Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Blooms

Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
It has been a long time since I have shown you some blooms in my Georgia Gardens. One advantage to living in the Deep South, Longevity in the bloom department. Here it is the month of October and I have lots to show. Lets start out with the color yellow shall we... 
St John's Wort (Hpericum calycinum)
I added several St Johns Wort plants last year and they are doing great! I love the blooms with the long soft looking Stamen.  
Swamp Jessamine (Gelsemium rankinii)
Swamp Jessamine is giving me a second blooming as it is also a spring bloomer. Such a carefree plant.
Golden Marigolds are giving me a show when they normally don't do well for me. 
Yellow Knock Out Rose
A yellow rose I added back in late May. The deer love to eat my new Knock Outs so you will not be seeing the Red one. Grrrrr...  
Harvest of Memories Bearded Iris
The Yellow Iris I showed you last month is still blooming in October. Strange happenings in the garden indeed.
Susan is looking a bit spotted but still lots of them in different colors are blooming. 
Here is a different Susan along with Sage and Periwinkle.  
Crossing over into the Orange Colors now. Reseeders of Cosmos have given me blooms for several years. I love these tall pretties. 
Orange Marigold
Orange marigolds are making me happy when they normally do not bloom as the gold ones.  
Blanket Flower
This Blanket Flower plant has been blooming on and off since spring.  
Major Wheeler Honeysuckle
Another plant that gives me color throughout the spring, summer and fall is the honeysuckle. We are crossing over to the Red Colors now.
Cardinal Vine
Cardinal Vine keeps reseeding for me and goes a bit wild. Be warned, Have Plenty of room for this one to climb or it will grab a hold of anything in sight. Its a keeper for me as the Hummingbirds love it.
Red Rooster Crape myrtle
The Red Roosters were a slow grower in their first year with us. Can we say drought....  
Red Geranium is still blooming in the small wheel barrow.
Dragon Wing Begonia

This Begonia is potted on the front porch. It became so large that it fell over a few days ago. It had a massive pruning to say the least.
Wild Thing Sage (Salvia Greggii)
I have enjoyed this red sage for the past few years so I added several more plants this year when I found them on sale.  
Some mums picked up on the cheap and put into the ground 2 years ago. I should have snipped them off a bit a few months ago as they have fallen to the ground.  
Hot Lips Salvia
I added this Salvia in late May not knowing much about it. Thus far, it seems to be happy but we shall see come next year.
Ah, the Beloved Purple Colors. I have lots of Salvia and Sages throughout the gardens. They are easy to maintain and I find them on the bargain bins for little to nothing.  
Mexican Bush Sage
 This Sage is now 1 year old and I am calling this one my pride and joy right now. I love this Sage as it grows so tall and makes a statement. The Hummingbirds and Butterflies love this one too. The pink periwinkle below works well together.
Mexican Petunia (Ruellia)
The Mexican Petunia's were late to get going for me this year. But when they took off, they took off! It is now 1 year old as well. A lot of these items are from the big plant sale at McCorkles last year. I am hoping that these plants really fill in for me next year.  
Serena Angelonia
Serena Angelonia is always a favorite in my gardens for a fill in plant. This year, they did not seem to do well for me. Their blooms were lacking but this one did pretty well when the others did not. 
The name of this beauty escapes me right now. Help....  
Mexican Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia)
I have planted Mexican Heather in the past but not for several years now. It seems to pop up here and there after a year or two of being dormant. Strange thing but a welcome plant that needs little to no attention from me.  
Purple Queen (Setcreasea purpurea)
I love the easy care of Purple Queen as well. I have added a few more sprigs of it this year. It is so easy that I can pinch a piece off and just place it in a moist spot on the ground and it takes off. I like the tiny blooms as do the Hummers. 
Potato Plant
 I had several Potato plants in pots this year. They were slow to take off and as usual, the bugs had a nice meal on most of the leaves. They continue to bloom for me now so not all was lost.
Homestead Verbena
Verbena did well for me this year. Even though a drought tolerant plant, it becomes dormant for me during the hot summer and drought. This year, I was diligent about keeping it happy with plenty of water from the garden hose. It never went dormant and is  now rewarding me with Oct Blooms!  
Balloon Flower
Moving to the Blues now. It seems with the early Spring temps we had, things had a head start and I just knew they would depart way too early for me this Fall. But not so as things such as this Balloon Flower are still giving me blooms.  
Black and Blue Sage
I added a couple of Black and Blue Sages last year and they are doing well. I just planted a new one this past weekend. The one above is starting to fizzle out on me though. 
Veronica is a new plant to me this year. I added this one back in August during the heat spell and just about lost her. She made a come back and is now blooming. August is not the best time to plant in the garden.  
Blue Plumbago has been putting on a nice show for me since I stuck it into the ground back in late May. I hope it survives our winter and returns next year. I have really enjoyed this true blue color outside my sunroom windows. I had no idea how blurry some of these pictures are until I loaded them. I have a new camera and am having a difficult time with close up shots. The Macro setting is not cooperating with me. Grrrrr...
Pink is the next color. Self Seeding Clematis is always a winner.   
Pentas did well for me this year. Too bad I did not pick up more off that bargain bin in early summer. 
Pink Crape Myrtle
 A few pink blooms of Crape Myrtle are lingering around. Even when the leaves are turning and starting to fall. Strange. 
Pink Knockout Rose
Knock Out Rose in Pink.  
Madevilla still blooming around the light pole.  
 This Gaura starts out as pink and fades to white over time.  
White Gerbera Daisy
I have never had luck with Gerbera Daisy but this one was very happy. A simple White flower as we move to the whites.  
The Silverberry Bushes are blooming and the scent is Divine.  
Abelia Glossy
 Abelia is blooming and that scent is Divine as well. I was weeding in this garden a few days ago and the scent kept all the aches and pains away as I pulled weeds.  
Last but not least is the white Camellia. Blooming early this year but ever so welcome. All these pictures were snapped within the past few days. I did not realize how much color remained in the garden until I strolled about. This time of year, we seem to get to local festivals, carnivals, etc and forget the garden. Yesterday, I was standing at the Butterfly Bushes enjoying the many butterflies. I spotted Monarch, Buckeye, Painted Lady, Gulf Fritillary, Red Spotted Purple, Long-tailed Skipper amongst many more beauties. I am enjoying these days while they are here. Soon the temps will fall low enough to put it all to sleep. But for now, the Deep South still has some beautiful OCTOBER BLOOMS, In the Garden...
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  1. Gosh I was floored by the iris and begonia and thought it couldn't get much better then I see your beautiful camellia! You have a lovely garden and yes indeed, LOTS of blooms!

  2. So many pretties! The purples are my fav this time of year; I call it the Purple Haze of Autumn.

    You might take Pentas cuttings to keep as house plants -- they'll bloom all winter.

    I could go on and on, so many to talk about. Lovely.

    I can never determine whether my comment as Blogger 'takes.' There may be an echo.

  3. You have much more blooming in your garden than mine. My camellia won't bloom till Jan. It is gorgeous.

  4. Skeeter!!!! This is almost tooo much. Here after three months of drought and winter fast approching you've tipped me over into flat out envy. Such gorgeous flowers! I did enjoy reading one line in your post thought where you wrote "the name of this beauty escapes me right now." I use that line a lot for my garden visitors....;)

  5. I love how you arranged the blooms by color. I especially love the purples, and the whites. It seems like everyone's camellias are blooming early this year - except mine! I love your white one. So pretty.

  6. Pretty color in your post today, Skeeter. So many blooms too!

  7. I can't believe this is a fall garden...looks like summer for me...and I love how some of these flowers are strangely blooming

  8. Big fan of anything purple!! I do like the bloom of the St. John's Wort, great anthers.

  9. Hey everyone. Thanks for your chatting with me when I am too busy to chat back. I shall get to your blogs next week. Getting geared up for the Fur Ball this weekend. So much to do so little time..... Have a Great weekend....

  10. Funny you should do all this today as just last week I went out and took pictures of all my blooms. I still have a lot blooming also but not nearly as much as you. Love the hot lips! I never cared much for iris but all of a sudden last year I fell madly in love with them and bought another couple this year and plan on getting more next year and yours is gorgeous!

    Have fun and be safe on your quick trip!