Saturday, March 29, 2008


On my recent visit to see the purple martins ( on the south side of town, I met a friend at the local Kmart. Seizing the opportunity to check out Kmart's new stock of plants, I took a look around to see if I could find something good.

And just look at what I found! Can anyone see what I see? This Japanese maple was labeled Japanese Red Maple. Now I ask you, looking at the tree this label is attached to, can anyone see a Japanese Red Maple other than in the label picture? I hope you all answered no. These trees actually appear to be the cultivar 'Sangu Kaku', aka Coral Bark Japanese Maple.

I have posted about this tree before because it is my favorite cultivar of this wonderful little tree. These trees at Kmart were 3-4' tall and very healthy, as you can see. Normally Japanese Red Maples will sell for $40-$80 for a tree of this size. When you add in the fact this is a special cultivar and not the ordinary run of the mill red Japanese maple (no problem with this as I grow quite a few unnamed varieties), you can see these trees priced at a mere $24.99 were a steal.

I actually emailed the Green Valley Growers in Texas about the mistake just to let them know. I haven't heard back from them but I hope they pay closer attention in the future for their benefit. These trees should've been priced in the $60-$90 price frame.

in the garden....not relying on labels.


  1. good morning again. i went back to my warm bed after the mutts got me up at 6:00 to go outside. nurseries do this all the time.

  2. Wow, what a great deal Tina! I like when you find something you want for a fraction of the price. The girl and I have to go find some curtains --we've been patiently waiting for the daddy to come back from turkey hunting. He didn't get one today but that's okay they each got one last weekend. Catch you later! Morning Jean:0)

  3. have fun shopping for curtains. for the girl model room? that should be sweet. yes-you all got two last week so that was good. better than none right?

  4. Tina I got the link fixed. I'm glad you have this site rather than the Leaf one. I didn't really want to sign up for an account with them to comment! Good find, I would love one of those in my yard. The one's I saw a few weeks ago at a garden center were in the $100 or more range. A very good find. Too bad no Kmarts are around here!

  5. Glad you got the link Dave and are back....missed you. The birds were nice on your blog today.

  6. thanks dave. the old leaf's site was nice for local stuff but it lacked ALOT of features the blogspot has. the new leaf site is even harder to operate and the account thing is supposed to be easier, but i think not everyone will want a persona page out there. i am glad you found me here and changed the link. it is a pain changing everything but has to be done.

    just keep looking around and you might find a Japanese maple for your yard a good price. they are so expensive. you have a very big yard to landscape and i am looking forward to seeing how you do it.

    mom, are you relaxing today? i am keeping myself out of the garden. today is the jimster's day, though he is still in bed. back to school on monday for him.

  7. mom and dawn, you would not believe i found someone else's blog who has two posts about harpswell! she is a writer and lives in england. here is a link to her blog.

    mom, you and david probably know some of the folks she talks about. she also has pictures of mackeral cove! how cool is that! small world.

  8. tina,

    Hello, that is agreat deal!

    It's the kind of deal that always lands me in trouble, I would get three and have to find a place in my yard for them!


  9. Hi Tina, well the girl model chose a floral print and flower decals for her walls:) Blue flowered bedspread and blue drapes, variety of colored flower decals. This is a MUCH needed change for the Cars loving girl she had been. I jumped at the opportunity to get some girly stuff in that room. I am so excited she chose floral --she said Miss Tina likes flowers too, right mommy:0) And, my mom let hubby borrow her truck and we got two yards full of mulch in her little midget truck. I spread it in the nice cool rain --it looks so pretty. I can't wait until we get more so I can finish the yard. It's one of those things once you start you just can't wait to finish for the final result. I did the flower bed closest to my neighbor with the two girls and trampoline. I think it is so nice --I probably should've done the front yard first, lol. But, I'll work my way up there with the next load or two. Now, I am trying to warm up my fingers and toes from the cold rain, lol. I'm glad the Jimster is having a good day --sleeping on a rainy day is always relaxing. Not that any of my kiddos would let me do that now, hahaha. Hi Jean, Gail, Dave and I believe a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Lola. I'm certain today is her birthday. Better have some cake and ice cream Lola and hope the little guy isn't sick today.

  10. Great info. I hate when they mislabel things. Very disappointing. I would love one of those trees but OUCH the $$$. Too rich for my blood. Will keep looking--maybe a 1"er.
    Glad you got to hop back for a longer snooze. Great for this time of yr.

    Glad the girl model choose the floral. I like that type too. With that you seem to have more choices for accessory's.
    Glad you got a chance to get some mulch. Pits when you don't have a way to haul things. One reason why I choose the truck when other half passed over. Thank you very much for the special day comment. Young'un took me out to eat. GOOD.
    Little guy better--went to his other Papa's. They always feel better after they've been with Mema. He's mine. Always has been since I first saw him when he was 3 weeks old.

    Hi Jean hope your day has been a good one. Any snow left or can you see your crocus' better?

    Hi Dave Yeh, glad you're over here. This is much better. Don't even like Leaf's new what ever you call it. Will be nice to see your progress with you garden--all of it.

    Hi Gail Hope it's been a good one for you.

    Skeeter, Any better. Hope you are & will soon be able to join in the fun. Just take it easy.

  11. hi gail-i'm with you for sure! hope you are enjoying your visit.

    anonymous-that's a girl! you tell her i said go! and good for you spreading ALL that mulch. fugget about the front yard, make the backyard look nice for you!

    lola-is today your birthday??????? how did i miss this?! anonymous, you gotta keep me on track-and mom too. where did the young one take you out to eat? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and here's hoping to many more great ones too!

  12. Happy birthday Lola! And you are SOO right about the peyton place thing, my town admires the "old Blood", ones who were born here---that of which I'm not. My kids are though, they will have the bennie later on.
    How fun, little girl model chose floral, Nikki has taken to the leapard print--love it, hope she will grow up with it as I'm not anxious to change it. (up graded from the intial request of power puff girls!)
    Gail, too funny, you only live once!
    How is your newborn Dave?
    Tina, you do better than me, I would say-- their loss is my gain-- surprised you let the nursery know.
    I'm going to check out the blog you mentioned tom. Need to relax, still cleaning out the mobile. (we see the light.) I LEGEND is waiting, idolize Will Smith....

  13. Hi Tina --hope you had a great day today. The girl seems happy in her new room --it will still be difficult when I try to get rid of the Noah's Ark bed, lol. She has been in that thing for YEARS! She gets extremely attached to her stuff --rofl. Hi Jean, Dawn with Peaches and Lola --hope you gals have a great Sunday. I want to let hubby have a turn on the computer.

  14. It's nice to know all towns are pretty much the same, lol. A click everywhere I suppose --I didn't notice as much until we retired here, lol. I guess I was in my own little world --just making the best of where we were sent so I never noticed before, kwim? Hearing you all having that makes me feel better :0) I don't feel so alone, lol. :0)

  15. Yep, 39 & holding. We went to IHOP. Tried their crepes. They were good. Couldn't eat all. No real good place to go here. If you want a real good place you have to travel out of town. Shucks, all go out of town to do shopping. Nothing here. Money in this town but they don't spend it here. And they thought a super WM would help. Give me a break. lololol

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Have seen I Legend--very good. He is a good actor. Just watch bio of little Opie. That was good. He has come a long way at an early age. When he started he couldn't read---his dad read to him till he memorized it.
    I really like to listen to the older ones--they have so much history as they have seen so much. Listened to a 100 + yr. mind as sharp as a tack. An older Indian told about the cooling board & other history in Yulee one time. REAL things about real people. That breed is dying out, sad to say.

  16. Darn it, I am mad at myself. I wrote birthdays down as people said them and then did'nt look at my paper. Lola please forgive me. Glad you had a good day and Young'un's was 2 days before yours so tell him I am wishing him a belated birthday also. We do still have a little snow Lola but the Crocuses are still blooming but starting to go by. I also have 4 vases of Forsythia in the house. They are not quite blooming on the bush yet but enough
    so when I put them in water, they come out and they seem to last longer that way.

    Anonymous it sounds like you and the little girl had a good day and the room sounds great! That is cute about Tina liking flowers. You sure have been a busy beaver.

    Wow Tina that is neat and I will check it out. How did you ever find it? My goodness.

  17. good morning all,
    dawn, no wonder we haven't heard from you as much-you've been busy getting the mobile ready to go.

    i like will smith too. legend sounds intriquing.

    people seem to be the same no matter where you live. life is life, make the best of it.

    anonymous, time for that little bed to go. the girl model is funny to be so attached to it but i bet you'll get her adjusted to a new bed. i can't wait to see it. tell hubby and the kids i say hi and so nice for girl model to want flowers and remember i like them so.

    lola, crepes are good! i love em myself. your town sounds very small. i hope you carried the crepes home you couldn't eat. they are good cold too.

    mom, it is ok, we all sometimes forget. i am real bad about it.

    i was reading carol at may dreams garden when sarah came on and said she was a non-gardener and back home in maine...that caught my eye. i clicked on her name and went to her blog. she has a few posts labeled harspwell and i about fell out of my chair-to use lola's description. clicked on them and there they were! pics of lobsters and everything. she said she is going back to maine in july, just after iris season. she also says to say hi to bobby bibber. there are so many bobby bibbers though i don't know which one. there is a pic of him on her blog, but most are younger. she is younger too. a writer and a good one. her blog is beautiful. blogs are not only a way to learn and visit gardens, but to experience travel and other countries too. i will get my iraq post up soon to let you all experience that country-though you might not like it! not too much green there.

  18. Don't worry about it Jean. I can't remember what I did yesterday. Kids tell me I have that "old timers disease". Shucks, I'm a senior citizen, don't that allow me something? I like Forsythia & the fact you can bring branches into the house & they bloom before the main plant. Cool. I did order one & got it last fall, just put it into pot. Am anxious to see what it does this yr. It's small so may have to wait.

    You bet I brought the rest home. Cold or warm, they're good. Chicken, onions, mushrooms & other things, plus a Hollandaise sauce over them. UUUUUMMMMMM Yep, a small town---every body know all else's business but not their own. Too busy running around--with each other. Not for me. Oh Tina, Mr. Lincoln called me Sun. Talked till his battery was about to die. Te he Coffee is coming.

  19. Cool Lola....Have a good cup of coffee with Mr. Lincoln!!

  20. lola, i hear forsythia roots real easy from cuttings. just cut a branch and stick it in some dirt. i haven't done it myself. sure is pretty though.

    looking forward to hearing about that coffee! sounds like you two had a great great conversation and lots in common! like mom said-have a good cup and enjoy!

  21. Sorry, that call was on Fri. He was supposed to go out of town but sickness stopped that. He said I was just a baby about my age. tehe.
    Told ya I had OTD.

  22. Great find, Tina. I have read that the coral color fades to light green during the summer and returns when with the cold. Do you find that to be true? And the fall color on the leaves, yellow, orange? Lovely tree. Thanks for the info.
    Frances at Faire Garden