Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Masters; Golf course or Garden?

The Saint and I (Skeeter) have lived in the Augusta, Georgia area for 8 years this month. We have never seen, much less set foot on the famous Augusta National Golf course until this past Monday. Tickets to the event are very difficult to get. As locals, we were able to apply in a lottery of sorts and we were lucky enough to acquire a couple of tickets!

Not many people get the privilege to drive down Magnolia lane to the front doors of the Club house. Magnolia lane is lined on both sides by beautiful old Magnolia trees that have been around for many years! I can only imagine the feeling inside of people such as Tiger Woods as they drive down this beautiful lane...

Not being invited to play in the tournament, we did not walk nor drive down Magnolia lane. Instead we wound our way down a pathway that gave peeks of the course through the beautiful blooming azaleas. Soon we were on the course.

So here we are, the Saint and I posing in front of a beautiful grouping of azaleas. I must say the azaleas were my favorites on the course. But what are azaleas without colors of white or green? Such colors come from dogwood and magnolia trees.

The white of the dogwood trees and the green of the grass made the azalea colors really pop. I love this picture even though a sleeping (dead looking) tree is amongst the grouping. It was an overcast day so with no sun, the pictures are not as vibrant.

The azaleas around town have been blooming much earlier then they are supposed to, and I was shocked to see the same on the course. I have heard rumors that the grounds keepers have ways of keeping the bloom time on track for final tournament day being this Sunday. But apparently the stories of underground water temp controls, ice packed below each bush, etc are not true. The azaleas are at their peak blooming as of two days ago. Look at the pink blooms laying on the ground. (below)

Look at the Orange azalea! I have never seen one this color before. Have any of you? The color caught my eye and I made a bee-line across the course to check them out.

Enlarge this close up shot to see the yellow colors within.
I am not sure if this is an azalea but it appears to be. It has an awesome bloom.

What an idea, orange and pink working together.

Here you see two different types of Japanese maples nestled between a Magnolia and Azaleas.
Enlarge this shot below to see 3 maples total in the far off view. I find it interesting how they placed 3 different types of Japanese maples in a grouping.
One is light red, one is deep red while the third one is green. How clever!

How many different colors of azaleas do you see?

Here is one of the cottages along the course. Not sure who stays in these but look at the next picture below to see the view from the porches.

What do y'all think? Could you handle waking up to that view each morning? I think so!

In this shot below of the Par 3 course, you can see Wisteria climbing up tree's. It has past its prime and is starting to fade it's purple color. Maybe if you enlarge the picture, the Wisteria will be more easily seen.

Rolling hills of green with the spring colors in the back ground. Is this place a golf course or a garden? I only wish it had been a sunny day to really capture the beauty better through pictures.

This really is a golf course. See the white sand traps (bunkers) below the garden?

I like this shot at the left. It shows the Masters yellow flag (pin) on a green with the bunkers behind as well as the beautiful spring colors. See how the white frames the azaleas...

What would a walk through the Masters be without a picture of Amen Corner? (Below) Dubbed so by a Sports Illustrated writer. Notice that when you enlarge this picture that the azaleas are not blooming. Mystery for me.

Azaleas are the dominant blooming flower on the course, but there are other things that I will share with you another time...

Hope you have enjoyed your little stroll through the Masters. I worked up a hunger so there I sit indulging in one of the world famous Pimento Cheese sandwiches at the end of a long walk! Hey, a Southern tradition and a must for Masters visitors around the globe!

If you would like to see more of the course, tune in to the final day of the tournament on Sunday. Yeah, I know who cares about golf right, well don't tune in to watch the golf but to enjoy the scenery instead. I know we do each year!


  1. Skeeter, You are up early this morning! Me too, I have a garden convention to attend so I had to. haha. Good morning everyone!

    Love the pics and the writing. That orange azalea is probably Florida Flame Azalea. They are deciduous. I have three and they bloom reliably each year. Was it fragrant?

    Orange and pink, now that is a combination! At first I thought ew, but then I grow cleomes and daylillies together-ew!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the posts. ttyl

  2. Skeeter, Good morning to all. What lovely pictures. This place is breath taking!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW Skeeter --that was amazing --incredible --very cool --I could go on. Thank you for sharing those pictures. I think the masters has alot of master gardeners working that place --yikes!
    Hi Tina and Nina --not sure about today --keep thinking rain. Gotta get two boys off to school. See you later!

  4. Those azaleas in bloom are fantastic. Many homeowners envision planting azaleas in their own gardens expecting them to look like that. Those golf courses hire professional gardens to do that sort of stuff!

    The sandwich sounds good!

  5. Oh my gosh! What beautiful pictures, wah, makes me miss spring. Sounds like you had a great time Skeeter, I would do the same thing, winding around the grounds, hurried, afraid I wouldn't be able to see it all. Nice picture of you and the Saint.

  6. Beautiful pictures Skeeter. Thanks for sharing. That would be the ultimate to see all that beauty in one place. Glad you & the Saint had a chance to see it in person.
    Yeh, the sandwich does sound good.

  7. Magnificence as can be Skeeter! I have seen the orange and I love them. There is one a quarter mile from me and I wait for it each year. And would you believe there is a pink one beside it! Maybe those folks had been to the Masters and got the idea there, but I doubt it as the lady that planted them was an old maid that died several years ago and was ahead of time in that she was quite a "green" person long before the word "green" meant what it means today.

    Glad you guys got to go and it will be a great memory to carry the rest of your lives. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all has a great day.

  8. Good morning everyone!

    Tina, the azaleas were fragrant but not as much so as the grass. The grass was awesome with its different shades of green. The Saint told me that he heard that only the azaleas that loose their green leaves are native to this area...

    Nina, it was breathtaking. The minute we walked into the gates we both just gasp at the beauty as did hundreds of other people…

    Anonymous, I do wonder how many Master Gardeners they have to maintain the grounds. I would also like to know how much money they spend on grounds keeping and especially the pine straw. They had tons spread around…

    Dave, believe it or not, there are a lot of people around here that have such groupings in their landscaping. Especially in the older established neighborhoods in the Hill area. But those people have the money to pay professionals. We have about 50 azaleas on our property scattered throughout the woods but I don’t do one thing to them. I allow Mother Nature to tend them. Some years they are gorgeous and some years such as this year, not so gorgeous but still pretty…

    Dawn, Spring will be there soon. I know you must be tired of all the cold and snowy days up there but spring is on its way…

    Lola, it was a spectacular sight. It was difficult to decide which pictures to show yall. I had so many. Maybe one day you will see more (hint)

    Dave and Lola, that sandwich was yummy! A lot of people are not familiar with pimento cheese but they love them after indulging. The prices at the snack bar were so cheap it was shocking...

    That reminds me, they have their snacks packaged in Masters Logo packaging. I saw someone selling a Moon Pie on Ebay! That is too funny…

  9. I think this is more of a garden than a golf course. Yuck, moon pie on Ebay?

  10. Hope Gail is okay as she has not been on yet and has not posted today. also hope her mother is okay and Gail is just busy today.

  11. oh to be able to grow azaleas, too much work. They are beautiful. Our son used to play competitive tennis and I remember visiting Georgia in the spring for tournaments, oh the smell of pine needles and the azaleas full of color...lovely.

    Very nice post!


  12. Hello again, while I was sitting on the front porch this a.m.(early) enjoying my coffee and the rain, two hummingbirds came to the feeder. I was so excited to see them, thought I would share with all of you!

  13. Me too! My Eagle is back.

  14. Great job of giving us the 'being there' tour. We have been to the masters on the monday when it was open to the public in the old days, for the golf watching. But as the gardener of the group, I could not get over the beauty of the place, the perfection of the grooming, every blade of grass was combed with a big machine thingy. My kids were able to go right up to the golfers for autographs back then, no more of that nowadays. But your pimento cheese sandwich sounds yummy.

  15. Yes Tina, a moon pie for sale. Go figure!

    Gail, I am glad you have been to see how pretty Georgia is in the spring. We really do love it here the only thing we miss is our family in TN. We hope to stay here until the Saint can find employment up there...

    Nina, I feel your excitement for the hummingbird! They started showing up here about 3 weeks ago. I am always excited to spot the first one and this year I had the juice out ready for them. They usually beat me and hover over the area where the feeders go at the back glass door looking inside the sunroom as if to say, "We are here, where’s the beef?"

    Dawn, what type of eagle do you have? We have Bald Eagle and Golden Eagles at our lake...

    I drove for the first time since surgery! I am off all medicine and no longer have that shaky feeling to the body. I enjoyed running a few errands in town today in this wonderful weather! It is sunny with a light breeze and in the upper 70's, a perfect spring day!

  16. Frances, I am so glad you have seen the course! I wish every flower loving person on earth could see it!

    You can still get autographs. They just dont allow that on the course. They will gladly sign by the practice range, the clubhouse and food garden areas. Cameras are only allowed on practice days M-W then no cameras on game days.

    Also on practic days the golfers are a lot of fun and will talk to the people as they walk the course...

    Now that we are on their list, we should be offered tickets again next year. We will probably go again…

  17. Nina-How ahead of the ball game are you to have your hummingbird feeders up? I haven't even found mine yet. lol Glad they are back. What a thrill.

    Dawn, do tell the eagles. Skeeter has some nesting.

    Hi Frances!

    Hey guys. Would you all like to trade email addresses and mailing addresses? I have everyone's (someplace or another). If you would like to, let me know and I will compile an excel sheet with the info. Then you could contact each other off line or whatever. We've been talking quite awhile and it seems everyone is comfortable. I know I am. At first it was a bit hard, but hey, I am listed and out there in the public and all is fine. No worries. Up to you. Skeeter is ok with it, good thing since I gave out her info huh?

    Skeeter, I did not realize people could not easily get tickets to see the Masters. Seems like they would have lots of room since it IS a big area.

  18. Gail, Did you see my mother was worried about you? Good to be missed isn't it? I thought it was funny the very first time I did not post for an entire day she called to be sure I was ok. I didn't even know she was reading since she hadn't commented at that time. Anonymous was also worried about me. Funny. It definitely made me more conscientous on posting or informing. I'm heading your way..

  19. It is so nice to be missed, and then you know someone cares!

    Yes Tina, it is very difficult to get a ticket to the Masters. As far as the tournament days go Thur-Sun. those tickets have been spoken for, for many years. They are handed down from one family member to another in Wills when a ticket holder dies! If no family member wants the tickets, then they are offered to the next name on the waiting list. I think the waiting list was closed in the 70’s.

    The only other way to get tickets to the Practice days is to request them in writing by sending it to the Masters Club. They in return send you a form to fill out. They select whom they want to attend. That is how we got our tickets. We were accepted. Now we should be on their mailing list from here on. They offer a certain number of tickets to the Military personal at Ft Gordon. Ft Gordon then has a lottery to see who gets them. The Masters also offers a certain amount of them to corporations all over the world.

    You can find the practice round tickets for sale on Ebay by people who don’t use their tickets for what ever reason. They go for about 4 times what a person originally paid for them or even more!

  20. Hi Tina --turned out to be a fabulous day. I refilled the bird feeder --and pulled a few weeds. Now, my hands reek of wild onions --I love onions but could do without that scent following me around all day, lol. Wow, Nina has hummingbirds already and I'm behind the game on this one --didn't realize they would already be back looking for a drink of sweet nectar. I will have to get hubby to find a good spot to hang it this year. Last year they hung out in the dreaded wisteria that hung on the pergola. I think we could hang it back out there it might look lost --I still haven't planted roses to climb or picked up any hanging baskets. I'm getting there --slowly but surely. I worked on the backyard --the kids tease me --it looks better than the front, lol. The tulips are all popping open --what a glorious sight --especially the ones I planted. I have one more doing homework --will take him a bit longer we had piano today. And, the little duckies have a new home --the little one healed up --and was able to use it's leg --grew big like it's big brother. Hubby got special food with vitamins and nutrients and that seemed to help --so they are out on there own --big boys now:) I'm so happy we nursed that lil one back to health. He ran just as fast as his brother and it just amazed me that he was so ill at one time and then with the proper care he thrived. Oh, better go --all the kiddos headed back outside with daddy.

  21. Skeeter I am so happy to hear you are back out and about. It is a wonderful feeling being able to go when you want to:) Don't overdo it!!!

  22. It's a bald eagle and I believe there is a pair, He circles overhead our house but is living somewhere on the powerlines. So quiet when they glide.

  23. Good for you Nina and Skeeter, for having hummers. I did have a bright red cardnial today. Usually they go to my daughters as she is closer to the woods than us so I was happy but we probably won't get hummers for another month.

    Dawn can you tell if it is the same eagle or a different one. I think they stay here year round but I don't know if the ospreys stay all year or not but maybe where the eagles do.

    Glad to hear you can drive now Skeeter but I think if you can walk on the massive golf course you can do anything!!

    Oh anonymous so glad the sick ducky is okay now. I just knew if anyone could heal could.

    Dawn I can't remember if I told you or not but for Sunday. Sarah said we would start around noon but have a snack before as she is not planning on feeding us till around 3pm.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Hi Y'all --very nice night. All the homework was finished and we went about the yard collecting worms for fishing. What a fun time the kids had:) Who would've thought worms could arouse so much excitement --look at this one --I'm going to catch a big fish with it, lol. Better get off here --lots to do tomorrow. Since it is nice I have been neglecting my housework, lol. It's getting dusty in here, hahaha. I suppose it could be worse but the kids know to leave those muddy/grassy shoes out in the garage:0) See you all in the morning.

  26. Anonymous, I smell like onions today also. Got busy cooking in the kitchen. Three things needed onions! LOL

    Okay, this is one time I am in the dark with my being absent so long. What happen to the duckies? And do you have a lake or pond for them or what??? Wow, you had a full day!

    I went into the yard to discover tons of weeds! Being out of the yard for two weeks during the spring time is a no no or the weeds will take over. I have a mess on my hands. I was bent over pulling them from a planter. I had to stop because it is painful to the neck to bend over. Kneeling is better but I am a bender....

    It must be so neat to see the Bald Eagles. You must live near the water also Dawn as they fish for food...The Osprey build nests on the power lines. Last summer, we saw the parent birds bring fish to the babies in the nest. That was awesome!

    Jean, we have tons of Cardinals. I was sitting at the patio this evening snapping pictures of them. I was trying to get them in the dogwood tree. I thought that would be pretty, the red and white together. But the birds were not cooperating with me! I was able to snap a few pictures of the hummers at the feeder in the island. And also the bluebird taking meal worms from the feeder. The mommy bluebird is in the house sitting on eggs so we are going to have babies soon….

  27. Hi Skeeter --one of the duckies had a leg he wouldn't use --he sat and we carried him around for several weeks. He couldn't walk:( So, hubby got some special food and we pampered the little guy until he could put weight on it and he was off and running last week. Hubby said if we didn't take care of him he would not have made it since other ducks would pretty much get rid of the weak one:( So, I am thrilled we helped him recover. There is a lake by a friend of ours with ducks on it --a no hunting area so he is safe with his older brother (who wasn't sick). It was really neat watching them grow and especially watching the sick one get well and thrive. And, I love onions but when I am pulling weeds and most of them are wild onions --ACK!! This rain we had has my yard looking more like weed patches than garden no matter how many times I pull weeds, lol. I'll be okay with it as long as I can still see the pretty flowers:)

  28. Hi all, Just a few more weeks of school. I can't wait until it is over! Too much driving this time of year. Sounds like everyone had an awesome day around the garden-looking at bald eagles-pulling onions-cooking. Sounds so great!

    I am going to have to put word verification on the blog. Appararently whoever is doing the spamming has this blog address in its (notice I said its since spammers are its to me!) files. I am also reporting it to blogger. The word verification is not a big deal. Many blogs have it. You have to type in letters prior to commenting. The code will come up automatically. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what letter is what, but if you get it wrong you can try again! I don't think it is a big deal but it is an extra step. Sorry but it is best.

  29. Skeeter, A classmate at school said they sell those special sandwiches for like a dollar? They wanted to keep it at the same price for when they originally began selling them?

    I reported the spam blog. It had 317 views so it has been around a long time. I hope the software writers remove it and find the "owner". Any other bloggers out there, it is very simple to report spam. It did take a while to find the link, but it is on the blogger help page. The help page said humans set up these linked blogs to take advantage of others and the technology for abuse. The word verification requires a human, so if we get anymore that will be a pretty spiteful thing since that means a human is inputting the letters. Good thing these things can be tracked. Report it if it happens to you. I wish I had reported the first two.

  30. Don't you all just wonder what kinda life people like that have?
    Pretty pathetic I think.

  31. I believe it is a bald eagle but I'm not looking for it in the heart of winter, we do have alot of lakes and ponds, one just a 1/2 mile down the road. Havte to remember to get the spy glasses out next time.

  32. It is so frustrating when people try to ruin a good thing! Pathetic indeed! arggggg..

    Anonymous, they say you must not interfere with wildlife but I find it difficult not to. I am glad yall jumped in to help out the little guy! I would have also! The Saints parents live on a lake and they have issues with the Swans nesting in their yard. The problem is, while nesting, the Swans will kill any duck or other Swan that comes near the area. They have fed them corn or bread for years so the ducks would come to eat and then have to deal with death! Mom and Dad B would do the best they could but they finally had to stop feeding them for their own safety.

    Yes, Tina the food prices are the best ever seen at an event. Sandwiches are $2.50, beer (yuck) is $2.00, coke-chips-nuts-moon pies are only $1.00.... Since they do not allow any type foods or drink in the gate, they could charge whatever they want but they do not rip off the patrons at all where food is concerned. Now the Gift shop is another thing. Prices really high but the only place you can purchase any Masters Logo items at all. Only professional items sold too. No tacky ashtrays or anything like that! I was disappointed in no magnets or Post cards as I collect them from everywhere we go… Oh well, I have my pictures!