Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bloom Day-March 08 Part II

Here is a late addition to Bloom Day. I rarely go into my greenhouse, but since it is getting cold and I thought it prudent to put some plants inside of it, I ventured into the greenhouse. Look what hit me in the face!!!!

I wish I could package the fragrance and send it to you all! This is a tree peony. I kind of think I always wanted one, but they are very expensive. Normally about $60 and up. My friend Denise brought a catalog to school the Tuesday before the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. Geri and I went to the Lawn and Garden Show and jackpot! She spotted these tree peonies. They were selling for either $15 or $20 because the vendor did not know what color each plant would bloom. I took a chance and just said give me one. I got my favorite garden color! And just look at those pink leaves! Tree peonies are hard to find and what a find I if I can just find a good spot in the garden....

Also blooming in the greenhouse are some strawberry begonias. I purchased these at the Lawn and Garden Show as well. What a joy to find new surprises. And ever so hard to photograph EVERYTHING that is blooming in the garden. Somehow I just keep forgetting. How do all the garden bloggers do it?

in the garden....


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  2. Ops, my bad on the deleted comment... I was telling you about a blooming bush from next door. I thought it might be a peony tree but upon a little research, I see it is not. Now I think it is some sort of spring blooming Camelia! Mine bloom in the fall so this is strange to me. Is there one that blooms in the spring? May not be a Camelia at all so I may have to snap a pic for you to see so you can tell me what it is. I am sure my neighbor has no idea what it is as she does not know what half her stuff she plants is... LOL...

  3. hey skeeter, yes! camellias bloom in either the fall OR spring. wish i could say how you knew which did when, but i can't. sasanquas (what i have) bloom both seasons depending which cultivar. japonicas i think as well. not too sure. must research it soon. by all means-send a pic. love camelias.

  4. That is beautiful and I can only imagine it smells fabulous! It is certainly a GREAT time of year for plants and flowers to make us happy:)

  5. hey anonymous and mom, good job on that party for the sidekick anonymous! hope you saved me a piece of cake:) i forgot to say earliers-thanks for the info on the online paper version. i don't read that so i would never know where to look.

    hey mom, have you ever seen such a peony? it smells way better than regular peonies. not sure why. christy called today asking when we are coming for a visit. i have no idea as of now. probably summer if we can come. not for sure though.

    i did overwork myself in the garden. moved about 200 tete e tete daffys, planted a bunch of stuff, tied up some shrubs, laid shingles under where our privacy fence will eventually be built to keep weeds and grass from growing there, reworked three gardens! had no lunch, mr. fix it cooked dinner-thank goodness. now i am vacumning and mopping! yeah me!!! finally!! tomorrow i will be raking and moving leaves from a neighbors house to mine. they raked them, i'm just confiscating them:) anyhow, the floors are calling. great to hear from you all!

  6. dawn with peachesMarch 15, 2008 at 8:25 PM

    Sounds like me.... although I took a break today, yesterday I moved pots and pans from every nook and cranny of the mobile. Gosh, who knew I had soooo many baking pans, spent 4 hours hand washing dishes. A long time on your feet, but relief came in the evening with the heated footstool I purchased off ebay. Ahhhh, 'tis the life, get it for a former broken leg, thinking Lola may have something along those lines.
    Love peonies, they dry soooo wonderfully.
    Glad skeeter was unhurt in this crazy weather.
    Anyone watch the newest movie with catherine zeta jones as a chef who inherits her niece? What a tearjerker!!!!

  7. dawn with peaches, when is the mobile going? soon? you have it almost emptied?

    and how in the world do you dry peonies? never had any luck.

    i have not seen catherine's newest movie. if it will make me cry-no thanks. will stick to sci fi. no crying there!

  8. My Camellia just finished blooming. It started around the lst of Jan. It started out slow but then it was a solid bush of blooms. It is pink. I got it in Ga. Got several but this is the only one that lived.

    You guys better take it slower, don't want anyone getting too sore.

    No Dawn with Peaches I never had anything that warmed the leg, if so I would have had to sit on it. My break was real bad, spiral break, just below hip joint. That's why the 2 rods hurt all the time where they are connected. One rod is screwed into the ball of the hip joint. Oooooooow.
    How did you break your leg & where was the break. It's bad when it involves your walking apparatuses. For the longest time I couldn't feel my leg. Don't want any part of that again.

    Didn't watch the movie.

    I didn't know you could move Daffy now.

  9. Tina, your flowers are so pretty. The tree peony is beautiful. Does it have to be pot grown or will it winter over? I have several different colors of regular
    peonies. but they aren't established real well yet. I do have a tree rose (yellow).

    I don't have anything in full bloom as yet. The quince, bradford pear and crabapple are at least a week or two away from being in bloom.

  10. dawn with peachesMarch 15, 2008 at 9:31 PM

    My break was a conimuted? (sp) I did it going thru mobile home stairs, you know, the ones that are self supported. They were alright til we moved them to the backdoor (originally attached to a deck) We couldn't attach to the mobile because the slab pushed them out 4''. They had give everytime someone stepped on them and one day , after the screws all broke, it shifted enough, I went thru. Conimuted is like a sprial, 4 pieces w/o the splinters. I also compressed my knee joint, had a bone graph from my hip. I have a steel plate and 13 screws in my lower leg. I can feel it, and it is still numb around the knee, always will be. Mine has been 5 years and ALOT better now but never will be the same.
    Hopefully the mobile will be gone after mud season. It will be sooo strange to see it empty, not quite there yet, being picky about what I take for the new house, afew larger items left, buffet being moved tom. then I can pull the rug up.
    Yes, the movie was a very bad tearjerker, Boo Hoo. Our REALLY new tv picks up everyones on demand, (partly because of being in a valley, I'm sure) if we ignore the occasional switching of the movies, we can't seem to get enough of it. Never seems to be on on Tues., but real busy on Sats., go figure.

  11. Bless your heart, Dawn with Peaches. Does it hamper your doing things, like bending over, walking without assistance. I have some numbness all the way to my toes.
    I have to use cane. Now I have a fear of falling, and due to my age that is not an option. Difficult for me to drive, harder for me to enter the vehicle. Easier on passenger side. It's my right leg. I no longer can get down on my knees. That's why I have to garden up off the ground.
    Have a good night.

  12. Tina, your tree peony is magnificent and boy, did you get a deal! The yellow ones are usually the most expensive, even the herbaceous yellow peonies are selling for $130!! I have had a little luck with them and also some losses, which really hurt the old pocketbook. One key seems to be adequate water during the summer droughts. They show no signs of stress, but need great drainage as well as lots of water and rich soil. Mulching helps but the first few years of my oldest one, I kept a watering can next to it to remind me to water. I think we lost yet another dark red one with last year's drought. ;-< Good score at the garden show!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  13. good morning all. i guess the switch over for the leaf did not happen. still wary with preparing posts though.

    lola, you are so kind. and you do alot in the garden even with your pain. you should look into that heated footstool dawn with peaches purchased. i am sure she will tell you more about it. i would like one too, though i probably need one more for my back!

    dawn with peaches, i saw that scar and i wouldn't have wanted to go through what you went through for anything. good thing you weren't more seriously injured!

    what is the name of that movie?

    frances, thanks for commenting. i will definitely use the helpful information, as i can see from your blog you are a gardener extraordinare and know how to grow and write!

    i had no idea how to grow it. i was assuming just like regular peonies. i have tons of them and they do very well. i just found two more yesterday that have popped up. unfortunately i cut one because i had no idea it was there! you'd think i'd do better. anyhow, i like your tip to keep a watercan close by. i really want it to do well and was pleased with the buy. did not know the yellow were the most expensive. love it. aren't they really fragrant? i wonder why more so than regular peonies. i hope your dark red one surprises you and comes back this year.

  14. Hi Guys,
    No, my leg doesn't hamper me so much but like you I can't get on my knee. The plate has a hook that goes right where connection with the floor is. Seems like it took a couple of years to build up stability, when we built this house I was so fearful of falling I scooted on my rearend to tack the floors in, suffered for three days, just from using my lower leg to pull me along. Still fearful of falling on ice, I'm sure your dr. told you to watch that because of the rods, your leg won't take another impact, it would travel. Course no one plans on falling in the first place. I know about the choice of walking, there was none. I had to not bear weight for 12 weeks allowing the gragh to grow. It was hard but if I didn't do it, no more walking. Knee doesn't bother as much as below the break, ankle aches. That's what I felt when it broke. Go figure. Also, what was the highlight of everything-my doctor was major eye candy. It helped, Ha! Didn't mind going to my appts. How did you break yours?
    Tina, I hang the peonies upside down and they dry naturally. One of the best flowers to retain their shape and once dry they don't become fragile like others. I spray them with a clear paint.I don't know the name of the movie because we missed afew minutes of it but it has a happy ending and I've liked jones ever since Zorro. I would not of rented this one though. Later.

  15. Tina, I will try to run over and snap a pic some time...

    Dawn with Peaches, ouch, watch out for those stairs. I say to the Saint that our next house will NOT have any stairs at all because I know it is a matter of time before I break something going up and down all the time....

    I always have cold feet, I need one of those stools!

    Yep, we faired some nasty weather down here yesterday. Sun is out today and a cool nip to the wind. Glad we did the yard work yesterday but still need to get that tree up off the ground! Never ending saga with the trees around here...

    Lola, my dad has both hips replaced. He goes to a Health Club and does exercises in the pool. Then he sits in the Hot Tub for pain relief. I wish he had a hot tub at home as it really seems to help him more then anything....

    I dont like sad movies but rather ones that make me laugh...

  16. Hi Tina -and y'all --Skeeter you have watch the new movie that was released this Tuesday on DVD --it's a The Bee Movie with the voice of Jerry Seinfeld --too funny --the kids have watched it at least 4 times so I know it's good to get them to sit and watch something that long, lol. Got to run to the store --will check to see what you all have been up to later:)

  17. dawn with peaches, i never have luck with the peonies but will try again this year. i keep finding them in my garden so i think there will be plenty.

    did your doctor being good looking help with the healing? you know a pleasant experience makes healing better for anyone. lol

    skeeter, by all means-send a pic. i don't have many as i am still waiting for the leaf to switch.

    neverending saga with all trees it seems. but how nice it is to have shade in the summer. we can curse them in the winter but then what would we do without em?

    my mother likes the pool for therapy. i vote for the hottub. don't like the cold-even in water.

    anonymous, heard the bee movie was good. i still want to know which movie my sister watched though. with catherine zeta jones? guess i could google it, duh.

    what are your duckies names? i will definitely have to bring the jimster to see them. i bet they are cute! i can see them chasing the kids...

  18. We have netflix and Bee Movie is on our Q...

  19. Dawn with Peaches, I fell in the back yard. I think my right knee gave out on me--it did that sometime after I hyper extended it. Last few days it's wanted to go so I have to be real careful. Had it not been a warm day that day to where people had their doors open there's no telling how long I would have laid there. Good you had an eye candy dr.

    I think the yellow peony would show up more. I tend to notice yellow more that other colors. I really like yellow & Blue in garden. I've been trying to get some yellow petunias.

    Anonymous, I sat & watched the Bee Movie today. It was so funny. Young'un complained because I was laughing so hard. The boys just laughed too. Poor little Anthony came in crying with ear ache. Got in my bed & went right to sleep. He feels comfortable & secure there.

    If I got one of those foot stools I would have to sit on it. That's what hurts. Real close to hip. It does sound good though.

  20. Hi Tina, you'll have to bring the Jimster over when the kids are on Spring Break --I know he'll love these lil duckies --one is named Quackster and the other Spike. And, Lola I hope you get to feeling better soon --but I'm glad you enjoyed the Bee Movie --I too laughed so hard the kids looked at me --hahaha. It was funny:) Guess I better get off here --lots to do tomorrow.

  21. Tina I asked Terri-Lynn if she had the owl pic yet and she said it was still in the camera. I will get at her again as that was a couple of weeks ago.

    Once in a great while I get a cardinal but they go to Terri-Lynn's all the time. Our back feeders are probably no more than 200 feet apart and they go to hers. Guess they like her better. LOL

    Skeeter I have said for years now that they should not make 2 story houses as everyone gets older and does not want stairs. When you are young and buying your first house you do not think of that. I sure wish mine was only 1 story. When Dawn and Jack of all Trades started to build theirs I told them they were crazy. They have 3 floors pluse a basement!!! AND....
    Dawn wanted the washer and dryer in the basement! She won that battle as that is where they are. She does have a laundry chute but that only sends them down. They gotta come back up. Dawn you shoulda had a dumb waiter, just thought of that. I used to sleep upstairs and had to move back downstairs. Miss my nice big room upstairs.

    Dawn since you were laid up with your broken leg you did not get to come to the hospital when I had my back operated on but my doctor sure was mega eye candy also. Christy, Terri-Lynn and Joanne went nuts over him. They were all checking for a wedding ring and were not happy when they spotted the ring on his finger.

  22. skeeter-let us know how much you laugh when you watch the movie.

    lola-i too love the yellow blue combination. works well this time of year with daffys and muscari.

    anonymous-let me know when is a good time next week. i hope jury duty is finished by then!

    mom-yes keep reminding her. i know she is busy. doesn't she have a digital camera? she can just email them.

  23. dawn with peachesMarch 17, 2008 at 6:49 AM

    We purposly built our stairway wide enough to have a electric wall chair. After a lifetime or it, I'm hiring someone to do the laundry.

  24. i'm with mom though. one floor is much simpler and more convenient. but, you can fit so much more square footage in two floors than just one. it has its advantages.

  25. Muscari doesn't grow good here at all. My niece in N.Y. sent me some & I only have 1 plant left. I try to baby it but it will probably go too.

    I say 1 floor to a house. Personally I never liked 2 stories. But it does have it advantages of having more space when you can't go "out".

    Good for you Dawn with Peaches. Let someone else help out even if you have to pay them. Wish I could find someone around here to help. lol

  26. lola, that's a bummer on the muscari but i am betting something even nicer grows down there. maybe scilla? i have some blooming now and it is similar to muscari. maybe it likes it better warmer as mine does not do as well as the muscari.