Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bloom Day-March 08 Part I

I am posting pictures of what is blooming in my garden today.

I will do this each month on the 15th. I warn my readers-it might be too many pictures! Enjoy.



Yucca tulips-see the post published on Wednesday, 12 March 2008....



Sweet Tete e Tete daffodils....

Flowering Quince....


Pansies-planted last fall....



In the garden....


  1. Great idea! and beautiful pictures! I spotted some green yesterday......out from where my dryer vents. Ha! A two foot hole in a seven foot snowbank, nothing but a weed. Poooo.....

  2. Good Saturday to all.

    Glad you had a relaxing morning with my son-in-law Tina. I agree with Dawn that it is a good idea. Look forward to it.

    Funny Dawn....gave me a big out loud laugh! Is it now covered with
    fresh sparkling snow?

    We had nearly total bare ground....just a few patches of snow here and there. We now have 2 new inches of it. It was real pretty as it is warm so was heavy and wet so clung to everthing and was truly a winter wonder land. Now the sun is out and everthing is melting. No snow left of trees at all and that is the pretty part I like to enjoy. Along with the forest out my computer window I see the fenced in yard (for the dogs) and the snow also sticks to that but has gone bye-bye. Sigh.
    If we gotta have it I wish it was a pretty scene out my window.

  3. Great photos....I knew you would post something good.


  4. Tina, Thanks for joining us for bloom day. You do have a lot of flowers now in your Tennessee garden. Reminds me of what is to come in my garden "up north" here in Indiana!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. They have had and are having very bad weather in Georgia so I am thinking about Skeeter. Hope that terrible stuff is not near her.

  6. Jean, thank you for thinking of me. It is always nice to know someone is... The Saint and I have been in the yard most of the day. He had to take the mailbox off the post and do some repairs because the Post Office was about to right us up with a pesky door! As he did that project, I dug out the Amaryllis bulb and placed it in a dryer spot in the garden. Then I decided to do the same to some Elephant ear bulbs. Now they are in what I hope to be their last spots in the garden.

    Then we got the wheel barrel and took to the driveway and picked up limbs that were all around the driveway from the winds we had lately. As we worked that job, the wind picked up so we only did 6 wheel barrels but believe me, that was enough for one day. My back is sore from all the bending and my head was throbbing as well. So in to eat and now the Saint has run to the store to get some carrots so we can feed Topaz (horse) some treats while his other two horse buddies are away for the weekend on a ride... He is lonesome and keeps whining for his women. We feel sorry for him so we will give him some attention.

    They suspect a tornado hit in downtown Atlanta last night but so far we have not had any bad stuff come our way but it sure does look ugly outside....

  7. you guys are great! i had to read these to mr. fix it. skeeter, you sound like us! mr. fix it even fixed our mailbox (broken from that dump truck last weekend) too! heard about the weather. nothing bad here and am glad you all are safe. six wheelbarrows of twigs is a might amount!!!

    dawn with peaches, green will come. isn't it ever so hard to be patient??

    mom, are you still feeding the birds out your window? i bet they are loving the handouts with all the snow you guys have had. the snow down here actually helped us. it is blessing in a drought.

    gail, this was kind of hard! i can't imagine doing it for every single thing blooming each month. i'll never get it down! did you see my tree peony? i am stressed I missed some flowers. too much. gotta relax and get some more gardening done i guess.

    carol, enjoyed doing this as i did not have to write, but i kept forgetting plants! what is the trick? write them down a head of time?

  8. Hello All.
    Glad no one has been hurt from any weather situation. Atlanta did get hit pretty hard. My brother just on outskirts said it tore up Jack. They only got hard rain. Was worried, glad he is ok. He said he needs to get in the garden also.

    Skeeter, that is a lot in one day. SIX wheel barrow loads. Wow, yall sure better take it easy. Glad you are ok.

    The pics were great. I love to see pics so I can put names to plants. That tree Peony is something else. Beautiful. You sure have a lot blooming. Not near as much down here. I planted my bush beans & black glads. Am anxious to see how they look. Anthony promised to help me pick the beans when they got ready. The boys hit the carrot patch again. This time they had a surprise, the carrots were different colors. Then they wanted to pull one of every color. lol Wash & eat.

    Jean it must be nice to feed the birds out youf window. What kind do you feed?

  9. Weatherman just gave the A-Okay for our area at 7:00 this evening. Seems we had tornadoes north, south, east and west of us but somehow our street was missed! Trees and power lines down in some areas and golf ball size hail also.... Wow, we missed a serious one! 1/2 inch more rain on our already soggy yard! arggg...

  10. hey lola and skeeter,
    glad no one was hurt and you got the all clear!

    lola, you have carrots the boys are picking? i don't! i sure would like some. what is your secret? i don't have luck with them ever!

  11. Hi Tina --loved these pictures --a sure sign we have spring upon us:) Hi Jean --glad you only got a little snow --our bird feeder here is cleaned out in 1 1/2-2 days and it holds about4-5 pounds of seed. The birds go crazy on it! It's my new feeder that looks like a barn --it's so cute --. Hi Skeeter -glad to hear the bad weather missed you --sorry about all that rain. You'll have one pretty yard when it all dries out --everything will have had a nice drink:) Hi Lola, hope all is well down south --I'm sure you have lots of pretty stuff in bloom. A cousin of mine had broccoli in his garden --not sure what part of Florida but his sister sent me a picture of him with his boys holding it --very cool! He specializes in fruit research and such --I believe he works for the University. Hey Dawn with peaches --I'm sorry to hear you are still up to your eyeballs in snow:( Yikes!!! But, I'm sure you get lots of snow sledding in:0) Okay, maybe alot of sledding time but you'll start to see some green soon. It just feels like it takes forever up north. Tina I hope you didn't overwork yourself in the garden --think relaxation time too:) I didn't get my blueberry bush planted tonight --decided to go for a walk instead --I know naughty me --but walking is my thing:) It will be okay -it's moist and in the garage were it's cool:)

  12. Yep, got carrots. They are a cool weather veggie. Do good in winter. Planted them in black tubs you saw in pic. I also have collard greens growing. Need to crop them. Leaves are getting real big. They are good & good for you. Course when I do that I gotta pull some onions too. Need to plant more onions & my shallots. I like shallots. Gotta get my 2 roses bushes in ground tomorrow. They have to soak in water about 24 hrs. before planting. Got top soil to put in holes. Will just get them in ground & from there I can work on making a new bed. Too much to do all at once.

    Anonymous, Does your cousin work at the University of Fl. in Gainesville?

  13. Lola I don't have too many birds in the winter. Mosty sparrows and titmouses and the darn starlings.
    In the summer we get em all.

    I can't speak for Dawn on if her leg hampers her on doing things or not but I can say that this is the first year she had not really had a limp but it does still swell up.
    Her scar is mostly the whole length of her leg and it curves.
    When they took her into surgery they said it would be like 4 hours (or so, can't remember for sure but bet Jack of all trades remembers) and they were twice as long. To top that we never heard a darn word. Jack of all Trades and I were going nuts. I think I said when we were talking about Stephen King but when he got hit by that car he was in the same hospital and the same doctor did his operation that did Dawn's.
    Zack and Nikkie were young and did a great job with her as they were alone and live in the boonies.
    Dawn could not get outta the stairs and they got her a blanket and the phone. Thank God the kids are good kids and were there!

    I know what you mean about when your walking is involved. My whole spine is full of arthrittis
    and your spine controls your whole darn body. I had some scraped out
    once (the week after Dawn broke her leg) but they only did L4 and L5 because they were pinching on nerves. I also am scared to death of falling and use a cane and a wheelchair at times, depending what I am doing.

  14. My word jean, you have it bad too. Bless you. I also have problems with my spine---a form of spinabifida in same area as slipped disc. 5 weeks flat of my back one time--could not walk. Excruciating just to go to BR. Scared to death I would wind up in wheel chair rest of my life. Chiropractor & yrs. helped. No cutting on my back unless life or death situation. I saw what my brother went through.
    I also suffer from virtago. Never know when it's gonna hit ya.
    I just do what I can when I can & try to enjoy each day & all that's in it.

  15. good morning all,
    anonymous, can't wait to see that bird feeder. did you put it on the cut down tree stump? or hang it? bet the kiddos love it. is your titmouse still tapping at your window?

    lola, i like the idea of the carrots close by and in a tub where you can control thing better. i am a bit frustrated with my efforts, though i will continue to try them.

    mom, sparrows and titmouses are great. no chickadees? they were my favorite up there and i still like them. starlings are kind of cool. they do eat a lot but they are birds and interesting. they come here too in a big mass, but don't stay long.

  16. Well Lola it sure sounds like you have a lot of medical stuff to deal with. They say that gold does not rust but the golden years sure do! No fun but better than not being here! Just have to get thru one day at a time.

    My arthritis id due to being born with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) but not knowing it. Today they check kids for it but not when we were kids. The doctor said
    everytime you move anything your spine does not move the way it should so caused the art man to visit me - not a friendly vistor. I also said I would not have my back cut opened and anyone touch my spine but let me tell you. I had nerves pinched for over 2 years and kept putting it off and had a set of 3 steroid shots in the spine and it did help but had to wait months before I could have another set of em. I started the set and it was not helping. You get desperate with that terrible pain so I called the doctor and said "Im ready, set me up for the knife". After it was over I thought, OMG why did I wait over 2 years.

  17. Whoops I forgot to answer you Tina on the birds. Yes I do get chickadees. The back of Terri-Lynn's house is closer to the woods than mine so she actually gets most of the birds and I get the overflow. LOL I do get more now than I used to because there
    is a patch of ledge out back that we left natural and never mowed so it is now full of trees and blackberry bushes.

  18. mom, still waiting for the owl pics speaking of birds. i can do a post on them. would love it-talk to terri when you can. do you have any cardinals? if not, then you will soon. spring is right around the corner. isn't it great?

  19. Yeh, I've always heard of the Golden Yrs. Phooey, not seen any Golden yet. But like you say better here. Besides I don't want to miss anything. lol

    Sure wish we got chickadees & titmouse birds here. I think they are so cute. Cardinals are so pretty, hope I get my pairs back. I'd like to see the pic of the owl. We saw a white one in the woods one time. Sure was pretty.

    Tina, my carrots are growing in pure potting soil. They are mostly in sun, afternoon. They sure are sweet & tender.

  20. Hi Tina --I guess I am behind so I thought I would answer --I did put the new birdfeeder on the tree stump I left from cutting down that one white pine in the back treeline. And, the old titmouse is still making his daily appearance at my door, lol. Do you think I should rehang some of the girls artwork??? hahahahah
    Hi Lola, my cousin works for the University of Florida in Lake Alfred, Florida. He does citrus research, has several books, studies and goes all over the place doing it. From the looks of the picture his sister sent he is a great vegetable gardener too:) And, it was cute to see his two lil boys out there with him --they are 2 and 4.

  21. fresh sweet carrots...sounds good.

    yes, put up the picture again.