Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Fences

Here is another part of the fence post, "Good fences make good neighbors." I had originally intended to showcase a privacy fence I really like at another house. But the picture thing just did not work out in time for the first post. I now have the picture, and thought I would put in our new 'old' split rail fence, along with our new privacy fence on the north side of our property as well. Sometimes it is better to break up the posts, as going short is not so difficult for me-truly!

The first picture shows our moved split rail fence. It was initially along the north side of our property, out front. Mr. Fix-it removed it, and I reinstalled it along the state highway which fronts our property on the eastern side. Installing fences in a straight and logical manner is not an easy feat, as I found out. This fence will soon be covered by the Eleangnus pungens, aka silverberry. Gardeners have a tendency to move things around quite a bit, though this fence was in its original place for about six years. Six years can be a long time in a the gardening world.
The next picture is of a favorite privacy fence I installed. Hand staining every single piece of this fence prior to building it was the truly hard part! But, staining a fence before installing it adds to the life of the fence. In this case I chose a sea foam green oil based stain because I knew it would weather well. I usually like hunter green in the landscape, but the sea foam seemed a better choice for this particular fence. The neighbors absolutely love it and there is not another fence in the neighborhood as nice.

I will prepare a post on our newly installed fence here in Woodlawn. Though we love our neighbors on this side of the yard, privacy is something we lacked and desired, hence the new privacy fence. Additionally, all 265 feet of this northern border of our property is lined with a very long and wide mixed border, the privacy fence is the perfect foil for the plants. More on it another time.

in the garden....


  1. Is that the fence that got hit by a car a while back? Once your silver berry gets going it should screen off noise and give you privacy.

  2. dawn with peachesMarch 25, 2008 at 8:14 AM

    I've always thought the split rail along a high traveled road looks sharp. And I love the other, alternating boards on top of the supporting frame, then the other on the bottom. I think this method would look great with hemlock slab. A camping area in the neighboring town has a slab fence, each on butted up to the next. It's great 'cause they used a chainsaw to manicure the top once done.
    This sight reminds me of the sewing/craft sights I visit. It is easy and nothing has changed! Good for you Tina!

  3. Looks good Tina. You did a great job!

  4. I agree with Dawn with peaches the split fence is very sharp looking. I like to see that out in front of houses in the country. It makes a statement:) The privacy fence is beautiful --I do like shades of green --and I think it will do great in your yard with all those gardens. Off to check on the kiddos. I hope you don't have jury duty all week so you can enjoy a day or two on spring break with your lil man.

  5. Good Morning Tina, I like the fences and the shade of green is very nice. I use green as an accent on flower pots, but I use more of a hunter green.

    I am taking a break! Have worked on the spring and pump house this a.m. I have finally got something decent going with it. I wanted to dig a small pond for pond plants, but have decided that the maintenance would be too much for us to do as we aren't getting any younger!!!

  6. Love the fences--great choice of color. I like the split rail that you have. I also like the other split rail where there are no nails. That's the kind I had in N.C. Even went to where they were cut & split way up a mtn. My fence here is chain link---defines the property but no beauty except for my window boxes hanging at every post. I like that kind of private fence--that would be my choice.

    Afternoon to all. Hope all had a lovely day.

  7. dawn with peachesMarch 25, 2008 at 6:38 PM

    Tina, where are you? Beginning to believe you've been sequestered.

  8. Tina,

    Great fences...I love split rail....we have privacy fencing down one side of our yard. It works nicely for us. Shady over at ShadyGgardeners blog (see my blog roll) has a great photo of a metal fence overlay on chain link fence. Really good looking.


  9. ps Tina,

    I found out over the weekend that I hadn't turned off letter verification on comments...see my post! I feel like I had spinach on my front tooth and no one told me!!!! But why would anyone? Some folks like it! I continue to learn!


  10. hey all, nope, not sequestered but we need to go back another day. i had to leave from there STRAIGHT to school. whew. should be done in the morning. i have to report 0800!

    i did not know what to expect on here. my blog at the leaf's old site is still up, but no comments. i have posted entries on their new website since this past weekend, guess they didn't realize it as i had a message to get it up asap. sigh.

    dave, this fence was on the other side of the yard from the damaged part. we just moved it. it is the same though. we like it more for function than anything else.

    dawn with peaches, thanks for the kind comments. i have only told my commenters about this new site mainly because it is you all that matter more than the page views or anything else. it seems it is fine with everyone. not so many distractions, though i will customize it to suit me while keeping it simple and keeping you all in mind. ever heard of this acronym? i too love the board on board but it really doesn't give much privacy. do you visit crafting blogs?

    thanks mom. i can ALWAYS count on my mom for great encouragement and i appreciate it! i see everyone found it no problem!

    anonymous, i hope the jimster and i can do something! maybe go to nashville and see capitol hill. i have wanted to do this since christmas break. or even go to lbl to the planetarium. not looking good though. hope you and the family are relaxing and enjoying your time in the sun. tomorrow it will be warm.

    hi nina! you know i am still looking forward to seeing your bottle tree! i am glad you are taking a break and feeling great on this glorious week! enjoy your work and relax a bit. it is something i need to do more as well.

    lola, chain link is still my favorite. serves such a good purpose and is utilitarian. missed you last night as i don't remember you being on here? recovering from easter?

    gail, i will check out shady's fence. melanie at country gardens made me feel like a privacy fence would not be so bad, so we went for it. will post on it soon.

    p.s. i HATE the word verification but figured you wanted it on there. i know dave had suggested for you take it off (i suggested to him to take HIS off and i bet he will confirm he hasn't regretted it) and didn't want to press the issue. it is your blog. no spinach on your teeth, i thought nothing of it. many of the bloggers do it.

  11. oops, i see i need to take my picture off. don't like that feature.

    p.s. skeeter has her surgery tomorrow! let's wish her well! not sure how she will take the new blog.

  12. Tina I thought Skeeter had her surgery today, well yesterday now, anyway surgery on Tuesday and her b-day is Wednesday. Also I know it says 0 comments on the old blog but they are there. Well, so much for ALWAYS counting on me for encouragement!!!!

  13. i didn't even know the archives were all on here! how cool!

    can any of my gardening blogging friends tell me how to customize this further? i need to get rid of all the white space, bring my info up to the top and the archives. gail? dave? any help would be appreciated.

    i do still have a blog on the leaf's website. different url of course. not sure how i will work it all but i did let the leaf know i saved my blogger account to this new url.

  14. i just couldn't see losing them all! lola and anyone else who didn't read the early posts-there they are at the bottom. mom-you can now access them all!

  15. ok mom, i need to get her card in the mail ASAP! hope she is well!

    what are you talking about the comments on the old blog? yes, they are still there but now new comments are on this blog. that old blog is going away like on friday of this week. i COULD NOT bear to lose all of my work. i let them know already. we'll see how it goes.

    you ALWAYS encourage me and i appreciate it. gotta get some rest for jury duty tomorrow. goodnight.

  16. i see what you mean, they are all here!

  17. Great blog Tina. I didn't have any trouble finding it. I think you will be much better off this way. You were wasting you time the other way. You should have went this way a long time ago as good as you are. Remember what I told you.

    Hi all, I guess my comments didn't get on. Now they will.

    Skeeter hope you get well real soon. Miss you.

  18. Shucks, did it again. anonymous aka Lola. Gotta watch that finger.lol

  19. hi lola, did you find the blog with the new link or a search? the new link right?

    i saw your comments last night, not sure what other comments didn't come on. i was trying to figure out the anonymous. that is funny. thanks for letting me know:)

  20. I found it via the new link. That's the only way I knew. I'm not too good on this thing. E-mail & blogs is all I know.

  21. So glad you found it Lola....I got it from the link also and then bookmarked it.

  22. dawn with peachesMarch 27, 2008 at 8:03 PM

    same with me but it can be searched under, "blog, Garden" in any search engine.
    I'm thinking I'm going back to Dawn, getting long to write....

  23. same with me but it can be searched under, "blog, Garden" in any search engine.
    I'm thinking I'm going back to Dawn, getting long to write....

  24. Okay, did it again, But, But I have a different name. Does the matter?

  25. glad it is working for everyone. it will only get better. i need to organize it better with the labels and all.

    i like dawn better. we all still know you are with peaches and born in georgia.