Wednesday, March 26, 2008

D^&*$# Daffodils

We all know I really like daffodils. Or, as I like to call them, DDs, short for d&*^%$ daffodils. I mean this in a good way-really! I have talked about them before and the fact I feel I must divide them each and every year and what kind of effort it takes, but I haven't REALLY talked about them.

Now is the time because guess what I do EVERY single day in the garden? Yup, divide DDs. I have literally planted thousands of bulbs, including not just daffodils but all types of bulbs. Because I want thousands more in order to cover what may end up being every single square inch of my one acre property, I divide my DDs each year in order to spread them around. I do not include dividing daffodils in the number of bulbs I have planted. No, that would be a bit too easy.

You see, planting bulbs means simply digging a hole to the proper depth, sprinkling a bit of bulb booster or bone meal in it, and dropping in the bulb and covering it with soil. That is one thing.

Dividing, on the other hand involves a bit more work. You now have to dig the clump, all the while hoping you don't cut off some of the bulbs and their foliage, use muscles and fingernails to pull apart the tightly wrapped clumps into individual bulbs, find a spot for the now 20 bulbs versus only one clump, THEN complete the process for planting bulbs. The digging and planting is not really a problem for me, finding new spots for the new bulbs is the real problem.

I have this very bad habit of planting plants on top of plants, or very close to plants, or where I think no plants are (at least not at the time). This can be stressful to both me and the plants. For instance, right now I cannot see the hostas. I KNOW there are hostas there somewhere but not sure where. I cannot always tell where they should be when they are dormant. Digging DDs into their clump is not a welcomed intrusion by the hosta. I then get a bit edgy when I realize what I have done to the hosta. What a pain finding homes for all the plants-not just DDs.

What is a gardener to do? Stop dividing and moving around plants and let the DDs grow at their will? Keep bare spots? Accept the losses and pay for them later? What would you do?

Maybe I should quit planting for awhile and see what is growing. The problem then reveals itself fully. EVERYTHING is growing, just not at the same time and everything does not bloom at the same time. I wish my garden could be covered with daffodils entirely when they bloom, next will come the tulips, then dianthus, then salvias, then coreopsis, then peonies....finally camellias-you get the idea? How could all those plants possibly occupy the same spaces? Back to the DDs and dividing.

in the garden....dividing.


  1. Tina,

    I occasionally divide mine and only if they are declining or the spot is all wrong. Finding places to plant is a problem at chez cg...big rocks under shallow soil. I had to move some this spring...

    I am thinking that of taking photos of where they are located and where I might want them ...that might work for you this fall?

    How is the new blogsite working out?


  2. dawn with peachesMarch 26, 2008 at 8:48 AM

    Wouldn't it be nice to plant above plantings? That way something is always there.
    Yes, I have afew favorite craft sights, one I persued because of crafting with tyvek house wrap, beach bags, etc. Did you know the postal mailers (boxes) are tyvek and can be scupted with a heatgun? That would last outside, haven't done it yet but want to. Later.

  3. Dawn that sounds very interesting but have to be careful with the heat guns as it is very easy to start a fire.

    Hope everone has a good day.

  4. hi all! just got home from jury duty. VERY rewarding experience working with a team. everyone needs to do it!

    now i have 10 bales of well aged straw a lady who owns a store down the road sold me for .50 a bale. WELL aged because it had sit out since last fall as decorations. gold for gardeners. now, i have to spread it all! urgh! school tonight.

    gail, good morning! i think i am about the only gardener who divides these dds so religiously that is why i named them dds. i do take pics but it seems each year they appear differently! what is up with that?

    i am going to start working on this blog. it seems linking to others is an in thing and something i WANT to do. do i just click on the other person's post and say link in? i will figure it out i guess. do you maybe just copy the webpage into your posts? not sure how it works. will explore when i have more time. time is short.

    good morning dawn with peaches! planting above plantings work ok but then the crowd gets overwhelmed sometimes. sigh.

    i did not know mailers are made from tyvek. mom, dawn with peaches will be careful with a heat gun. mr. fix it has one and has never caught anything on fire. whew-so far! only our coffee pot when we were in germany. what kinds of things can you make?

    good morning mom!

  5. I've seen mostly the sun and figures with flowing gowns, one sight (craft), has a tutorial on it, can paint them, last forever. I did not know that about the mailers either.
    Mom, you are advised to use the "melting" in a well ventilated area because it causes fumes, my case, it would be outside. We have plenty of heat guns for thawing pipes, no fire yet!
    I've been doing crafts all my life and NEVER heard of this, who figures these things out?????
    I want to say Happy Birthday to skeeter, I forgot this am and was hanging my new feeders and thought of it. Happy Birthday, Skeeter.
    Well, gotta get ready for dance. :?)

  6. Yes-Happy Birthday Skeeter! I have been so wrapped up with stuff i am glad you all reminded me!

  7. Tina I know Dawn will be careful but things happen. I have read and seen on the news of homes that burnt down and fire started with a heat gun and I know from when I had one they do get really hot that is why I used it to strip furniture. It melts the paint right off and that is how a lotta people start fires.

    Ya I noticed the paper did not post your post this morning. Well I say good riddens!!!! when they say you need to do better on comments and you have the most comments (by far, I might add) of any of their bloggers there is something wrong. I think you will be better off. I might also add that you were the only one that posts all the time! I know you would have liked to work for the paper but the way they operate I say "get over it"!! You do not need people like that in your life.
    Been there, done that and I know better. Enough stress in life without asking for more.

    Wonder where Anonymous is today. Hope she is having fun.

    Now last but not least....Happy Birthday Skeeter. I know it will not be your best but you can make it up later. Hope things went well and you are not in too much pain. Just take is slow and easy and you will be fine. Thinking of you.

    Oh almost forgot but Tina I have read every single one of your posts and have printed a couple of real intrest but I never liked it that we could go back and look up something so now we can and I bet we will all use that option from time to time. Just another reason it is better than the paper.

  8. Hi Tina -hubby hooked up the new computer and internet was down since last night. I hope this works. Happy Birthday Skeeter and get well soon! I had to look at the link you sent me --there was no In the Garden post on the Leaf Chronicle. I can't believe it wasn't there --the most visited and most FREE garden information on the web and whamo --take away my garden guide. I was disappointed. So, glad I don't do the hard copy version --what ever happened to customer friendly. I love this blog --I have learned a TON of stuff and you gals and few guys are wonderful sources of information. Tina you are the best and deserve the BEST!! Howdy Jean! Nina, Lola, Dawn with peaches and hopefully soon Skeeter:)

  9. thanks guys! that was a REAL pick me up for me. someone at the leaf seems to have taken it personally i switched my blog over. let's see, i am a volunteer, working my butt off to up their stats and COMMENT TRAFFIC and they want to throw away six months of my volunteer work when all i had requested was to be able to keep my work? without taking away from their new site and my blog on there?

    no, it was never personal. i even posted the same posts to their new beta site-today, which was a different post than what i put up here. i will post that post on here tomorrow. someone at the leaf deleted it all, that is fine. no more hard copy articles in the paper and no more blog on their site. people who read and enjoyed the articles might come over here to read, or not. they also changed my user id from ramseytina5 to null. that was the real kicker. get it? so, yes, this is definitely for the best. i can see that and am over it, though i hate to see someone with hard feelings for nothing.

    i never read the leaf online prior to blogging, except when i was in iraq, so that is not a big loss. but i couldn't believe it, even though i expected it i am not sure why there are hard feelings. i was not the only leaf blogger who had an additional blog so what is the deal? and this blog took nothing from them. i think yesterday's comments on the old blog posted as a ghost because the blogger account is still on their server, but published elsewhere now. hopefully, when they changed my screen name to "null" (i think that is uh-how to say it nice? no way to say it nice so i won't say it) they deleted the old blog as well. might as well erase all traces at once. right? no more posts will appear. people can read more than one blog, i mean come on! i don't have access to that old leaf account at all, once i switched. the same blog will still be here, though, like i said before, there will not be many "community" posts. i worked pretty hard on them and it took alot of time for the Leaf, i won't do it on here unless it suits me.

    it seems i have enough to post and talk about as it is! still lots of learning and talking to do amongst us all and anyone else who would like to join in-especially my garden blog friends!

    i was walking around the garden and i really should carry my camera as any picture i see, there is a post. but, school tonight, so i am on a time crunch. will talk when i come home-late again probably. one more month to go then i think i will take a break.

    thanks again guys for the great support!

    mom, you posted right before anonymous. hi guys! done with jury duty-will post tomorrow about it all and hope i don't have to report as i need at least one day in the garden...

  10. mom, you are so funny. i remember you wanted me to go out on my own like MONTHS ago. now i am. things will stay the same though. just no more ads.

  11. Tina, things will not stay the same cause this one is much better with the links and archives and it is their loss. They will regret it
    but not us.

  12. dawn with peachesMarch 26, 2008 at 6:27 PM

    It is too bad about hard feelings, has'ta end sOMEtime.

  13. I agree but you know there are the kind that appear to be over but not. They hold grudges. Bad, Bad.

  14. Hi Tina, Jean, Dawn with peaches and Lola :0) Glad to see you all were here today. I am still in utter shock???? But, --today I had boy number 1 at piano and guess what his piano instructor heard of Tina --she enjoyed the story on Joe the older fella who is in the nursing facility. She said he was all the talk when she first moved to this area --with his books, knowledge etc. And, Tina she knew you were a master gardener:) I spotted some flowers in her garden and mentioned my friend Tina is patiently teaching me about the flowers and yard:) So exciting --I know people are going to miss your wisdom and advice on plants over there. How will they find this blog? I mean like the people who would read and not comment -is there any way to let them know where you went?
    My computer isn't exactly acting right today --hubby switched it to the new one but some of the programs are cutting out?? And, of course we had a lapse in internet too --they were working on something. I'll be back to see how you all are doing on this fine spring day. I hope Skeeter is doing alright --bath time for the outside most of the day kiddos. I'm sure they'll leave a ring on the tub tonight --hahaha lots of rolling around and hard playing. They should all sleep well:0)

  15. Anonymous the word will get out. I bet you told the music teacher and she will tell someone ele and on and on it goes. Tina is in the book so I bet she will get phone calls wanting to know where she is.
    Even the paper will get some calls but the way they operate they probably will not be nice and tell how to find her. But eventually they will find her.

  16. You bet they will Jean. Was just reading my new issue of backyard living--low & behold on pages 48 & 49 there was an article "News-Worthy Advice" by our one & only, knowledgeable, lovely gardener that we all admire. Yep, you guessed it. Tina.
    I bout fell out of the chair.
    CONGRATS, TINA. Good advice, knew there was a reason I was saving mine.

    Hey Anonymous, word will get out & before long she will be swamped. Good move on her part.

  17. dawn with peachesMarch 26, 2008 at 8:45 PM

    WOW! That is great Lola, good thing you have that magazine, Tina will be pleased with that knowledge.

  18. DITTO ON THE WOW!!!! Good for you Tina. Lola thanks so much for telling us. I will have to pick up a copy. You would think Tina would have told us so I am wondering if she knows it yet. Maybe it will be a nice surprise for here when she gets back from school tonight.

    Tina, congrats!!! You go girl!!!

    I came here to ask a question. When you sent me those seeds you had included Hyacinth Beans. Now is that a bean to eat or is it a flower? I can't find it any where.
    I looked the others up but there are so many different kinds of each but I think I have a good idea as to how deep to plant them all but not the beans. And since there are so many different types of each I really have no idea on any of them as to how tall they get or spacing. I have planted them all and have them stuck in windows here and there except the bean. Help!!! ty ty ty.

  19. hi guys! looks like we are getting back on track with comments. the leaf stuff is behind me, like i told the editor, i had no hard feelings and still can't understand the reasoning for theirs. it is over and done with, life moves on. when things stop being fun and become work (with no pay or feedback), time for a change anyhow. you guys matter more.

    this is a better site with more features and i know you all will like it much better than the new one they have. i know i do. once i have time i will get it going the way i really want it by customizing it a bit. don't worry, though, not too busy.

    i emailed my friends the new site. now i have to go change the url at all the directories. i am not sure how someone else would find this blog though. maybe do a search for my name and blog? or tennessee bloggers? or something. don't really know and not concerned. i am listed, if someone wants to know where my blog is they can certainly call or not. you all know where it is.

    lola, i had no idea they published my tip! that is funny! i never got a message or anything so i didn't know. it was about plastic bags newspapers come in? that is a hoot!! i am pleased and about fell out of my chair too! writing is looking pretty good to me. especially about something i love so much. you know i have many more tips and so do you all! we could all submit some tips on their website.

    dawn with peaches, yup, bad feelings end, life goes on. no big deal. i am pleased about my little tip. i hope i still subscribe so i can check it out! you should send me link to the tyvek site. i'd like to see what you are talking about.

    anonymous, you are funny. does the piano teacher know me personally? would love to know who it was if so,if not, then that is ok. i hope she reads on here? i know you told her all about it. you must be my biggest fan here in the area. and to think, i NEVER even knew you were reading for about two months before you told me, and about four months before you began commenting. i am so glad you finally joined in! not sure how people will find this other than word of mouth and the directories, but many bloggers without going through a paper and do fine, no worries.

    what is up with your puter? hope hubby gets it fixed soon or you will be missing your daily fix of all things news on the web! can't have that! you can come over and use mine, it works great lately.

    mom, they grow just like pole beans, yet the beans they produce are not edible. the vine is gorgeous. it is purple and magenta and i posted a post about it early on (i think september and it is titled little surprises maybe?) check it out in the archives. but these will self seeds. the pods are a brilliant magenta and much of the appeal, along with the flowers. plant them just like beans maybe by your deck out front and let them wrap around the deck and along your rose. wait until the ground warms up. can't wait to see how they do and i think you will love them. easy and vigorous but not troublesome. they should come back each year once established.

  20. Yes, it was about the plastic bags that newspapers come in. I think it's great that they published it.

  21. me too! i am trying to customize this blog. any suggestions? i like the big font, but is it too big?

  22. Oh Tina --I am so excited about your getting an article in Backyard Living. I will be out buying a copy soon. That is so exciting! Boy number ones teacher read your articles in the Leaf paper --and quite possibly the internet. She has a very lovely yard --landscaped and full of all kinds of pretty stuff. She lives in a very pretty area of Clarksville --think bigger older homes close to the library. I am sure you're right --people will find your blog. This computer is new but not super new. Hubby bought it on Black Friday and just now hooked it up and took the old one out, lol. It will take some getting used to and it's not being as cooperative as I'd like, hehehe. But, you can bet I'll be on here looking for my garden fix each day:0) We spent lots of time outside today -I sadly didn't order my mulch yet but I'll get around to it soon:) I did get new brakes on my truck --does that count? And, the trailer is supposed to be in for hubby's boat. I think we will pick it up tomorrow sometime. Not sure what time since he works the late night shift today. I'll be the one sitting on the river --in the docked boat with 4 kids waiting on him to return with the new trailer. Do the visual and laugh --I am :0) I do have a question --how long is it going to take for these tulips to bloom??? The ones in the backyard have been up and green for ever but just don't seem to be progressing as fast as I thought. Hi Lola --hope your having nice weather like we are. Hi Jean --I am so happy that Tina is doing this blog --I don't know what I would do without it. I really enjoy the conversation and wowser learn so much from all of you. Hi Dawn with peaches --hope your starting to get more spring weather. Hi Gail --hope you had a wonderful Easter with your mom. I guess I should get to bed soon --these spring-breakers get up super early, lol. Just wait until we start back to school --I'll have to drag them out of bed, hahhaa. Oh, to be young and carefree again, rofl. :0)

  23. no article. wish it was. just a tip i submitted. so don't rush out!

    can't think of who it is. no more articles in the paper though, she will have to join in here.

    great on the new boat trailer! yes, truck tires count. you probably needed them. good for you.

    the tulips should bloom in about a month or so, i am guessing. maybe less. it takes a while. the ones you planted don't have buds yet?

    anyhow, i am trying to customize this blog. it means editing html and i am not so great at that. i know how to vaguely, but that is why i never work on computers-too frustrating! i just want to be able to blogroll and move my sidebar info up. i'll keep working at it. good night.

  24. The font is great. I don't have to squint or move my chair closer. I like the fact that the old blogs are there--if I want to find something it is there, no hunting.

    Hey, Anonymous, Jean, Nina, Dawn with Peaches, sure hope Skeeter is doing alright. Keep up the great work on the blog, Tina. Love it.

  25. lola, i am glad the font is good. does it work for everyone else or does it need to be bigger? i like it big for my eyes.

  26. Hope Skeeter is on the mend also.

    The font is fine with me....much better than the other.

  27. Ummm, I have an idea about all the DD's...send them to my house :-)

  28. hi jillybean, love your blog-especially the names for everyone! i will be happy to give you some dds-do you live close to tennessee/kentucky by chance? just come on over-i have plenty as i am STILL dividing. urgh.