Monday, March 24, 2008

You've Been Tagged....

Gail, over at Clay and Limestone ( tagged me. Remember I told you all there are literally hundreds of garden blogs? We all talk and read and learn and participate in fun things. This is one of those. So bear with me....and look out as you may be tagged by me if you too have a blog!

Gail was tagged by Shady Gardener over at Does Everything Grow Better... at

The rules are simple. Once you have been tagged, you must list 10 weird things, random facts, or habits about yourself and tag five other bloggers. Not only must you list the bloggers and their blogs but you must tell why you tagged them and they then have to follow the rules. They cannot tag you back. Once you are done with your post you must comment back on the initial poster's blog that you have posted to let them know you took care of the tag.

Weird Things About Me In No Particular Order:

1. I used to be a lobsterman.

2. I talk to animals.

3. I think, eat, and breathe gardening.

4. Thinking and dreaming of gardening helped to sustain me through two deployments to war zones (my mother's care packages did the rest).

5. I am on my third marriage and truly believe in the saying, "The third time's the charm."

6. I secretly want to be a private detective.

7. I don't make my bed in the morning and am truly amazed that people do-even when no company is expected!

8. I hate it when people drive in the left lane on the interstate.

9. I love the song "It's Finally Friday!" and if I hear it when I am driving, I tend to speed.

10. I don't have any rhythm and cannot dance or sing.

The five people I am tagging are: Sandy over at the Pet People Blog ( because she is such a good writer and pet lover, that she surely has some weird things she wants to share with us.

I am also tagging Stacy at the Veteran's Voice Blog ( She posts about veterans and maybe it would be fun for her to try something a little different for her to share some of herself.

I am tagging Melissa at the "Hot or Not" Blog ( because I have commented on her blog before, and I liked her one time response to my comment about a certain famous star.

I am tagging Bill Cary at his "In the Garden" blog ( because the name of his blog is the same as mine.

I also tagged "An Artist..loosed in the garden" at the "Lost in the Landscape" blog (, because it is a new blog and because the name intriqued me.

The picture above is of the beautiful ocean in the great state of Maine. See all those luxury sailboats? Not many from Maine own these, these are mostly owned by out of staters visiting Maine in the summertime.

in the garden....hoping I won't be tagged again...Gail?!


  1. Hi Tina --cool post --so you talk to animals --hehehe how about plants? You are too funny! Glad you are enjoying jury duty although I know you secretly would rather be in the garden. Don't worry it's been so cool the past two days --but I know that doesn't bother you. I'm the sunny day gardener --but walking and playing outside are all the time rain/shine:) As long as we're doing something we like the weather isn't as important. Okay, okay the high winds might be a tad bit important this time of year, lol. Catch you later --

  2. hey anonymous, you're right-cold doesn't bother me though i prefer the nice low humidity days around 70 degrees. i am glad you said walking and playing are any days for you-since you run SO much, rain or shine. don't worry, spring is here. amazing isn't it?

    goodnight everyone. i should have time in the morning to say hello before i go off to do my civic duty. i will post about it later-it is great! they want us to all encourage our neighbors and friends and families to not shirk jury duty-just do it!

  3. Good luck tomorrow and I am glad you are enjoying it.

    It IS our civic duty. This country may not be perfect but I believe it is the best there is and if we reap all the good things then we owe it to serve when called upon. Most people that do it end up feeling it was a great experience.

  4. Tina I forgot to say before but all the years I worked at the marina (and that sure is where this pic was taken) most of the boats, even the big ones do belong to people from Maine. A lot would come to eat or gas up or something but the ones that are on a mooring are Mainers.

  5. Tina,

    Lobsterman? That is cold work!

    Really fun not weird list! Thanks for being a good sport!


  6. good morning all,
    mom, i thought all these boats were from out of towners. shows how little i know.

    jury duty is definitely a rewarding experience. but maybe they should have people sign up for time when it best works for them. this week is spring break and kind of a bummer for us who have kids at home.

    gail, this was hard! not so much about myself, but tagging others because i kind of felt like i didn't want to put them out. yes, i was a VERY good sport. i am the type of person who NEVER forwards messages or participates in those chain letter things, so this was unusual for me but in the spirit, i did it and enjoyed it. still pals..

  7. Great tag Tina. Fun to know other facts about a person--helps to know that person better. Lobsterman?????. I could dig it. A couple other facts are like mine.

    Jean I love the pic of Maine. Shows some of my minds eye. Beautiful. I can see how you would love it.

    Civic duty calls sometimes. That's a part of the system. It would be interesting.

  8. lola-what parts do we have in common? some road aggression with bad drivers? i hate the drive to nashville as it SO frustrating on the interstate. urgh!

  9. Yeh, that & the 3rd time is the charm. Bed, talk to plants {spank them too}, wanted to be cop & can't sing or dance. 2 left feet.

  10. lola, yup, you and i have stuff in common-and you admit it too! thanks, now i don't feel so alone.

  11. Oh you're never alone Tina. Someone is watching over you at all times. Your angels are with you constantly, mostly in the garden---that's where they like it the most. They relax somewhat as they know you are the happiest there.