Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bonaventure Oak Trees

I left my Georgia Gardens for a few days of R & R (Rest and Relaxation) last week. One of my favorite get-a-ways is Savannah, Georgia. My last overnight visit to this fun city was back in 2009 when I talked about the Bonaventure Cemetery. Click HERE to see. Being so close to this wonderful city, (3.5 hours) we should get there more often then we do.
I enjoy visiting the Bonaventure Cemetery. The History alone is worth the visit. Click HERE to learn more. It's stately Live Oak Trees are covered with Spanish Moss found throughout the cemetery.
The trees are magnificent sculptors of nature. Standing tall and hundreds of years old, they have seen a lot. The Live Oaks at Bonaventure Cemetery (once a Plantation) were put on the Georgia Landmark and Historic Tree Register in 2004. Click HERE to see more. 
 Spanish Moss drapes most trees Old and Young within the grounds. Click HERE to learn about this Moss.
Wildflowers can be spotted as one strolls about.
I was happy to see this sign and was looking for the "Garden" portion from this sign.
As you can see, the
Water Pumps remain but I could only see few signs of a garden from long ago.
Garden beauties such as Hydrangea are seen as one lingers about.
Some interesting blooms too. A Hibiscus maybe?
Gulf Fritillary and Yellow Butterflies were fluttering all over this Cemetery. Telling me, there's plenty of nectar for them to enjoy. There were so many Fritillary's that I first thought I was in the middle of a Migration of the Monarch Butterflies. This one above was kind enough to stop for a picture on a large Lantana Bush.
This is a view I did not expect to see in the Cemetery. But being on the coast, these palm trees did not surprise me. Even though, I was in a Cemetery, scenes such as this put smiles on my face.
Sago Palms were scattered about as well.
This wall caught my eye. Looks as if old stones were reused to make a wall. This gave me inspiration.
I could only salivate for this bench. I have never seen one so ornate. It has been there so long that the legs are starting to fade below the soil. I wanted to remove the sandy soil but decided I should leave well enough alone. After all, this Cemetery is protected by the City and I did not want to have to explain that I was not going to steal it but rather show its beauty. The Saint was happy I walked away.
I spotted flowers on many grave markers as well as animals, angels, etc. I shall show you more of these markers on Thursday. I must first weed through tons of pictures I snapped. I just love the BONAVENTURE OAK TREES, In the Garden...
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  1. Wow--what a beautiful destination! I don't know why we haven't spent time in Savannah--it's not that far from us. Now I'm inspired to plan a getaway!

    Old trees just amaze me--to think of the history they've seen! These are gorgeous photos. I also love the cemetery. (That sounds odd, somehow, to "love" a cemetery, doesn't it?) Still, I'm amazed at the beautiful stonework in old cemeteries. And that bench is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember the post from before as I really enjoyed it. Lotsa very interesting and beautiful trees. Makes me think of a good movie from many years ago. Can't recall the name but it had to do with Miss Jane Pittman who either was about her or she played the part. She talked about the old trees and how much they knew.

  3. Very neat. I read the sign and found it all interesting as I was wondering why the big need for water in the cemetery? To water the plants perhaps? Beautiful pictures and what fun to get away for a few days to a close by beautiful destination.

  4. Julie, yes do get to Savannah! You will be glad you did as it is full of wonderful stones and Kodac Moments...

    Jean, not sure the movie you are thinking of but yes, those trees do make a statement...

    Tina, Yes, I assume to water the grounds within the cemetery. This place sits on the riverside on a hill full of sandy soil. So I assume they need water to keep the plants happy...

  5. Skeeter,
    Your red bloom is a Turks Cap. :0)And Jean that movie was 'The Autobiagraphy of Miss Jane Pittman'. It's one of my favorite movies and I remember that scene very well. I think the same thing when I see a big old tree. Skeeter I've been wanting to take a trip there and seeing your photos just makes me want to go even more.

  6. Thanks Randy!!!! I just could not remember the whole name but I was on the right track. It also was a big favorite of mine except it is sad to watch and think of all the horribe injustices that people have had to put up with. If my memory serves me right, she was the first black lady (and she was a true lady!) to drink out of a "white only" drinking fountain.

  7. love cemeterys and that bench!

  8. A most wonderful post Skeeter. I too like old cemeteries. It is fascinating to see the history as well as the architecture not to mention the landscape. We have such a cemetery near. The ggs's took interest in the old war hero's place of final rest. Seems like we can learn from these final resting places.

  9. Such amazing plants and I love seeing old cemeteries too.

  10. There is no place like Savannah with its oaks. I hope the dear departed can appreciate them also.

  11. Randy, Thanks for the ID on the Turks Cap! And also for the ID of the movie for Jean. I saw the movie but so so many years ago. I should check it out again through Netflix...

    Jean, Yes a sad story but a time of life that we should never forget. IF we forget, we may repeat...

    Sharon, I too love that bench. So ornate...

    Lola, indeed my friend! I am glad to hear that another generation with your GGS's are learning from Cemeteries. Some think a scary place, I find them to be a glorious place filled with history and loved ones...

    GSS, They are interesting places arent they. Esp the older ones such as this one..

    Les, They say some love it so much they still walk above their stones. Even a pack of dogs are known to be ghosts. I shall talk of that on Thursday...

  12. We are planning on going to Savannah and Charleston this fall, both cities are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos, maybe it will get us motivated to make our plans. Love those big beautiful old oaks.

  13. Mom said she use to live real close to savannah in her other military wife life and loved visiting tybee island, and riverfront street, it is a beautiful old city!
    stella rose

  14. Very pretty! The oaks create a magical scene. I love my oaks. We have two here but they don't have that wispy look to them like the ones in these shots do. Very nice.

  15. I have always wanted to visit Savannah...what a beautiful place.