Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Visitor

By Skeeter
I had a new visitor to my Georgia Gardens recently. This medium sized bird was spotted by me and I did not recognise it as any bird I have seen in my yard. The speckled breast stood out to me,
as did the yellowing on its rump.
The walk of this bird was most interesting and I snapped a video of it. I loaded it to blogger but it says an error when I try to play it. I am going to post it anyway to see if it can be viewed. If not, I will tell you it had one funny bobbing to his rump while walking. It moved really quickly also and made me laugh and reminded me of a Sandpiper type bird we have seen at the ocean.

I looked in my South/Eastern North American Bird book and did not find anything to resemble this bird. I looked into my National Audubon Society Book and found this bird to be a Northern Waterthrush. It is not from this area at all so I assume it was on its way north from a long winters migration but not sure where that migration was. It is a summer bird of Canada and far south as Long island. I am not sure why this bird ended up in my gardens but I enjoyed its visit for the few days it was my NEW VISITOR, in the Garden...

Note: I also have some human visitors in my garden this week. My Great Niece and Great Nephew are here visiting with their Grandparents. It is so much fun having little ones in the house! Excuse me for not chatting with you but family calls....

Video is below, or I hope so anyway...


  1. Skeeter,
    Cool new yard bird! We get them here during migration, I usually only hear them as the habitat they like in along the creek below the yard.

  2. It's always nice to have new visitors like these...and enjoy your human visitors too!

  3. I know you'll enjoy ALL the visitors In the Garden.

    Reminds me of excerpt from Gladys Taber book I'm reading..."Every time we meet a new bird, and feverishly identify him or her from three bird books and anxious looking through the binoculars, we feel as triumphant as if we had won a blue ribbon." (I think they raised cocker spaniels for show.)

  4. Skeeter, It did load! And it is funny! I wonder if that kind of thing helps in the water...just a thought, imagine if we all walked that way! Just another thought, I think the heat is getting to me. Tee Hee!

  5. Nice visitor and I could see the video. Love that walk.

  6. Morning Skeeter.
    The video played & I enjoyed it. A very pretty visitor & it does have a peculiar walk almost if the head & tail propels it forward. I must watch & see if I have a visitor like that.
    Enjoy you other visitors also. That's always a treat.
    I hope all have a wonderful day.
    Hi Tina, Dawn, Jean, Anonymous & Nina

  7. Skeeter, That bird is just too cool! At first I thought a meadowlark due to the spots. Glad you identified it. It walks too cute!

  8. P.S. The video worked fine. Have fun with your company.

  9. An interesting little bird, Skeeter. Its walk reminds me of a chicken's. Enjoy your human visitors as well!

  10. Hi Skeeter, loved the video, this guy has a really cool walk:)

  11. The video worked fine for me also. The bird walks sorta like the Killdeer birds and they also are a ground bird with long legs and like to be near the water. Fun to watch.

    Have fun with your full house.

  12. Good Morning everyone. Just a minute to say hey to everyone. We are off on an adventure with the kids today.

    I am so glad the video worked as it is so funny... Neat bird indeed...

  13. It is a really neat bird, I love how it walks.
    Have lots of fun with your family!

  14. Enjoy your visit from family!
    I love it when new creatures stop by the garden. This guy ? is cute, no doubt!

    I am going to post a picture of Anthemis on my blog. Maybe that will help you ID it.

  15. That's a lovely visitor Skeeter. Here our zebra dove has a semblance to that one because of the throat design. My camera is just that not favorable for birds.

  16. Andrea, Tina informed me about your emails. I have not received any from you :( It may be going through our Spam Filter. I will get my husband to check on it once our family has departed. I am so glad to know you received the Gourd Seeds! I hope you have luck with them growing in your garden...