Friday, March 28, 2008

More Yucca Tulips!

As if you haven't heard enough about 'Yucca Tulips', see

In The Garden: Yucca Tulips and Southern Traditions

here are some more!

Nina initially sent me the yucca tulip information. The first picture is of her yucca tulips. She is not sure if anyone has ever stopped by to look and see if the flowers are real like some folks did at my house (, but I bet people who do pass by love the look.

Skeeter, who we all here at In the Garden are hoping is comfortably recovering from her tonsilectomy, sent me the second picture of her yucca tulips. These yuccas are across the road from her home. She said she would've added more 'tulips' had she had more egg cartons. I should've sent her some of mine because I have been collecting them for years. As my mother said, they make great craft items-just look at the yucca tulips!

People really get a kick out of these. Most don't realize these flowers are fake, then when they do, that is when they laugh. I asked my son's friend's mother why she was laughing when she realized my yucca tulips were fake. She said because she thought they were real and felt silly once she realized they were fake, but got a great kick out of it. Nothing better than hearing folks laugh.

I appreciate everyone voting. I have decided to definitely keep the labels. It is a good record tracker and easier to find posts by subject matter. I will try to keep the categories broad, yet specific. Is that an oxymoron or close? Thanks for voting. I like reader participation so you can expect to see more surveys.

in the garden....sleeping.


  1. What an ingenious idea! I am going to have to put tulips on my yuccas. And trim on my rose bushes. Thanks again for the info!

  2. The yucca tulips make me smile.

    I am hoping it doesn't rain till after I leave Cheekwood...Bring a rain jacket, we stand outside until opening time.


  3. good morning all,
    hi jillybean, interesting idea huh? i bet you have some yuccas that might need some flowers too. yes, trim up those roses right away.

    hi gail, i am not going this morning. maybe tomorrow, we'll see how things go. have fun and yes, looks like you'll need an umbrella!

  4. Hi Tina --these are so cool! And. laughter is the best medicine --right:) I think they add charm --another rainy day today and much cooler. The plants need this rain so I won't complain. Catch you later.

  5. These are really cute, we don't have yucca, I'm going to have to look for something alike.
    Snowing today......spring storm and the amount keeps changing, woke up with at least 4''. Hopefully it's not going to be one of those blizzards Maine is known to have in the spring. Will snow for the biggest part of the day today. Later.

  6. Good morning to all and hope all has a really good day.

    Rain does a lotta good and is needed for all things to do well and we are also getting mositure but it is WHITE. 2 1/2 inches so far on my pretty blooming crocuses.
    I do not like going to town at all but usually will not do it in the snow at all. However, Papa's last aunt passed away last Friday at the ripe ole age of 100 years and 4 months and would'nt you know the wake is today. Darn it!! Gotta go
    to it. It will be a long 10 miles.
    Well maybe the roads have warmed up enough that it will melt quickly and not be bad.

  7. Dawn you are it as you have been tagged!

  8. anonymous, laughter is the best medicine. i heard on the radio children laugh on average 300 times a day, and adults a mere 15 times. how is that for fun? rain is good.

    dawn, you and mom gotta love that snow. spring will arrive soon enough (one would hope). looks like no baseball practice with snow on the ground?

    mom, man i hope you and papa drive carefully. ripe old age of 100 indeed. he must've had a bunch of aunts. you can't choose those days for snowstorms can you? be careful.

  9. what is up with tagged dawn and mom?

  10. Mom meant she blogged in the same minute as me.
    Baseball will be in the gym, they have batting cages (made out of netting) that can be taken down and put up. Other than that they will do fielding catching and drills. But yah, be awhile before they get on the field or have a scrimage. Oh, nice.
    Jack of all trades took Nikki to the dentist this am because I'm to chicken to drive, waiting for their return.
    Have you heard from Skeeter? I'm sure she is resting, it takes alot just having that kind of surgery let alone removal of the tonsils.

  11. Tina,

    Didn't see this until after I got back from Cheekwood....Lovely Time...I was able to get some things on the list!

    When I get back from Missouri, I will
    post them


  12. dawn, ok, i get it. posting the same time. sometimes when that happens i have been kicked out. it is a bummer. hope the weather gets better.

    no, i have not heard from skeeter. i did email her the new spot. i hope she checks in soon.

    gail, looking forward to seeing your new buys. have a safe trip.

  13. Tina,

    It has gotten complicated, did I tell you that when we were just ourtside of St Louis last Saturday, my dear subaru blew a head gasket? Well, it is still not ready, so we are trying to figure out what to do, what to do!

    So, I am still here maybe writing my post for the weekend!


  14. oh dear. that can be a stress-blown headgasket out of town too! we are finally getting rain! this will help settle in the hundreds of dds i divided today. yah!

  15. We did need the rain, too. I planted some of the plants I got today..Tenneesee coneflower and a goldenrod...Zigzag...the rest I must think about!

    I did get a new post up and in the morning we are off to MO...the car is ready after all.


  16. Hi Tina --lots of rain here today. A couple nice breaks where we got outside. One of the duckies is still not right --he has been falling over since we got him --thought it was just because he was a baby. But, he has got to the point where we have to carry him from point A to point B --so sad. I am determined to help him get better with lots of good food, fresh water and love. Hubby isn't as optimistic as me:( I guess his years of farmwork tell him different. The other fella Spike is getting so tall and handsome. Getting more white feathers and actually knows how to come in and out of the garage if we take him out -too cute. Oh Gail, I am so sorry about your subaru blowing a gasket --I can totally relate. I am LOST without my SUV --it blew out the rearend a few days ago. I hope you can get yours fixed soon. I have a local mechanic doing mine with my brother's help --way better than the dealer around here. I would have to auction off a few of the children if I went to the dealer, lol. (just kidding) But you know what I mean. well, it's getting late and my kiddos are not wanting to get to sleep. They are all washed and teeth brushed but wanting to play more video games. I need to go be the boss, hahaha or maybe have hubby be the boss:0)

  17. Gail I am glad your car is ready and hope you have a good vist with your Mom.

    Is'nt goldenrod a weed? Or is there a different one than the one that grows as a wild weed here in Maine?

    We did'nt go to town till the evening hours and the roads were bare. Glad we waited because of the roads and the fact that Papa's cousins all showed up at the evening hours. In fact we all got there at the same time. We actually had a great time and his Aunt would have like that. The Bibbers are all great storytellers
    and have lotsa true stories to tell
    and that is what they did for over two hours. so there was lotsa laughing.....and....yes laughter is great. I can't figure adults only laughing only 15 times a day. They should read this as it makes me laugh that many times in a day, at least.

    Yes Tina, Papa did have a lotta aunts. There were 6 males in the Bibber family, only 1 female (his mother). But they all (but 1 who was is MA) lived here in town and all of them gathered all together ALL the time. Quite a brood. So the 11 cousins really grew up together.

    Tina in 4and 3/4 hours it will be 3:45am, the 29th, my time. Do you know what you were doing 5 years ago then? Think hard and see if you remember. Tell you tomorrow.

  18. Forgot to say but I wonder is Lola can't find your blog as she has not been on. Hope she is okay.

  19. gail, congrats on your purchases. i never even knew there was a tennessee coneflower until recently. i have my eyes looking for one. will check your blog, but in the meantime have a safe trip.

    anonymous, that IS so sad about your little duck. i wonder what it could be? i am not too optimistic either, i'm with hubby. he knows these things. your description of the other one sounds so nice. i am still trying to stop by soon. i only have about three more gardens to work then i can relax a bit. i will be on that side of town tuesday and i might have time in the early afternoon so if that is good i'll come see you all for minute.

    auction off the kids-not ever but a funny thought. glad your truck is being fixed and you are always the boss at your house, and a good one.

    mom, i had to think quite a bit. usually you memorialize the desert storm anniversary, but five years ago must be the iraqi war. i am preparing a post with some pics from iraq. not many readers have gone i am sure, so they might find it interesting and you would like to see them too. you didn't have time to look at all my pics last summer so now is a good time. i have to check them all. but since i have to reload all of the old pics on the older blog posts, i might as well. should be fun.

    i can't understand why there are still posts of mine on the leaf's site. i cancelled my account which should have cancelled the blog. they had removed them anyhow. sooner or later they will drop off. but a fellow juror commented on my jury post. that was so sweet! i wish i could answer back but i don't have an account, so no. if the person reads this, i want to say it was an honor to serve with all the nice people on our jury as well.

    i am glad you all had some good laughs at the wake. you need this even in sad times. i did not know papa was a bibber. must be a big family. glad the roads were clear.

    goldenrod is a cultivated "weed". i let the weed type grow in my garden in a few places. love it! as it is easy care and blooms my favorite gardening season fall. gail may have purchased a cultivated variety. i had one but it died out for some reason. goldenrod has become popular. i have posted a pic of one of mine but it is on an old post and not uploaded yet. i am sure she will tell us about hers but i love those wildflowers and maine has tons. ttyl goodnight.

  20. Good Evening all,
    Gail, glad you got your vehicle fixed & are able to go see your Mom. Be Safe.

    Dawn & Jean, Enjoy the snow it will be over soon. It's snowing for a reason.

    Anonymous, hope the little duck does ok. They are so cute. We had ducks when I was a kid. Mom maid feather beds out of the feathers. You could sure sink down into those feathers. Once you got them warm in the winter you were toasty as a bug in a rug. Hope it doesn't rain too much. Hope you get your SUV fixed soon.

    Enjoyed the blog Tina. Still say I must get a Yucca so I can make flowers for it. Will have to get some of the cartons & save them.
    Don't remember if I told you but I sent Joe a card & wrote a note inside. I hope he got it.

    Skeeter, I hope you are doing ok. Miss you here. Just take it easy & don't rush things.

    Oldest ggson here & sick, Coughing, Papa gave him some cough med & he just got rid of it all over my chair. Gotta go.

  21. lola, i was just coming on here to tell mom you had the site but maybe weren't feeling well. i hope your leg is not bothering so much.

    you guys are the best! first anonymous now you lola and i am sure skeeter and all mailing joe a letter. you all are so caring and considerate. i am going to stop by the nursing home on tuesday. i am still hoping for a window for him.

    ew! oldest ggson threw up on your chair?! yes, you definitely have to go clean it. i hope he is feeling better now. usually works for me once i lose it all. goodnight.

  22. anonymous, i forgot to tell you but you won't have to wait to much longer for tulips to bloom. i noticed many blooming today. i actually dug about 100 bulblets to do something with, not sure what. they are too small to bloom. but tulips are right around the corner if yours aren't already blooming now...

  23. Tina, I tried the leaf yesterday and my path was no longer in existance, tried the search engine and got the cover page. The only blog I could view was the featured one from the editor explaining the new changes. It appeared in order to get to the others you had to sign up for membership? Checked even the papers search. How are you guys getting to your old blog?
    I was wondering ablout Lola too, glad she had time to come on.
    Vechiles are such bummers, we have 7 including the "farm truck" which it is the plow truck that never leaves our property. Something is always breaking down, the cost isn't a surprise to us anymore. Hope it won't be too bad, Gail.
    Sorry 'bout the duckie, they ARE to cute and amazing...they give plenty of affection.
    Snowed most of the night but rain on Tuesday with temps in the 60's, bring on the flooding. We will be busy with everyones basements, always catches people every year, although I don't know why.

  24. Good morning to all and I hope everyone has a good weeked.

    Sunny and warm here with the snow melting fast.

    Dawn if you go to the paper and put your cursor on opinions it will bring up a few things and then click on blogs and all the blogs will be there.

    Poor Skeeter, she must be having a rough time. They do say the older you are, the harder it is on you but thought she'd be on for at least a quick mintue by now.

  25. dawn, i also sent you a link to it. my old posts should surely drop off soon. i don't think they should even be on there since my account was cancelled and my user name changed before i cancelled it, but it still says tina5. how can that be with a cancelled account?

    what do you have to do with the flooded basements? does it affect the heat for the people? i wonder if sump pumps would helpt with that problem?

    we have to call in a heating man. out upstairs heat pump is working only on aux heat. burning too much electricity. sucks.

    mom, spring is here and up there too when the flooding starts. glad the roads did not stay messy.

    i didn't know how to get to the blogs that way but i don't go there much, just since you told me my old posts were up. but no new ones. i was happy to see that comment about jury duty.

    i thought skeeter might be on by now too. i may email her but i don't want to bug her. i do hope she is ok. sandy had emailed me and said she was posting about skeeter. i hadn't checked and told sandy i would not be on the pet people blog anymore since you need an account and i don't have an account. i did not send her my new link. i wish them all well but i do hope skeeter comes on soon to tell us what is up!

  26. Tina you do not need an account to go on and read, just to comment and I rarely commented on there anyway as there was only a couple of times that they would reply back. Last week I gave Stacey a great comment and as usual, no reply back. It was a great way to make money so how much do they really care about the vets? Not only got no reply back but my comment dissapeared. Too bad cause it is the vets that have lost out. It was the one about the board going to Clarksville and trying to get the nursing home in Clarksville and needing money. I told her to contack Don Imus, the one that made the comment about the nappy haired hoes on the girls basketball team and then got fired. However Imus has and continues to fight for the vets. He is one of the all time high fund raisers. If it were not for him they would not have that great new hospital in Texas for the guys coming back from Iraq. He is totaly against the war and Bush but is all for the vets. So go figure. I'd stake my life on the fact that Clarksville would have a great state of the art nursing home
    for the vets if he were contacted. And it probably would be a green one to boot. Too bad.
    I am sure Stacey does care about the vets but the "click" is aparently more important.

  27. Hi Tina --I am sure a few tulips are close --:0) Yeah!! And, Jean I am so sorry about no one responding --it is a clickish yet childish thing they seem to do around here. Most of the people with any pull in this community are only pulling for themselves or the guy who is scratching their back, so sad but true. Thankfully, Tina found some REAL people who truly care and made us all very, very happy. The gardening couples, Mr. Joe --business garden of the month. The real pillars of the community who make it the great place it is to live. Kudos to TINA!!!! She has restored my faith in our community. Gotta go --ciao!

  28. Iraqi war it was, well before it started. You called me at 3:45am my time on March 29th, 5 years ago today. You were in Kawait, ready to leave for Iraq that day. All things like that are big things at the time and go on my calendar.
    Probably stupid but just what I do.
    My calendar is like a journal in a way but easy to look at it every day and see what happened on that day. I also have all birthdays, deaths, ect on there so I can remember everyone on that day.

  29. AMEN ANONYMOUS!!!! You said it very well.

  30. mom, it is so great you care about our community and vets. i know you care more than anyone. i read about what is going on in the hardcopy newspaper. it is enough for me. some bloggers may want their commenters to perpetuate the conversation, thus they don't respond so much. not sure of the reason but some of the comments are dropping off with the new switch. it will take time to get it all worked out there. computers and webs and servers can be complicated. i am sure your comment is still there somewhere and it was read.

    yes, i remember i called you to tell you i would be leaving for iraq the next day. the war had already started but i did not go first. what a convoy. i used to keep my calendars but find i never go back and look at them. you are so organized. now my stuff is on the computer and i can look at it easier if my computer doesn't crash i have too have a good record. it is nice to remember.

    anonymous, yes-tulip time is nearly full upon us! i am keeping track of blooms of all flowers in my garden. next year i will add a list of plants blooming in each month. it is always nice to know what to look for and also how long each flower blooms. we'll track the tulips together. i will be doing a post of course.

    i think you said it well too anonymous. the heart of any town is its people and there are some really great folks here and everywhere. it just takes time and effort to realize it sometimes. even for me! i have been blessed with many friends and am always grateful.

  31. Tina, if you get to stop by the NH on Tues. do say "Hi" to him from one of your comment ors. Do keep us up to date on his welfare & do hope he soon gets a window. I think he deserves it. I'm grateful I had a window when I was in NH. Makes a different.

    Anonymous, "IT" couldn't have been said any better. But I think you will find the clickish thing in every town. It sure is here. I've never lived ANYWHERE before that is liken to this town. Most all are related some how. Like little Peyton Place---if you know what I mean. There is a small eating establishment in town & every day the politicians meet there to eat, be loud & talk about people. One trying to talk above the others. They make a mess & eat all the goodies on the table that is put there for all. Guess what? when they get done there is nothing left. If you want to hear gossip just go there at that particle time. We like to go as they do make scrumptious sandwiches with home made bread. Not often but some times. They close early after lunch.

  32. lola, i will be sure to show joe the article and give him all of you all's good wishes. you bet!