Friday, March 14, 2008

Plant/Craft Fair for the Hobbyists

This post is to let you all know about an upcoming craft fair. The craft fair is called Sango United Methodist Craft Fair and will be held on May 3 of this year. I received a call from Ray Bell, who asked me to let you all know about this fair.

I had heard of this fair last year when I met an extraordinary gardener named Lucy. She sells plants at the crafts fair each year. I was honored to be able to visit to visit her garden; which was arranged by a garden club friend, Nancy. Nancy arranged this garden tour for not only me, but my friend Geri, and Nancy's good friend Ursula. We all had a wonderful time and Lucy sent us home with many plants. I was seriously looking at all the ones she was preparing to sell at the craft fair and wishing I could attend the fair.

I was not able to attend last year's craft fair due to my college classes being scheduled on Saturdays. I don't have that excuse this year and will endeavor to visit the fair for some good deals.

If hobby plant growers (no professionals please) or other crafts people are interested in renting a table they should contact him at (931)358-0595. Sounds like a really good deal to me. I know from experience plant sellers tend to sell out fairly quickly, so if a plant grower has another friend who would like to go in on a table, that might be doable in order to make plants last all day-and to help finance your gardening endeavors! I may look at selling plants there next year, but it is a bit too late for me this year. I think it is a good deal because the seller does not have any advertising to do at all, and this craft fair is very large with many patrons. If interested, be sure to give Mr. Bell a call-tell him Tina sent you.

I couldn't resist putting a picture of my Amaryllis on here. Amaryllis is botanically known as Hippeastrum. This amaryllis was a gift from my father in January 2007. It came as a surprise when I went to my mailbox and found the boxed up pot there already growing.

I watered it and followed the instructions and it bloomed wonderfully last year. Once the weather warmed up, I placed the pot outside for the summer. When the weather began getting cold I brought it in and put it in an unused room of my house. The room was cool and dark. I kept it there for about three months. In January of this year I brought it out and began watering it again. I was not very hopeful it would come back because I had not repotted this bulb in good soil, like the instructions said to do.

Wonders of wonders! It began growing last month and grew rather quickly. You can see the beautiful bloom. There are actually two of them on this plant. I love the color red so it was the perfect choice. If my father had a computer, or ever looked at a computer, he would know how well it is doing and how much I like it, even though it is technically a houseplant! I will have to print this copy and mail it to him so he can see I was able to bring it back this year with no problem. Hope it comes back next year too.

One other note on upcoming events:

Tree planting at Barkers Mill Elementary School tomorrow (I think between 1-4 pm but will verify). Bring shovels and bolt cutters (to cut tree cage) if you are able.

Perennial Plant Society Meeting Tuesday (18 March) evening at 7:00 pm at Cheekwood. The speaker will be a nurseryman from Alabama. He will have plants to sell.

Next Thursday (20 March) is Beachaven Garden Club's Monthly meeting at 7:00 pm. At the Women's Club. Email me at for further information.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Joshua Castle (the Northwest High School student recently hit by a car) and his family for a speedy recovery.

in the garden....


  1. dawn with peachesMarch 14, 2008 at 8:29 AM

    Hi Guys,
    What a pretty flower! Too bad dad doesn't have a 'puter, I think he would enjoy it.
    I've been busy with Zack and his grades, teacher told him yesterday that he likes the new and improved Zack, he'd clawed his way back up. Zack seems to think when he starts a quarter he can get by with low grades as long as he gets them up at the last minute. I heard by email from just about all of them, soooo we have been going thru his backpack every night. Oay vey---15 years old! wanted to avoid that! He has been better cause he wants to play baseball, now enjoying participating in class. Went to the first bb mtg last week and they handed out a slip for ALL the teachers to sign with a grade on it. (what a great idea) Just need to find a sport for wintertime. lol

  2. Good morning to all. Hope everyone has a good day.

    Can't believe your father does not have a puter as Gloria must have had to use one in her past jobs.

    Dawn how about basketball in the winter?

  3. Good morning Ladies,

    Tina that is a beautiful color. I just don't get to do houseplants I have a very bad kitty who eats most things and then we have BIG accidents on the rugs, chairs, sofa and on my taxes the other day.

    Have a good rainy day.


  4. dawn with peachesMarch 14, 2008 at 9:39 AM

    Zack is so earth bound that he almost bounces with the ball, he did it in elem. school but he is not that good at it and knew he wouldn't make the team. Didn't even try out in middle school. His football coach suggested wrestling to him in the fall of this year and at first....he was excited by it. It took one mention of having to wear the sling shoulder, clinging, one piece, satin uniform, and that was the end of that.
    Gail, how year it took me 19 copies to make one w-2, we didn't have the software to properly line up with the irs forms. Got it done on the 20th form, then my cat threw-up on it. From that point I truely put away anything important. Thank god for a seperate home office now. Gotta get cleaning both places. Later

  5. Good Morning Ladies.
    I hope all had a restful nights sleep to renew the body for todays experiences.

    A beautiful flower indeed. My brother & spouse sent me one for Christmas--it was lovely & bloomed the whole season. I need to put it in ground so it will come back nest season.

    Maybe Zack hasn't found the niche that will hold his interest & give him the incentive to try harder knowing his future depends on it. Good Luck, Zack.

    By all means our prayers will go out to Joshua Castle. So tragic for so young a person. His family needs prayers also.

  6. morning all. dawn with peaches-i also have a teenaged son who likes that method of operating-bring up the grades at the end of the term. sigh. good thing zack has baseball as an incentive. you would think passing AND learning would be enough?! i am hoping the jimster will turn like brian did, all a's his LAST year of high school. too bad it wasn't like that all the school years. has zack tried hockey? i would think with baseball and football that along with wrestling would fit in.

    mom, neither dad nor gloria use the computer. even when gloria got her government job, joey did the resume on the computer for her! i thought that was funny. you know dad. he knows i appreciate his thinking of me even without the puter.

    gail-i so don't do houseplants and am always surprised each year when they just seem to multiply! and even bloom occasionally. too much work with watering and picking up leaves. that being said, houseplants ARE great plants to move outside in the summer and do help to improve inside air. works well. no houseplants at all? i have some i can share!

    good morning lola, what color is your amaryllis? i think they are so cool and really not much work-but not hardy here. wonder if it would be hardy down there or do you have to bring it in? there is a lily just like the amaryllis that is hardy here, it is the crinum. one of my gardening neighbors and gardener extraordinare gave me a few some years ago. they are so great!

  7. Mine is called the "Red Lion" & boy is it red. I have amarylllis in the yard that are real lite pink with streaks of a darker pink. That is the most common. They will over winter here. I think I have some of the crinum. Are their blooms like an amaryllis but the plant mulitplies?

  8. Tina, what color are your Crinums? I have white & a pink color. They have very large bulbs & survive the winter very well. Mostly all sun.

  9. I have an Amaryllis that is a pretty color of Orange. I call it my Vol Flower due to its University of Tennessee Volunteer color! The first year it was in the house and was so beautiful. I too have a problem with cats and plants so the next year it went into the ground in the garden. Lucky me, it did fine in the ground although, it did not grow as tall as when in the pot. I moved it to another spot last fall but think I had better get it out of that spot due to soggy rains. Hope it survives this year too....

    It was 76 degrees here yesterday and I spent the afternoon in the garden working on a new project. I dug two half circles of border bricks into the ground off a slope making two new planters! I was able to complete the job before heading inside to shower. Then we went to the Musical Production of "Evita" It was really nice being all dressed up and relaxed, it was hard to believe I was digging in the dirt a few hours before! LOL...

    Today was Pre-Op for surgery. Arggg. Sign here, go there, sign here, blah blah blah… Many more things I would have rather been doing….

    Keep up the good work Zack! Baseball is a great choice! My family has excelled in the sport for many years and the nieces excel in softball and one in cheerleading. Oh I have to brag on that one, she has been accepted as a cheerlearder at APSU…

  10. hey lola and skeeter,
    lola, my crinums my fellow woodlawn resident gave to me are red, and some are white. i love these! you just can't kill them! she is such an experienced gardener and without her kindness i never would've known to grow them. i just bought a new crinum bulb at the lawn and garden show. it is about 6 inches around! must be like yours. they are hardy here too. and they multiply. love em.

    skeeter, yup, better move that bulb from the soggy area. good luck with your surgery. pre-op is good. let's the docs know what condition you are in and you want them to know that! keep your head up. only another week and half and it will be over. then back to gardening-oh wait a minute-recovery time? lol

  11. Good morning to everyone, Raining very hard here!

    Skeeter, good luck with your surgery, what a bummer!! Take care of yourself.

  12. Tina, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your column about thos yucca tulips I saw in the paper (and also posted here). They look so real!

  13. Tina,

    No post today, no way I am up before you! I cheated and posted my Bloom Day edition last that isn't really a fair comparison, now is it.

    Any word on Tuesday?


  14. Tina,
    Where is your weekly newspaper article located on the internet paper?
    I have looked all over for it but cannot seem to find it...

  15. good morning all! posting late today. enjoying some quality time with hubby. love those weekend breakfasts.

    nina, the sun is hopefully shining by now! it is lovely here. so hard for me to stay inside and do those taxes...and vacumn!

    sandy, that article generated a lot of talk-love it! also, the freecycle article definitely caused their membership to jump-the moderators appreciated it-the more the merrier! good thing.

    thanks again! i guess i should've taken it more as a whimsical tradition than a southern tradition since NO ONE it seems has ever heard of yucca tulips. though the editor of southern living even talked about them! thanks for commenting. i am sure you are reading each day like any good blogger:), but i know you are busy and can't always comment.

    good morning gail, you are too funny! i was up at 7:30, which is late for me, but taking a leisurely break today. thanks for telling me your secret about posting!

    i am probably going to have to go to class on tuesday and miss the pps meeting. nancy might not like i miss the same tuesday two months in a row (like she doesn't know). plus, my fellow students are presenting their takes on some natives she assigned us. i did the sweetshrub last week-will post it as soon as i get my grade! i want to see the presentations. but if anything changes i'll be sure to let you know. i also have jury duty this week so i am not sure the schedule.

    skeeter, i would have no idea where the hardcopy article on yucca tulips would be in the online version of the paper. probably it isn't on there. but, it is the exact same article as my post on wednesday-yucca tulips. i am not a "columnist" in their view, only a blogger, and i am betting there is no online version of the blog post (hardcopy) versus a column post like what sandy has. she may know as i don't since i do get the hardcopy each and every day. even with the blog, the hardcopy is still my way to read it. anonymous-would you know if the online paper has living articles?

    sorry-but truly it is the same as my post. just in hard copy. at least they give me some hard copy space once a week, and i get all this space with no limitations (except one). and you can see, i use it alot! i may have missed my calling in writing. believe it or not, i can write more than gardening! some know this already. sigh. maybe i'll write a book someday. who knows.

  16. Hi Tina --as far as I can tell they post the exact same article from your blog into the Newspaper on the days your column comes up. I never did see a different spot for the article. hth
    I'm glad you are enjoying your quality time with hubby and weekend --this is a busy time of year with taxes, planting, yardwork and of course kiddos and the Easter holiday so close. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday --yeah one more week until the bunny comes:) I love candy!!!! Especially when it's the kids:) hahahah

  17. anonymous, have fun in church on this palm sunday. i always loved this day in church as a kid. hope the bunny is good to you all and don't eat all their candy! you are funny. i have never seen you eat candy!

  18. Blog "scrape" columns are not put on online, as they already are online on your blog.

    I am now a columnist who writes a separate column about pets, and my topics for that are different than what I put on the blog. Of course, sometimes I might blog about the topic and then turn it into a column, but it's not the exact same thing as my blog posts.So my column is put online becuase it's usually not on my blog.

  19. Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me Sandy. I kept looking for Tinas article in on-line paper and could not find it. Now I know I did not find it because it does not exist!