Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Master's Treasures

Today is the final day of the Master's golf tournament so a perfect time to end a 3-part series of the beautiful course. Imagine walking down the stairs (to the left) with me to see what other treasures adorn the course as I pass along some interesting facts.

This golf course sits on property were Fruitlands Nursery was formed in 1858. The nursery was in operation for over 50 years when the owner died. The land sat stagnant until 1931 when it was purchased ($70,000) by golf legend Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts to form a golf course. They acquired the assistance of the Nursery owners grandson (at age 74) for plant placement of the many remaining plants from the days of an operating nursery. More then 80,000 plants and more then 350 varieties have been added over the years!

One of the many plants brought to Georgia from other countries during the days of being a nursery may have been this bamboo. It may also be one of many varieties of bamboo that are native to Georgia. The Atlanta zoo comes to our area to harvest bamboo for their Panda bears! They will only eat a certain type and it grows here in gardens. People are kind enough to allow them to harvest for the cute little critters.
Magnolia lane, which I have already shown you, is lined with 61 magnolias that were planted before the Civil War! This beautiful tree is found throughout the course. I wonder how old these to the left are?

White is not only seen in the blooming dogwoods and azaleas but other plants adorn beautiful white blooms as well.
Here are two different examples of white found around the course. The close up is NOT of the bush above right.

Pink dogwoods were easily recognised by our eyes. I love pink dogwoods and sometime wonder why we don't see more of them in southern gardens.

We found a beautiful old evergreen (spruce?) tree near the Clubhouse at the end of Magnolia Lane.

I wonder if this tree is as old as the Magnolia trees?

New growth was apparent on the green tips.

I find the trunk interesting even after many years of pruned branches.

Bushes of blooming red Camellias were seen about as well as beautiful purple blossoms of Wisteria vines.

There is a wisteria vine located behind the Clubhouse that we could not see, as this area was off limits. It is believed to be the largest vine of its kind in the country! Oh, how I wanted to sneak behind the clubhouse for a peek!

Enlarge this picture to see the massive roots on this Wisteria.

Another grand "Deep South" tree would be the magnificent Live Oak. The Live Oak is the state tree of Georgia.

Green leaves are just starting to pop out on this oak and the trunk is filled with Resurrection Fern. I was unaware of this fern until we moved here. We have a small clump at the base of one of our Sweet Gum Trees.

This is our fern that you see to the right, as a close up example.

This is a very interesting Air Plant (like Spanish Moss) that grows on tree branches. It stays lush and green by taking nutrient and water from the tree. With lack of water, it will brown and curl up in a dormant state, appearing dead. With a spray of the hose or a rainfall, within minutes, it resurrects back to life! I wonder if my small clump, will ever be this massive. Hummmm.

I am not sure what this beautiful creamy yellow bush is but it was really an eye catcher with the vibrant green of the course to compliment it. See the close up below.

There is an interesting fact that I will share with you but did not think to snap a picture of. After all, who would snap a shot of a ever so common Privet hedge? Well, the Privet Hedge at this place was imported from France in the 1860's and is the source for most hedges of its kind in the south! Wish I had snapped a picture of it. Oh well, there is always next year!

I hope you have enjoyed my 3-part series on this beautiful Golf Course. I must leave you with one more thing that I found impressive about this place. Each and every Hole on the course is named after some type of plant or flower. The men that created this course really did appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers!

Hole 1-Tea Olive
Hole 2-Pink Dogwood
Hole 3-Flowering Peach
Hole 4-Flowering Crab Apple
Hole 5-Magnolia
Hole 6-Juniper
Hole 7-Pampas
Hole 8-Yellow Jasmine
Hole 9-Carolina Cherry
Hole 10-Camellia
Hole 11-White Dogwood
Hole 12-Golden Bell
Hole 13-Azalea
Hole 14-Chinese Fir
Hole 15-Firethorn
Hole 16-Redbud
Hole 17-Nandina
Hole 18-Holly

Even though I snapped tons of picture, many of which I have shared with
you in this 3-part series, you can see by reading the Hole names, that I am missing many More Treasures of this beautiful Golf Course. Or is it a Garden?


  1. Very striking pictures!

    I especially like the gnarled trunk of the Spruce (?) and the bark on the Live Oak.

    I think there should be a campaign in favour of more 'Bark' appreciation. Bark is sometimes as impressive as the tree itself - sometimes more so.

  2. Absolutely wonderful series. Thanks so much. Even my golf oriented husband did not know the history of the former nursery turned golf course. Fascinating! Thanks for these educational and entertaining posts.
    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. Skeeeter, I especially like the fern growing in the tree. I have never seen this before! What a great trip you had, and what a great job you have done in sharing it with us.

  4. You have shown us some wonderful plant photos and the pink dogwood is one of my favorites. Last summer's drought killed mine, I thought it was protected but the big canopy trees took all the water out of the ground. I am still sad!

    Lovely series, thanks,

  5. Very informative and interesting post Skeeter --got a little history lesson in --that is so cool about the trees being that old and the hedge coming from France. I love the color! So many vibrant and beautiful flowers --so happy that you captured that for us. Thank you:)

  6. Great 3 posts and thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us.

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  8. Good morning all. I made ops but maybe Tina will correct it for me. I said the zoo harvest bamboo for the Kola bears. It is the PANDA bears not the Kola. Duh on my part...

    Esther, what kind of tree do you think that is a spruce, cedar or redwood? We dont know much about trees so maybe one of you will recognize it and name it for me. I do so enjoy gnarled tree trunks. I think it adds character dont you?

    Frances, I have lived near the course for 8 years and did not know most of the facts until this year after our visit! Amazing how much one learns by visiting a place...

    Nina, yes the fern is so neat. The first time I spotted our small clump I thought it was dead. Then after a rain, it came back to life. I saw a thing on Public TV on the GA Gardens that explained the name. I already knew its actions from watching ours....

    Anonymous, we too were fascinated at the many facts of the plants and course. I also believe I read where many wisterias came from that nursery also... So Tina now you know who to blame! LOL...

    Good morning Jean, it was my pleasure to share this wonderful place with y'all... Enjoy your day!

  9. I'm with you Esther for "bark" appreciation. That old tree Skeeter captured has so much character! Love it! I have added your blog to my sidebar and will check in with you frequently. All the way to England!

    Frances, Skeeter is so smart and such a good gardener and photographer. Many facts I think many never knew-especially me since I don't golf. lol

    Good morning Nina! Skeeter is so good! Still learning that is for sure.

    Gail, We just cut down two dogwoods. It was sad but they were diseased anyhow. Hate to cut trees down. Sorry for your loss. That drought really affected the dogwoods last summer. Did you plant something to replace it?

    Good morning Mom. How about that wisteria? You have seen it in bloom haven't you? Beautiful, despite it aggressiveness. I like the peppery smell of it.

    Skeeter, You did an awesome job and you only need tell me when you want to post again. I know you have plenty down your way going on the garden-anytime! I did change to panda for you. It is easy. You just have to view published, pull it up and edit it. Comments stay. I lost my previous thing because I stupidly clicked on "Save as Draft" so it totally disappeared. But it was there all the time just I didn't see it. Goes with looking again.

    It is not as cold as I expected. Doesn't appear to be any freeze damage so far....

  10. It's a must do! Have to watch the cd you sent tonight, Skeeter. Sunday today had the ender at the Masters, complete with bumble bees. I must say, it wasn't as pretty as these pics.
    Love the ferns, we don't have ANYTHING like that up here, it has always looked so wonderful to me. The bamboo is much nicer than the invasive one that grows here.

  11. I agree that this is a fascinating post. I'm not a golfer so I don't know much about the Masters but after reading your post, I'd love to go and wander around the course. It's all the more meaningful now because of the plant history. Thanks so much!

  12. Dawn, Remember that awful bamboo which grew at Orrs Island? I swore I would never plant it and try, I mean really try to dissuade people from planting it in their yards. It is lovely and looks good in commercial areas but is invasive. Those panda bears eat a lot of though so I guess it is good it grows so much.

    Anonymous, I am finally getting around to reading last weeks Courier. It says the commissary was closed early last Sunday and on Mon and Tues for a TOTAL reset! Man oh man, just when I was getting used to the new layout too right after the remodel-they change it again?! No wonder you had trouble. Thanks for the head's up.

  13. Skeeter, Forgot to ask, I want to know what that yellow flowered shrub is. Does it smell? I have no idea at this point.

  14. We did not know what the yellow bush was either! It was one of our favorites though. I cannot recall if it had a scent or not, I tell you the smell of the grass was over taking every scent there!

    Tina and Dawn, some of the bamboo here is invasive also. I wanted to plant some between us and the neighbors with the ugly yard! Saint would not let me! LOL

    Kathleen, We are not golfers either although we do understand the game of golf and did try it many years ago. We live near the course and each year for the past 7 years have dealt with a town that goes nuts this time of year. We decided it was time to see what all the hoopla was about. We are hooked now and hope to get in again next year! I am even watching the tournament as there is a young (unknown) Tennessean that I am rooting for....

    Sorry about loosing the dogwoods. I hate loosing any tree other then a Sweet Gum and it is always sad when they have to come down. The Azaleas on our land seems to have been affected by the drought also as they did not bloom much at all. I missed them as they can be so pretty scattered through-out our front woods…

    I am glad everyone has enjoyed the Series I wrote! I learned most of this history and facts in the past few weeks and found it so interesting, that I wanted to share it all with yall…

    Wow it is windy in GA today!

  15. Hi everyone --cold, windy and rainy but we did the local 5K. All the kiddos finished --and the flowers and trees downtown were so pretty. The girl model loved the flowers and I am convinced that is what helped her little legs keep going, lol. She enjoyed the pretty tulips and pansies --flowering trees. I have to get them all off to bed early tonight --testing starts tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!! Skeeter I loved these pictures and the history with the course. Not a golfer but the flowers and trees make this more of a garden I'd love to visit:0) Stay warm Tina --it was cold and I think they have new maps of the commissary set up but somehow I failed to see them ANYWHERE --rofl. It took me alot longer and it didn't help that my list and coupons went off the old layout, lol. I can take the change but it will take some getting used too.

  16. Anonymous, thanks for the heads up on the commissary. We need to make a trip sometime this week, so we'll allow extra time! More changes for me, ah well!!

  17. And I thought I was the only one that did not like change! LOL. In time you will figure it out then they will change it again....

    Job well done with the kiddos Anonymous! I cannot believe they walked the entire 5K's. I see future Marathoners....

    Was a windy day on the course and the TN guy did well. For an unknown winning 3rd place is not too shabby. He won a mere half million dollars! I bet he will earn more in endorsements in the days to come....

    Hope tomorrow brings better weather for all...

  18. Now that I am back on my computer I can see the pics so much better. I love them all and did enlarge the wisteria. I am still racking my brains to figure out what that yellow bush it. Maybe gardenia? It looks like the leaves are evergreen. I also love those red camelias. Ah, do I ever!

    Anonymous, I read about the race in last weekend's paper and was wondering how they did. Any awards? Were the cherry trees the nicest? They are lovely this year.

    Nina, Change is sometimes good, but what is up with the commissary? The Courier said they needed more room for "on the run" stuff. But the whole commissary? omg

    Goodnight you all.

  19. Tina,
    I almost added to the bamboo....(tina would remember that!) and what a mess it was to clean-up, thick with the not so lace-like leaves. The kind you guys have it the pretty one, I'd go for it to block the substation, on our right-a-way, of course!
    I'm mailing pics of Josh's b-day, Zackary took some pretty good ones.
    Mom, I forgot my plant, save it for me please, I'm just in love with that thing.

  20. I was just coming on here to tell my grandson HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY today! Wish we could've been there but are so glad the family was all together.

    Dawn, I will look forward to those pics. Hate it when I forget plants too.

  21. Hi Guys,
    Late note, we watched the cd Skeeter and omgosh, that place is a garden in my book. Forget about golfing, hit that thing towards the bushes for alittle sight seeing!
    Jack of all trades told me what the weird machine it....guess you have the mowers for the rough cut, fairway cut and greens cut. The machine is a greens cutter, it raises its wheels to roll on caster like wheels while cutting the greens short, very short. It only uses the big wheels to travel. You can really see the three different cuts in the CD. Thanks for sharing Skeeter, haveta show my tech in the morning, he'll love it!

  22. Tina I see a deleted comment so did you have another spammer?

    Josh is SO handsome but he was tired so was not a cute as he could have been and also at only 1 they do not know the meaning of the whole deal. Even so, it is always great when I have so many members of the family with me and Josh is still HANDSOME when tired.

    Yes Tina I have seen Wisteria before and think it is gorgeous but sure would not want it near a house after hearing Anonymous talking about it near her deck.

    Skeeter I knew your opps when I saw it as I know it is the pandas that eat the bamboo and have seen them eating it. They are such a adorable animal and I love them.
    As Dawn and Tina mentioned we have the invasive bamboo up here and does not have that lacey look. But Tina and Dawn I do not think the pandas eat the bamboo that we have. But they do love that lacey looking kind bamboo.

    Anonymouse tell your kiddos that all your blogging friends are very proud of them....great job!!!!

    Tina the blog Esther in the Garden sounds great and I will have to check it out (oh no!!! not another one!!!!) Both times I was over in Europe I was so inpressed with all the gardens. They were soooo lush and bright. Just exquisite!!!!
    even the Geraniums did'nt look like a geranium as they were so lush you could not even see the leaves with the massive blooms.

    Dawn I remembered your plant not too long after you left but figured next time you are down it will be there for you. Tina it is the Crown of Thorns plant. She just loved it and wanted some. As it happens I had cut a couple of thingys of it last week so told her to just take them. I need to prune it anyway (now that makes me think of Frances) as it is half a tree anyway so will probaly have more for her. I had to move it to the dinning room table from the lirary table so I could put seedlings on the library table. It does not like it on the dinning room table (remember I told you when I put it there before it lost every single leaf?). But when I put it back the leafs all come right out along with flowers almost over night so it will be okay for a few weeks. That is the plant that I told you Elizabeth fell in love with. If you come up this summer I'll have some started for her also.

  23. Dawn, Glad you identified that contraption! Or at least Jack of all Trades. You married a smart guy.

    Mom, I had forgotten all about the party when finally I remembered last night right before I went to bed. Glad you all had a good time. Looking for those pics from Dawn and Zack.

    Definitely save me a start of your Crown of thorns. Not another houseplant! How does this happen to me? It is ok, I will treasure it.

    Blogs are great-open house each day! I tell everyone I meet but find they NEVER check them out. You know why? Two reasons. One, not enough time, and two, they are addictive and people know this ahead of time. Funny. Their loss. I have learned bunches and I think they are less time consuming because I don't need to leave my home. Now if I could just find a telecommunting job....

  24. Jean, no spammer, I did the delete after I sent my comment then noticed I forgot to spell check! Too many ops for me to not correct. LOL...

    Thanks for identifying the contraption Dawn. We kind of thought it was a mower but really difficult to tell. We were really far away from the thing. Love that new Zoom lens!

    Happy Birthday to the little one! One is such a milestone...

    Tina, I can barely keep up with reading the 3 Blogs I frequent! No more for me...

  25. Skeeter-you are going to break everyone's hearts by not adding some more blogs! I know we love you here and what would we do without you? Speaking of which, I miss Lola and hope she is coping well.

  26. Oh you know me Tina, I will think of something to share soon...LOL...

  27. Skeeter - I really haven't a clue what the tree is - just that I like its trunk. (The shape of the tree - less so.)

    (The bark cerainly looks redwoody and fibrous - but the shape?)

    At the end of our road, we have Douglas Firs. At least - that is what we were told.

    A couple of years ago, I went searching through my books and decided they are pines - then thought Douglas Firs might be pines anyway - then started counting how many long and floppy needles there are in each cluster - but the answer didn't seem to 'fit' anything.

    In the end, I gave up, decided to 'go with opinion' (that they are Douglas Firs) - and who cares anyway - I just know we like them!

    (We went through the same process with an evergreen oak which grows near us and came to the same conclusion - 'we don't know what it is!'.)

    None the less, your question prompted me to spend enjoyable time, yesterday evening, looking at our tree identification books - which also made me realise that our ones, at least, could do with more photos of bark (for every tree in fact!).

    I'm wondering - what this 'commissary' is that everyone's talking about. I've not come across the word before and haven't fathomed what it is from the contexts - except that it's been rearranged and you need coupons!



  28. Esther, I have several books about trees and still cannot identify most of the trees on our land!

    Commissary is a word used in the Military community. That is the name for the military (ID card holders only) grocery store. Lower prices and no taxes...

  29. No taxes but a 5% surcharge to maintain the commissary. Still the best deal anywhere!

  30. Mom, I have a bamboo type plant that grows in my yard near the fence. It is nice, dies every winter of course and doesn't seem to spend to bad. It hides the yard in the summer and is nice cause it is the ONLY thing besides all the trees that grows in my yard!

    Josh's birthday was great. I will get the chip from their camera tonight and send you an email with them tomorrow. I have been meaning to but with everything else I am losing my memory of the little things...some of the bigger things as well for that matter!

    Sarah is freaking out about the daycare situation...looks like I'll have to help out more with getting him from daycare and all that stuff. Her command are jerks. Brian bought a Grand Cherokee though so I no longer have to take him to work in the morning! Sleeping an extra 20 minutes and not having to go back and forth between them and Bath is nice and save me gas. I am going to get a bike and start biking to work! It is only 1.8 miles.

  31. Christinelynn, Great you can relax and your brother bought another vehicle! I can see him tooling around in it and glad his job is going well. Yes, bike to work to help with the mountain climbing muscles.

    I know about Sarah's situation. It is hard being a parent in the military. You have to try to balance family and job, but it is a juggle.