Monday, July 26, 2010

Some of my flowers

Posted by: Dawn

The weather in New England can only be described as hot, hot, and hot. In fact two years ago we had such a weather pattern my area had a "micro burst" across the lake that snapped telephone poles off. Last year we had a swath of circular laid trees...broken and demolished, unconfirmed tornado (I admit it is very unusual in Maine). BUT! This year we had two confirmed funnel clouds in one storm. I'm not sure if it's related to the long term 90 degree weather or acceptance of such a phenomena up here, but it was wayyyy different to see the TV stay on a state of emergency. Everyone is alright and that's all that matters.

Anyway, I have some current blooms in my yard and went on a picture snapping trip on 7/17, I thought I'd post about them. Pink Delphinium and a purple coleus flower in the background.

My mailbox planter, red, pink and white geranium. (blooms are wiped out from the storm)


My Pee gee hydrangea is starting to show, by the middle of August it will be full.

A new addition, my daughter and I planted some hybrid lilies.

This one also!

My transplanted hosta.

A rose from my mother I consider to be a seven sister. She always flowers for me very late and very nicely.

Pink spirea, so delicate.

A faithful daylily that has flowered every year,

but the companion pass-a-long finally made a show. *sigh* How pretty.

A blackish viola I planted so I could have them all over the place next year, just cause.

My Joe Pye Weed budding out.

And the transplanted blazing star is doing superbly.



and zucchini.

Who doesn't love a pea flower?

And finally, my lush string beans.

Time to get ready for picking. In the Garden.

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  1. Good morning Dawn ~ What is a micro burst? It is hot and humid down here and we've got a couple more months to go before it even starts to cool off.

    I'd say for all the heat you are having you've still got some lovely bloomers. I lover your lilies, and the white one is really striking. Your Seven Sisters rose is wonderful, I love the color.

    Does your Joe Pye Weed need moist conditions to grow?

    Your veggie blossoms are great and the best part will be your harvest.

    Enjoy and keep cool.


  2. Glad everyone is safe. When the temperatures rise so rapidly to an unbearable high the atmosphere is so unstable anything is possible. Nice show of flowers here and wow at the veggie blooms!

  3. Great flowers Dawn. I wish my day lilies would bloom--they just sit there! :) Enjoy your beans!

  4. I can't believe the weather you're having up there, too. It's so strange. Glad you are okay. We had a heat index of 115 yesterday with temps at 103.

    I fell in love with joe pye weed this year after finally making a place for it in my garden!

    Your veggie blooms are lovely, too!

  5. Everything still looks great despite the storm. Glad you made it through those tornadoes are so unpredictable! I can't wait for the 90 degree weather to fade!

  6. Good morning all,
    Flowerlady, A microburst is a gust of very strong wind, tornado quality. It came across the lake and uprooted trees, snapped poles on the other side of the road (road is next to the lake, lake continues on the other side again).
    I worried about moisture with my Joe Pye weed but it's in a very hot area, some moisture but not much.
    Darla, The weather is big news for us, seems like we are getting use to tornados, if there is such a thing.
    Meadowview Thymes, My new day lilies still have buds, they get bigger everyday but haven't opened yet. soon! (:
    Cameron, Very strange for us, we have snow and ice but tornados are rare. Joe Pye weed is a attraction for butterflies for sure. Thanks! I need to be picking beans today.
    Dave, Thanks! We are having 85, dry and breezy today, yippee!

  7. Looks like your garden is doing very well, in spite of the strange weather, Dawn. Your lilies are lovely, and I can see you're going to have plenty of veggies from the garden this year.

  8. It is extremely hot here as well. Your veggies made me think of my hubby who is happy as a clam with his new pea sheller and corn creamer.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty Dawn! I am loving those pink delphiniums and that orange/dark orange daylily. It is gorgeous!!!!!

  10. It cooled off here, at least for a couple days. Hope the cool is headed to you. Love that dark red lily!

  11. Dawn, I love your pink Delphinium, Daylilies . . . well I guess all of it. ;-) Yes, who doesn't love a pea flower. I've tried to get our wild ones for 2 years now but it's always too hot when I dig them and they haven't lived. They are sooooooo beautiful.

  12. On that same storm I had 3 large containers of geraniums get knocked over. 2 of them were okay but the other was all torn apart. Also had some corn and 1 bean plant knocked over but I stood them up and placed dirt around them and they seem okay, at least for now.

    A few days after that storm our paper said that the weather station in Gray had confirmed that there were 3 totornados. Unreal for Maine. It sure has been hot, even here on the coast.

    Those flowers are all so pretty, love em all. Like so many others. I love the pea blooms. Also love my potato flowers, well I guess most of the veggie flowers!

  13. That is some strange sounding weather, definitely doesn't sound like summer weather. Your garden and flowers all seem to be ignoring the storms. I can't believe all the flowers on the beans.

  14. Rose, The veggies are hanging in there, I might not see much from the corn, it has some tassels at only 21/2 ft???
    MNGE, I can feel for your hubby's excitment, last year I saw one of those corn de-kernelers and I love it!
    Tina, Thanks! I almost missed the newest lily, it was peeking out, just barely.
    Marnie, I picked one of the dark lilies and it lasted for days! Cooled to between 53 and 58 for night time temps today, another????
    Raingardener, Check out the tag on In the Garden, under goat's rue. I thought about adding them to this post but they flowered end of June. They are a member of the pea family and grow everywhere up here.
    Mom, I worried about you and Debbie, strange to see the national new interupted all evening. Glad your ok.
    Catherine, You should see the beans, we were astonished. Time to can them up!

  15. Wow, tornadoes in Maine? That is something you dont often hear about. Really hot here girl but to be expected this time of year. We have been missing the pop up showers and storms but today we finally had one. Yippee, it gave my gardens and grass a needed drink. MY water bill will be on the moon this month with all my hose dragging around.

    Your blooms look great and isnt it nice that certain veggies give us not only blooms but something to eat as well.....

  16. Love those hybrid lilies and the potential for some yummy veggies. Hope the weird weather normalizes soon.

  17. Daylilies.....They ARE the faithful ones. Ours give us such a wonderful showing every year. Yours look very colorful. I can see why you enjoy their "faithfulness"
    Thanks for the fine photos.