Monday, October 22, 2012

A Wildlife Cottage Garden Tour

I had the pleasure of visiting one of my gardening friend's lovely, colorful, and sunny garden week before last and lucky for you all I took my camera! This garden is one of the most colorful and natural gardens in our area. In fact, if you bought a ticket for the Montgomery County Master Gardener Garden Tour this year you probably were lucky enough to tour it in June. Well, now it is fall and the garden still sparkles and hums with all sorts of wildlife and insects and butterflies as you will soon see. The sparkly metal dragonfly pictured above leads us to the whole theme of this garden-alive and shiny with life.
Christy is the gardener and she was a lovely host for my friend Eddie and I on our visit. This visit had been long overdue but finally I made it. Just look at the happy bee above! It didn't pay any attention to me so busy was it collecting pollen and getting ready for the upcoming winter.
All cottage gardens require roses. This one caught my eye and smelled delightful. Yellow is one of my favorite colors in the garden as most of you know. This soft yellow was stunning.
Clematis and asters were blooming alongside one another in a delightful manner.
Just one of the many vistas in this very large garden. I took so many pictures that even with two posts dedicated to Christy's garden I will not be able to show all of the pictures I took. I have selected several of the best though.
The garden is filled with many vignettes. I believe Christy and her husband sit here in the evening and enjoy all of the birds, butterflies, bees flitting about their garden. It is a lovely spot to enjoy the garden. Christy's husband Barry also gardens.
This red climbing rose spotlighted by the classic white lattice made for a perfectly classic combination.
And who would've thought irises would be blooming October? Christy had several groups of irises enmassed around the garden in FULL bloom. Wow! Come back Wednesday to see some long shots of the irises and more flying insects. I believe this skipper to be a Crosswing Skipper. I believe the name of this reblooming iris is 'Autumn Circus'. Fitting huh?
No post about Christy's garden would be complete without a picture of at least one of her cute dogs. This one stole my heart! He wanted to come and join us outside of his yard. All I could say was "Awww."
And lastly here is the gardener herself (on the left), and on the right is Eddie. We are all master gardeners and love to garden and tour gardens....

in the garden....
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  1. These garden "tours" are my favorite parts of garden blogs! I especially like the little "island" with chairs & table in between them. My mind is racing with ideas :) of how to implement something like that here at Gatescroft!

  2. Such a lovely garden! One of my favorite things to do is to tour others' gardens, whether they're small or large. And, of course, I would have stopped to pet her dog for awhile--he reminds me of my "granddog" Eddie:)

  3. Wonderful garden and how cool is that, to have a husband that gardens.

  4. Beautiful sunny day for a garden tour! I still have a blooming Yellow Iris. It has 8 buds on it ready to pop open any day. Crazy but I am loving this plant so much....

  5. Thanks for a lovely tour. I really like the sitting area. It would be a wonderful place to sit with coffee or iced tea in the Fall when things are winding down.

  6. A lovely romantic garden filled with roses and Clematis. I like the critters too, it shows such a healthy garden habitat.

  7. Very nice. Thanks for sharing the garden tour.

  8. Thanks for sharing such beautiful plants and ideas. I think I will plant a creamy clematis and rose next year. You southern gardeners are a wonder.

    1. Hi Evy, Do you blog? I have been unable to find a link but would love to visit!

  9. What a lovely garden...I have reblooming iris but the conditions have to be perfect...too dry this summer so no reblooming.

  10. A fun and whimsical tour. Love the dragonfly art. A wonderful variety of plants growing around the property. I like the two chairs....very inviting:)

  11. Looks like a gorgeous garden, with so much blooming. I love the chairs set up on the wood. What a smart idea - and one I'll be copying! ;)

  12. Very cute picture of the dog! I think I need to add some asters in my garden.