Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Reasons to Love Yucca Tulips and Hellebores

As if blooming for four months and happily (but not thugishly) spreading about wasn't enough, here are some more pictures of hellebores. I wish they were mine! But someday. See why I love them so much? Lola sent me these. She is a great researcher and helps me out alot with plants.

Aren't they lovely?

I was outside painting some pickets in order to extend my privacy fence between the adjacent property owner and our home, when a Jeep pulled very assuredly into the driveway. I don't get an awful lot of company so I was not sure what to think. Surely these two guys must be lost?
No, they both jumped out smiling and laughing and asked me, "Are those real flowers?! That is a yucca isn't it?!" Get it yet?

These two gentlemen are loggers working a job down the road (there is ALOT of logging off from my little state highway). One of them had seen the yucca tulips yesterday and couldn't believe his eyes. So today, on their way home when the passenger saw the yucca tulips as well, they knew they HAD to stop and take a closer look. Turn around they did! Obviously these two gentlemen do not read this blog-gotta rectify that since they both love wildflowers and flowers in general. Right guys?! They really liked my little Tete e Tete daffys as well.

I told them the history and how to make them. They couldn't stop smiling and I am SO glad for that. I love making folks smile and if a little whimsy in my front yard can do that-how great.

They said if I put up a privacy fence no one would be able to see the garden and whimsy. Not entirely true. All my friends are welcomed to stop by anytime, others when invited. My few neighbors are welcomed anytime and they know it, as they are not shy coming over or having us over for a barbeque. There have been many others who have stopped by and unless it is a Survivor night, I am always happy to show the garden. I warn you though, it may take awhile. Right Judie and Phil? Deb and Jim? Electra? Vania and Lizabeth? My neighbors on Mike's Court? And all my friends and neighbors who have visited. Love sharing, as do most of the gardeners I know.

Speaking of neighbors and folks, I will soon be talking about a WONDERFUL gardener who lives out here in Woodlawn. She is one of the good neighbors and is always happy to share her garden with other gardeners. Longtime readers of this blog will recognize some of the plants she has given to me and without giving too much away all I can say is she is a gardener I truly look up to....stay tuned. Could it be you?

Thanks guys for stopping by and making my day by seeing you all smile when you noticed my yucca tulips! Just the reaction I was hoping for!

I also want to thank my friends Lola and Harold. I placed a bowling ball in their garden (unbeknownst to them). Harold had lots of smiles when he saw it. He then added some golf balls to the bowling ball (unbeknownst to me) and made ME smile. What a day!

in the garden....waiting for some paint to dry.


  1. dawn with peachesMarch 13, 2008 at 6:21 PM

    Sounds like you had a fun day!

  2. Holy cow, was I ever shocked when I opened your blog. They look like they are in your garden. Under your trees would be the perfect place for them. I think they multiply, don't they?
    Glad you had a great day. The guys made your day. Maybe they will go home & make a Yucca Tree too. They are pretty. Must get me one, maybe the neighbors wouldn't think me too crazy.
    Where can I see the bowling balls in the garden? I sure would like to see them.

  3. dawn with peaches how have you been? haven't heard too much from you lately. house keeping you busy?

    lola, i will probably repost that blog post for you. it was a very early post, along with the bathtub pond. i was trying to get my groove and wanted to put out all my novel items pretty quickly. it has been a while though. soon. very soon. tomorrow and saturday's post are spoken for, but sunday i will post it. it is different. did you call that widower yet?

  4. Nooooo!!!! Maybe one day. Been a loooong time. I wouldn't know what to do or to say. Except talk about flowers & gardens. Course I didn't know there was anything else.

    Where's the whole gang? Hope all are well.

  5. Hi Tina -that is so cool that two guys stopped to see the flowers:) I'm sure they will have their wives check out the blog so they can have some in their yards. It sure was nice outside --we played outside alot but didn't really do any work, hahah nothing unusual there. The chimney fella put on our new cap today --that is a relief --didn't take long at all. The flowers are all looking so pretty --even if most of them haven't evn opened up yet, lol. The lilac bush is gradually showing a tiny bit more of green --the little buds are slowly loosening up --I can hardly wait to smell that beautiful smell. Hi Lola, Jean, Skeeter, Dawn with peaches and Nina.

  6. They are pretty but do not stand out like the bright yellow of the daffys so I still think it was the right choice.

    That was great that the guys stopped. Very cool. You need to have some of your flyers on your blog handy to give people that stop
    by like that. Dragon never stops by anymore so we need some guys to play around with. heehee.

    Dawn has been quiet lately and I was gonna say I hope she is okay but when I came in this time she had been here. May be busy with taxes. The business is quite a lotta paper work and taxes. Not to mention the kids are in everything going and she has to cart them and it is quite a ride into the high school.

  7. lola-maybe he gardens? lots of people are in their gardens getting ready for spring. it is just a slow day. on a good note, the yucca tulip article generated talk about it around town. mainly as to just where in the south did it begin? who knows, but felder does have pics on his website.

    anonymous, i was just emailing you. funny. it was gorgeous outside today. i was out all day until i went to the master gardener meeting. i guess i need to change my bio to reflect my master gardener status now. it was amazing. about 60 people there! some i knew, most i did not but hope to get to know. the meeting was super and i joined of course. i was glad karla invited me and of course, my friends judie and phil are there and some other gardeners extraordinare i have had the privilege of visiting and talking to (Dr. Matthews).

  8. That is so funny about the loggers stopping by to ask about the Yuccas! Yes, you made their day as they made your day plus they will talk about them for a long time. I bet they will get someone else to do this or themselves…

    There are a few yucca across the street on country property and I was thinking of putting a few tulips on them. Not sure anyone would notice as they are kind of in the woods and people buzz down our street. I would also like to hope that they are focused on my yard which is the opposite side of the street! LOL...

  9. you need to go decorate those yuccas! take your neighbor kids and let them help! it will be fun. i have no doubt everyone driving by is noticing your elegant house and that beautiful hedge, but someone might actually see those yuccas and get a smile too. you and the saint will! oh, wait a minute, the saint might not like them-i seem to remember some bowling balls and a mortgage:)