Saturday, March 8, 2008

Eagle Scout Projects and Volunteers

As promised, the Jimster and I helped a bit with bagging up seedlings in preparation for the Children's Activity Day scheduled for today at the Museum. With the emphasis on "a bit" since the folks were nearly done by the time we arrived. There were way more volunteers than I had expected. Dottie Mann (that is her on the left in a yellow sweater) did a super job mobilizing folks to come out and support the community. Dottie is the Clarksville City Tree Board Chairman. She and her husband, Jim, perform ALOT of community work and we all benefit from their efforts.

Pictured to the right of Dottie is Ginger. Ginger is a faithful reader and commenter on this blog. My commenters will be pleased to finally get a picture of her. Ginger is another very dedicated volunteer and gives tremendously to our community. She works with the Humane Society in helping to save pets. What a great job and service all these folks do for the community and our world. We truly need more caring people like her. Ginger is originally from California near the ocean;which she misses so much! Clarksville is a small world. Ginger and my best friend Gerianne know one another, as Geri fosters dogs for the Humane Society. Ginger told me she never would've known Geri was such a big gardener, which Geri agreed with since she thinks her garden is not established. Geri is very modest, her garden is beautiful but you really have to go into the backyard to get the full effect of her efforts. I was glad to meet Ginger and surprised we had a common friend already.

In keeping with the volunteer tradition, let's talk about some very helpful young men. Pictured in the second picture are: Nick, Zavier, and Matt. I had the pleasure of meeting these young men last year when I helped T.C. Loughery, Montgomery County Extension Agent, with the Tree 4-H club. These guys competed in a tree competition (along with other motivated students-and let's not forget the dedicated parents) at the state level. Both the junior and senior groups placed well and Clarksville should be proud of them.

I did not know this, but Matt, working in conjunction with the Tree Board, Dottie, Tracey Jackson, and Mrs. Kennedy (Principal at Barkers Mill Elementary School) designed a tree planting plan for Barkers Elementary. The plan is a project to help Matt on his way to achieving the prestigious "Eagle Scout" rank in the Boy Scouts. I know his mom is proud. Matt and Nick are brothers. The trees he chose will be planted according to his design at the March 15th Arbor Day Festivities in Clarksville. I know there will be an article in the paper about the event, but just had to mention the event here as well.

Finally, I had to conclude this post with a picture of an adorable little girl. Madison is the five year old daughter of Amy. Amy is currently attending the Tree Steward Classes offered by the Extension office. I met Amy at this past Tuesday night's class when I had the pleasure of teaching there. She told me about the soil at her home and how it has taken her 10 years to finally get it to a good spot-with earthworms and all! With her can do attitude and motivation, it is a sure bet Madison will follow in her footsteps and work to protect the environment and our community.

It is unfortunate, but the children's Arbor Day activities scheduled for today have been cancelled due to the weather. I am sure there will be a make up day or at a least a seedling give a way at some point. Everyone please stay safe.

in the garden....enjoying the lovely snow.


  1. Neat Tina about you - Ginger - and Geri. I have hear you talk about Geri since way before you started your blog. It is a small and wonderful world!!

  2. Tina have you been to the home garden yet today? If so did you get it all. I did not get all of the post and the "read the rest of the post" is not there.

  3. I'm having trouble with blogger.
    It is so nice that there are programs out there that include children. They need guidance in gardening too. I bet you had a lot of fun & you got to meet your friends also. Good job.

  4. Nice post --we spent the morning outside --this snow was too much fun. I just hope my tulips and daffodils enjoyed it as much as the kids:) Thinking of spring --again:)

  5. hey mom, yup. i visited there. you have to click on read the rest of the post....then it all comes up. isn't it funny it is such a small world? geri has only lived here about 4 years (i've known her for 3), yet she is very involved in our community.

    lola, hope blogger comes up better for you. you do a good job on here each day.

    anonymous, did you get a snowman built? roads are clear now it looks like.

  6. Yes I know about the clicking on the read rest of the post Tina but it is not there today nor is the comment section. Just the start of the post to walking on water. Then the whole page is blank except the left very left side of the page.

  7. Anonymous I forgot but I meant to say that I am glad the kids and you got to play in the snow. It is fun esp when you don't see snow very often. You will have to show them the snowwoman, Olympia when Tina puts it on.

  8. dawn with peachesMarch 8, 2008 at 4:34 PM

    Scouts are good, they do alot with everything.
    Raining pretty hard here today eating the snow up. Yeah!

  9. Ah, more faces to put with names!

    I received so many fun snow pictures today from TN. My parents were kind enough to share the white fluff with us, All 5 inches of it!

    No snow here but Atlanta had snow flurries! Am sure that big news will make the front page of Sunday paper! LOL... Windy like crazy here and we lost another darn tree in the front woods! More work when all dries out. arggg....

    I am happy that school was out with this snow so the kids could have a blast building snowmen, sledding, building igloos and having snowball fights! Good timing on this one Mother Nature!

  10. Tina,

    Hello..I love how involved you are with the community. I can tell you love what you do!

    Just now getting around to visit. How are you?


  11. Hi Tina, yes we built a snowman --with white pine arms and a camo hat:) Don't know how long he will last --since it's melting pretty good. I did venture over to Kroger around 1700 with the kids --it was all clear except under the bridge (new one over the parkway) it had big patches of ice. The boys made a snow fort --not near as good as mine when I was a kid, hahaha don't tell them:) Of course I had so much snow there was nothing to do but get better at building, hahah. And, kwim means know what I mean --I think someone asked that before. We just got back from a walk and saw the prettiest snowman --little man and girl model said it sure looked like the real Frosty:) I didn't get a picture it was almost dark and we were walking as fast as we could to get back home --to the nice warm house, hahaha. Hi Jean --I am happy to have the snow but hope it doesn't hang on too long --pretty as a picture when it was coming down last night. I look forward to seeing the Olympia pictures that Dawn with peaches took --I'm sure that is pretty darn cool! Well, time to run --and then it's bath and bed routine. I'm sure the roads will be clear for church in the morning. I will check back later --you know I can't get enough of you guys:)

  12. Saint said he saw the huge snowperson on the news last night. Said it was really neat but on too quickly for him to call me to run see it....

  13. We have talked about mayble sryup before and lately about Easter being so early this year. Where they make and sell the sryup is called sugarhouses. Every year Maine has a "Maine Maple Sunday".
    It is like an open house and people make a big deal out of it. Well this year it falls on Easter.
    Maine Maple Sunday is held on the 4th Sunday of March. Do people go to church and have an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Dinner or plan a day for Maine Maple Sunday? Some of the sugarhouses have broken the line and will hold theirs on another day but most of will not change.

  14. I say, Go to sunrise church services...
    Have pancakes and syrup afterwards for breakfast.
    Have a late morning egg hunt.
    Then open up the remainder of the Day for Maple Sunday!
    Ah, I would have made such a good town Mayor... LOL

    Another dilemma Jean is St. Patrick’s Day. Seems it falls during holy week and a big NO NO to celebrate during the Holy week. So they are pushing the big parades here in Augusta and Savannah back to Friday March 14 instead of Monday March 17...

  15. Great Mayor!!!!
    I heard some chatter about that and Boston which is a bit time Irsh
    City had some talk about canceling their big parade. Not sure but I think it ended up to be a go for it. However I did read where one of the big pubs in Ireland has canceled their St Patty Day parites.

  16. dawn with peachesMarch 8, 2008 at 9:59 PM

    No, No, the green day can't be left behind for the rabbit day. No fair....

  17. Skeeter, what's with your trees falling down? Are you in a real low area? I agree on the schedule for that special day. But I believe all special days should have their own time.

    As the old saying Jean, "Dyed In The Wool", some won't budge to accommodate others regardless. I sure would like to visit a sugar shack. Bet it'd be fun.

    Glad all the kiddies had fun in the snow. Maybe this will be the last one for the season.

    Just told Young'un I hope this cold didn't ruin the work I'd just done. Hate it if my new flowers get "bit". Supposed to get below freezing tonight. Rats.

    Have a good one all. Better day tomorrow.

  18. morning all,
    dawn with peaches, enjoying our snow a little? 'bout time huh? see why i like tennessee? little bit of snow and all four seasons-all the while allowing me to garden year round! it might be like texas where jack of all trades is from. what is rabbit day?

    gail-you were late yesterday but that is fine. i am fine, enjoying life as always. did you get some snow down your way in chez cedar glade?

    skeeter, that was nice of your folks to send you some snow pics. i know you miss tennessee terribly. georgia is nice too though. can't believe the workers down there. they come size up how you live then quote you a price! i think just because folks want to live nice doesn't mean they have a lot of money. that is a bit judgmental on their parts. people-all kinds that's for sure. you would be a super mayor.

    anonymous, maybe your snowman and fort will last for a while. before you know we'll be soaking up the heat of our tennessee spring and summers. then we'll be wishing for snow! i see it is melting fast. but it is nice while it is here.

    mom, that can be a predictament for business people. offend sensitivities over Easter because of maple day, or forego the business. age old problem in the business world. lots of studies of it out there too. sometimes i really like my business degree to understand. now if i could just get the whole economic thing... i say they shouldn't change and agree with skeeter's schedule. it can work with a little adjustment.

    lola, hopefully if your flowers get bit, they will bounce back. i purchased some primroses and a gerbera daisy. i always thought gerberas were cold tolerant. not so. turned black overnight even with protection. the primroses are fine. can never tell with some flowers. i hope yours are the kind that have some antifreeze for blood and can survive the freeze and not spoil all your work! urgh!

    nina, we miss you! hope you get your computer up the way you want it!

  19. dawn with peachesMarch 9, 2008 at 10:01 AM

    Tina, talking about cancaling st patty's day because it falls with easter--the green day for the rabbit day.

  20. still don't know what you mean by 'green day for the rabbit day'.

  21. Dawn with Peaches is talking in code again... LOL....

    Lola, our front woods are all natural. This is a thick wooded area full of over crowed trees. Some die from lack of sun or whatever. The Saint wants to thin out a bit of the healthy trees and cut down all the dying trees and but I will not let him. I like the privacy and quietness from passing cars. Plus, I say keep the dying trees so the woodpeckers can enjoy the bugs within. None of the dying trees should fall over the driveway so we just let nature take its course. As they fall, we get them up.

  22. You got a point Skeeter, on the bugs for food. Thought you might be in a low area, too much water in ground that's making them fall over. Seen that too. Don't know about there but pines down here draw lighting & I don't like that.

    Dawn with Peaches you are too funny with your code. Green day for rabbit day indeed. Both should have their day.

    I thought Primroses & Gerbera Daiseys were pretty hardy. But everything has a limit. I had thought about getting some Gerbera Daiseys as I think they are pretty with all the colors. They seem to bloom a lot too.

  23. Tina Skeeter and I had talked about St. Pattys day being in Holy week and it being a no-no to party during Holy Week. Dawn if using green day for St. Pattys day and Rabbit day for Easter. Some people have cancelled St. Patty Day parties cause of it being in Holy week.

  24. Boy Jean, we sure are getting close with our posts. Look at time.

  25. so is rabbit day the same as Easter? i guess i just got it. st. patty's should stay the way it is. they are not on the same day or anything. guess i need to get with the times...

  26. dawn with peachesMarch 9, 2008 at 7:26 PM

    holy week.....passover, good friday, palm sunday? All leading to Easter. Can't have certain things during this time. But yah, rabbit day would be my code for Easter and green day for st pattys.
    I probaly have it wrong but I think lent? (sp) is in there somewhere also.

  27. got it now...took me awhile.