuff that I must do in the yard but dread it, sigh. I hate the humidity...

    Flowerlady, I am so lucky to have gotten the Free Lilies this year as I had put myself on a budget with the garden this spring. I have done well with sticking to my budget and the freebies helped tremendously. Free is so good….

    Dawn, Yep the Animals always shine over the flowers in my garden. Love those critters…

    Darla, Hum, wonder why your Tigers don’t get so tall. Or wonder why my Tigers got so tall? Now I wonder who has the normal height Tigers, you or me? LOL…

    Cameron, Orange and Black are such beautiful colors together for a flower! They would look great blooming In late October in time for Halloween too…

    Anonymous, Oh yes, that OJ is a good little garden helper. I have a new kitty helper as well but she is licking her surgery wounds inside her mommys house now. She will join me in the garden again soon. I bet you have a lot of fish in your backyard this summer :-)

    Marnie, Yep, that is the drawback after the lilies bloom. They leave such a blank spot in the garden now. I was captivated by Tina’s Stargazer yesterday and have the itch to get one as well. I will be looking for your gazer soon…

    Lola, I had to look up Turks Cap Lily as I have never heard of it before! Wow, that is a stunning lily as well but with a green tint to the center. As we drove through the NC mountains on the 4th, I did not spot any turks blooming but going 70mph, I don’t get to see much on the roadside. I am glad you finally have a date for surgery. I hope all goes well and you have a smooth recovery. It must be painful for you now. Hang in there…

    Tina, I will collect those seeds for you! I looked back in the files to see if I could find anywhere that you talked about Tiger Lilies but could not find anything on them. I was not sure if you had any or not. With the name Tiger, you surely need some lady. I will make sure you have a Tiger next year :-) That OJ is not such a happy camper these days with more competition in the garden. He is jealous of Black Jack and CoCo Bean. I am so excited I have something to bring to you with my next TN visit…

    Dave, I think a good rain worked for me as I see another one open today! If only they would last longer in the garden. I see tons of butterflies out the window as I type so I still have their beauty shining for me…

  11. Those Tiger Lillies will just keep getting bigger & better every year, but be careful they can be a bit prolific in the reseeding. Congrats on all those freebies in the garden, so many pretty colors. :)

  12. All those lilies are stunning Skeeter. You sure lucked out with that neighbor.

    Love the shot of OJ and hope he mends fast as I know Lola will.

  13. All of your lilies are beautiful. I have several freebies with no name. It doesn't bother me to not know what they are as long as they add beauty to my landscape. Your last Tiger picture is adorable! Carla

  14. I've become a lily lover, too, Skeeter. Let me just warn you--it can become an obsession:) You have lots of beauties in your garden, including that stunning tiger lily. Your last "tiger" photo is adorable, too.

  15. Think Pandora's Box is my favorite.
    Of course Tiger lilies. Just saw a property with a strip of land along side it with all Tiger lilies ans Phlox...eye me ideas.

  16. Hi,

    I'm really amazed with your collection of tiger lilys..especially your 4 feet tall "toad lilys"..i would like to have some..

    Great article..good quality of photos..i like it.



  17. I'm excited to see your Tiger Lilies because I just found that mine started to bloom today. I have been anxious to see them blooming. I had wondered about the black fruits on them, first thinking they were some weird bug. Glad to know they are seeds. You have so many pretty Daylilies! My sister told me she has a couple to share with me, love free plants :)

  18. Hello Skeeter, i am late again but i cannot pass those lilies without some words. They are very beautiful. We only have our lilies in the flower shops and those are all imported. How wonderful maybe to tour your garden when these are in bloom. Regards Skeeter. The gourd seeds will now be planted as we have the rains now. Thank you very much. I hope you read my previous comments here via Tina, because it looks like my you did not receive the private emails.