Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Vase of Flowers

By Skeeter
I have missed a lot of things blooming in my Georgia Garden this summer with my constant coming and goings. Some flowers do not last long therefore some things are missed during bloom time when away. I was happy to spot this Gladiolus blooming since I lost most of the bulbs to the Voles last winter. This pretty pink was a pleasant surprise as I had no idea I had any of this color.
Here was another nice surprise in the garden as well. This is one of 3 Gladiolus of this color I discovered a few days ago. These all came up by the Free Lilies given to me by our neighbor! The bulbs must have been in the clumps of soil holding the lily roots in place this spring. It was very hot during lily planting so I left the root balls intact the best I could for fear of the roots drying out in the heat. Unbeknownst to me I planted Gladiolus bulbs with the lilies! I think I shall move these Glads to a place where I can enjoy them better next year. Hopefully, the Voles will not find them.
It is now too hot to enjoy sitting in the garden so I decided to bring a bit of the garden inside to enjoy. I cut a few of my pretties and put them in a vase. I don't cut many flowers as I prefer them to be outside for the Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds to enjoy but I could not resist a small vase full yesterday while pulling some weeds.
Gladiolus, Balloon Flower, Salvia, Butterfly Bush, Statice and Rudbeckia make a pretty arrangement in the living room. I posed the vase on the coffee table for this photo op but the flowers must remain high up, away from kitty paw's. My girls (cats) love to nibble them so I must keep them at bay. Another reason why the flowers are best left to the yard then inside my house.
As I turned on the computer to write this today, sprinkles of rain started to fall. I was happy to see the rain drops as we so desperately need them to feed the gardens and lawn as things are drying out in this heat. This little Hummingbird was happy to see the rain drops as well and opened her feathers to take a bath! This little Hummer was having the best time with the rain drops. I watched her until she flew off into the Butterfly Bush for a sip of nectar. From inside my climate controlled cool house, I can see the flying jewels and A VASE OF FLOWERS, In the Garden...

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  1. Skeeter - what a beautiful flower arrangement!

    Your little hummingbird is so cute. They do love a shower. Sometimes I spray the water into the air and they fly back and forth through it until they are literally soaked. Then, they perch to preen and clean!

    We got a decent rain last night. I thought it was going around us again, but the ground is wet this morning. I don't have a rain gauge, so I don't know how much rain fell. Anything is welcome!

  2. Every once and a while I can't resist a bunch of picked flowers.
    Aww, to your hummer.

  3. What a nice surprise. Free flowers and more free flowers.
    The hummingbird taking a shower is too cute!

  4. Nice glads. It's hard for me to cut flowers and bring inside. I love how your bouquet turned out. Hummers are adorable and they do enjoy the rain.

  5. You picked a lovely bouquet. Sure you aren't in a garden club? I hope you all get tons of rain. We are getting a bunch here and it is very nice.

  6. We have glads similar to yours. They look nice but I think I planted them too scattered about. Enmass might be the way to go. I guess I'll be transplanting soon!

  7. Good Morning All.
    Those are sure pretty flowers & I love the arrangement. I only have yellow, white & tangerine {dk} glads. I would like to put them all together.I think they would look better. I have baby glads coming up everywhere.
    That's the cutest Hummer. I use to hold the hose & they would take long baths when in N.C.

  8. Loved seeing your hummingbird.

    I planted my glads too late this year. The foliage is only about six inches tall.

  9. Wonderful photos of the hummer, Skeeter! She looks like she is enjoying her shower:) Your vase of flowers is lovely; like you, I prefer to leave the flowers outside for all to enjoy, but it's nice to have such a pretty arrangement in the house once in awhile.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ready for this hot summer to be over--enjoy your rain!

  10. What a sweet variety of flowers. "Glads", as my grandmother called them, sure make arrangements special!

  11. Good Morning everyone. I have an apt so must make this quick.....

    We have had less then half inch of rain but any is welcome. Since I had been watering prior to the showers, it has all soaked into the ground so thats a good thing...

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

  12. What a fabulous bouquet you have created!!

    Those are really awesome pictures of the hummer.

  13. I love the idea of spraying the hose in the air for the hummers to fly through. I'll have to give that one a try! Beautiful flowers, as usual!!

  14. What a pretty bouquet! I have such a hard time cutting flowers to bring inside as well. I love the pink Gladiolas! I've never tried growing them.

  15. Good Evening everyone! It has been one steamy day here in GA today. With errand running and appointments, I had to take 2 showers! Geesh, I am looking for cooler weather and Summer just really started. Yikes, 3 more months of steam to go...

    Cameron, Lucky you to get some rain! When driving through NC, we took the mountain route this go round and I noticed how dry things are up that way. You and VA really do need the rain and I hope you get more and soon to keep things happy. How nice to water the Hummingbirds with a hose. I set up the sprinkler but have not noticed any Hummers bathing in it. I did see a Cardinal getting herself wet by the patio when the water was spraying that direction. She was a happy bird…

    Dawn, With cats it is a pain in the butt to have flowers in the house for us. I thought I had them high enough but Sheba that little toot found them. I found barf on the floor this Morning. lol…

    Sherlock, Yes, one of my favorite sayings is “Free is my Friend” LOL…

    Darla, It is difficult for me too as I feel like I am killing the flowers, sigh…

    Tina, Lucky you to get rain but Clarksville does not need too much now. We don’t need another flood before my parents can get back into their house ya know. LOL. Thanks…

    Dave, I agree that masses of Glads look better then a few here and there. I think I may move the few bulbs I have remaining to another spot together as well. I just hope the Voles don’t find them…

    Lola, I bet your Yellow, White and Orange Glads are pretty together! Are you getting any of these pop-up showers? I hope you are getting the rain but not the high winds that some seem to be getting with them. The rain is welcome but not the tree breaking wind. We need more rain but calling for chance of it each day this week. Dew point is so high that conditions are perfect for afternoon showers…

    Marnie, I wonder if your late Glads will bloom for you this year? I was late getting an amaryllis bulb planted and it came up and bloomed for me! That was a surprise and Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with such fun things…

    Rose, I feel your pain where the heat is concerned. I like warmth but the humidity is just nasty. I cannot go outside for 10 minutes without melting from head to toe! I was in the AC most of the day but still had to take 2 showers from the in and out running around. The car gets too hot sitting in the parking lot. Geesh, I am enjoying the sunshine but the humidity can go elsewhere…

    Rebecca, Aren’t memories of our grandmothers the best! I only wish the Glads would last much longer then they do. They sure are pretty while here though…

    Jean, If you were near by, I would bring you a vase full of pretties too :-) I like them in the yard better but just wanted to put those colors together in a vase yesterday. They looked so pretty in my hand as I clipped away. But I did feel like I was killing them, sigh...

    TS, Thanks and yes, holding a spraying hose for the hummers sounds like fun. I will give that one a go sometime as well. It is about time to spray off the siding of the house again so that would be a good time to play with the birds…

    Catherine, Thank you! I was shocked as to how pretty that Pink Glad was when she open for me! I had no idea I had a pink one as this is her first year blooming for me. I hope she survives the Voles this winter…

    Everyone have a good evening...

  16. Such a pretty bouquet! I love gladiolus but haven't tried growing them. How nice to enjoy some inside.