Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quite a Pair!

The Beachaven Garden Club had the pleasure of the company of two very passionate and fun people, Pat and Frank Arendt. Pat and Frank love purple martins. I don't think it would bother them a bit if I said they LIVE for purple martins. Purple martins make them happy, and that is what living is all about.

Frank and Pat explained all about the purple martins; how Frank grows the gourds (lots of Miracle Gro), then prepares the gourds to receive his 100 plus purple martins in March, right about now. The purple martins stay until July, then leave on their annual migration to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

These two very gregarious and sharing people invited all of us to come visit them and the purple martins at their beautiful home on Oak Plains Road. Friday was an outstanding day to visit not only with the Arendt's and the purple martins, but also a beautiful garden.

Daffodils. Lots and lots of daffodils. Frank loves them because they are 'a harbinger of spring'. He has literally dug thousands from a nearby homestead (with permission) and replanted them onto parts of many acres. They are just lovely. All are planted in random clumps throughout the very large property and around the house, woods, and near the purple martin gourds.

The gourds themselves were works of art. It was clear a great deal of love and care has gone into creating the perfect home for the purple martins. I did not take pictures of the birds themselves, but they were present. Were they ever! They are beautiful and magnificent birds which reward people with their company. I tell you, as much as I love all birds, I totally fell in love with these purple martins.

I have always liked them and would love them in my yard. But purple martins in my yard will never happen. Even though there is a nearby pond (purple martins like the water nearby), I have WAY too many trees. Martins need a flyway and lots of space clear of trees. If you are trying to attract martins and are not having luck-this could be your problem.

I asked Frank to describe their song. He could not. Immediately after garden club I checked for a clip of the martins song on the Internet. Here is the link:

It is a well worth listening to this unique song. Enjoy. And thanks Pat and Frank for a lovely program and visit! We will all be back in June when it is pande-martinum at the Arendt's home.

in the garden....


  1. dawn with peachesMarch 23, 2008 at 9:14 AM

    Happy Easter all,
    What lovely chirpping and whistling, my dog came running to check out under the desk! Think he didn't want to cats to get all the glory.
    I did not know gourds are how to attract these birds, how interesting, must be a wonderful sight especialy with the daffys blooming.
    So sorry about your neighbors dog Skeeter, your right about keeping pets inside while do dangerous yard work, even the best behaved pet get caught up and distracted. The owner must be beside himself, sending well wishes.
    Alright who likes peeps? I think they are like the one fruitcake that keeps circulating every christmas, but they have their following....for life.

  2. Happy, happy Easter to all!!

    Great sounding birds and post Tina.
    When I played it my birds looked around for a mintue.

    Very cute about Tartarus Dawn.

    Does that mean you do not like like peeps Dawn. Oh goodness I thought everyone liked peeps. I know I do but have not had any this year.

  3. Happy Easter to all! I forgot to add it to my post. These martins are so cool, but the people who look over them are even cooler. If you all come in the summer, I can take you over there. their sound is different. even tartarus noticed. martins ONLY nest in man made homes. either gourds or martin houses. you need a wide area and nearby water to attract them. dawn with peaches and mom, have you seen them in maine? they do migrate there.

    btw. i like peeps in a small, very small quantity. i did not have any this year. cadbury eggs are the best, next are the solid chocolate bunnies. Happy Easter All!

  4. forgot to say, the leaf did an article on the master gardeners and the tour this summer. they left off two names, mine was one of them. does that now mean i can stop working so hard do you think? yeah right.

  5. Hi Tina --really nice post --it is heartwarming to see so many caring and loving people. Definitely a feel good story. We had Easter dinner and now we will head out on a walk. Lots of candy here --peeps too. They are great --didn't like them as a kid but grew fond of them because hubby liked them. A bit chilly today for it being Easter but keep reminding myself it's an early Easter this year. The kiddos had fun searching for eggs in the yard --daddy was the egg hider so it was pretty easy. Happy Easter and enjoy!

  6. Tina,

    Hi, hope you had a enough chocolate
    and some for another daqy. I am still in Mo...using dh's laptop...just wanted to say hey!


  7. Hi Tina, Anonymous, Jean, Dawn with Peaches & Gail.
    HAPPY EASTER to all.

    Nice blog Tina. I did not know that martins would only nest in man made homes. Sure would like some here but too many trees around & no water supply as a small lake or even a pool. I do know they eat millions of insects. Maybe they would eat some of the mosquitoes that are so abundant here.
    I think it's great that people care about the wildlife. It is so precious. A lot of it's natural habitat is being taken away from them. It's sad.

    Hope you are having a great time in Mo. Gail. Do be careful. Watch those flood waters.

    Young'un was hider here. Boys had a great time hunting. Of course the usual bickering of who got more eggs than the other. Sibling stuff.

    So sorry about your neighbors dogie. It was only doing what it thought it's master wanted. A sad misunderstanding.

  8. hi anonymous, gail and lola. hope ALL had a very nice easter. i cooked corned beef and homemade bread (in the machine my mother gifted me with), and we all sat down for an early dinner. lots of chocolate. glad everyone ate well.

    anonymous, i have to report for jury duty tomorrow. 8:15! i will try to stop by after to drop off the clipping and see the onions and blueberries.

    gail, hope your easter with your mother was great. enjoy your visit.

    lola, glad you had a good easter with the grandkids and great grandkids.

    btw. even after a HORRENDOUS day yesterday digging in 120 10 pound stepping stones, i feel great today. what a relief! see yall later.

  9. Forgot to tell you that while walking around yard "I spieing" easter eggs I saw that my bush beans are coming up. Hopefully they will be ok. Maybe I have a jump on Spring with them. Just trying to see what will happen. My 6" dia turnip was a hit with the boys. What a look on little ones faces, WOW. Priceless. Now, next step, cook so they can try it. Maybe with some collards & corn bread.
    Tina, my Voodoo plant has this loooong thing coming out of it. Looks like a bloom but will have to wait & see. Will try to take pics in stages this time. BTW it has been in dirt all yr. It bloomed out of the dirt last yr.

  10. Hi Tina --you can stop by anytime. If by chance I'm not home just call my cell --I'm sure I won't be too far away:) With this week being spring break we will hopefully be able to enjoy outside time --if the weather WARMS up again, lol.

    Hi Lola, I so know what you mean about siblings and who got more, lol. The girl model didn't find any change in her easter eggs -two of the boys did --mind you a few nickels and dimes but she was pretty upset --didn't matter she had a gazillion candy filled eggs, hahaha. It's just a kid thing and I guess I now realize this after 4 kiddos:) Hi Gail, please be careful with all the flooding -enjoy your time with your mom. I really enjoyed spending the day -actually talking with my mom since the kiddos were preoccupied with mounds of candy.
    Hi Jean --I hope you had a very nice Easter --spring is on it's way up to you and the north winds seem to have gotten a bit confused today and turned back to us, hahaha. Dawn with peaches --how did your egghunt go? Hubbies parents had one for the grandkids up there --amonst snow piles (upstate NY). I think I would've hid those in the house --just me:0) I'm sure they were pretty easy to spot with all that color in the white snow, hahaha. Well, off to bed --all the candy eaters have been crashed out --too many sweets today.

  11. good morning all,
    lola, i bet those beans will be just fine. we just had a freeze last night here. but a short one (i hope).

    anonymous, will call if you are not at home. enjoy the weather. the girl model will be ok.

    jury duty for me this morning. ttyl

  12. Anonymous and Lola I read that a good way to make things come out even in the egg hunt is to assign certain color eggs to each child. Dhd!! Why did'nt I think of that years ago. Such a simple thing.

    Yyes indeed I did have a great Easter. Tina's grandson and his Mom and Dad came down and my daughter next door did all the cooking and it was very good. Sweet little Josh is so darn cute and good. He is not walking anymore....running. His birthday is in 3 weeks so everyone will come here for that and we will have a cookout. Dawn, put that day on the calender...the 13th. Hope you guys can come and hope Nikkie and Zack can also.

  13. that is a good idea to assign a certain color to each child. that will make them work harder. that is like survivor does often.

    did you all do a hunt for josh? can't wait to see him. i know the whole family will have a great time at his birthday celebration. dawn with peaches, it sure would be great if you and the family could take a break from working on the house and go visit with everyone. take lots of pics.

  14. Nope, no hunt for Josh. Too little and with no other little ones we did'nt do it but next year he will be old enough and once again I hope our yard will be ready for a hunt for the little cutie.