Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bonaventure, Cemetery or Garden?

This is NOT my Georgia Garden. This beautiful spot is located a few hours down the road from me in Savannah, Georgia. Bonaventure Cemetery is the resting place for little Gracie Watson along with many others. Click HERE to learn about Gracie. This cemetery is known for many unsettled souls such as little Gracie herself. Click HERE to read of the Ghost's within Bonaventure to include ghost dogs!
Gracie's statue is surrounded by an iron fence and beautiful garden type setting. 
There are grand monuments with weathered parts. Such as this one with damaged wing and fingers.    
A plot holds soldiers of different branches of service and wars. 
 This angel has been around for over 100 years.  
A perfect setting with Live Oak Trees filled with Spanish Moss. 
Look closely to see the differences within this one.....  
And this one. Similar yet so different. These brought back memories of European Churches.
Breath taking views all over this place.   
Is this place a Cemetery or Garden?  
Difficult to tell until you see certain signs such as a Cross. 
I can visualize this marker within a garden. Urn filled with flowing greenery.
Moss drapes the trees in all directions.
 Again, Garden or Cemetery?
Small knee high statues such as St. Francis with floppy ear bunny and bird make me smile.
 Angels lifting upwards.
And angels looking downward by the river bluff.
Green leaves peeking out behind moss. Kind of eerie looking don't ya think? 
 Doesn't this just talk to you? 
 Vines climbing upon this oak tree as if in a race with the monument.
 Beautiful scenes with every turn of the head.
 Same statue as above with different angle. Makes for a different looking statue.
 The beauty and garden type setting, keep me captivated with every visit.
 A place to stroll, enjoy the peace and reflect upon life.
 Statues such as this are found in large formal gardens, right.
 I was eyeing the iron fencing.
 As well as this gate. I could so see these in a garden. But is this not a garden? 
 This shots has a lot to say. Palm tree, Palmetto tree, Live Oak tree, Spanish Moss, Grass and Monuments. Garden or Cemetery?

 Reality hits upon this sighting. A small grave where a child must reside. Beautiful yet sad. Bonaventure Cemetery calls to me whenever I am in Savannah. I enjoy strolling around as birds sing from above. The roll of the river below the bluff. Enjoy the sweet breeze of the ocean air. Watch the many butterflies fluttering about. I don't know of a more perfect spot on earth. I know there may be ghost's strolling within but when my time comes, I hope I can be so lucky to be in such a wonderful spot for eternity. What is your answer; CEMETERY OR GARDEN?, In the Garden...

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  1. This is a lovely spot for sure.


  2. Very pretty scenes and photos Skeeter. Cemeteries are always a nice place for a photo walk.

  3. Just gorgeous! And the hundred year old angel photo just made me gasp. Such workmanship and art...

  4. I say a garden for sure; albeit a garden for the dead and for the living. I can imagine many of those monuments in a garden. The timelessness of it is is breathtaking.

  5. What a absolutely marvelous place and I would name it "The Garden Cemeetery. It is awesome. Old cemetaries have so many stories and history and are very engaging. Glad you used the word "sad" in the last part of the post because in the first picture my first thought was sad as a mother lost a child but then when reading the link I find it was not only a child but an only child and that makes it even sadder.

  6. A garden and a cemetery. But I don't think it would be so hauntingly beautiful without the cemetery monuments.

  7. As lovely as your photos are, even they do not truly do justice to this place. It was almost magical the way the sun filtered through the moss draped trees and reflected off the marble and granite stautes and monuments. I am so glad you took us to Bonaventure. The veteran plot was really special to me, and I don't know how closely you looked, but there were at least 2 recent burials there, including a Marine who was wounded in the Battle of Iwo Jima and just died in 2010. Chokes me up just writing about it and looking at my photo of the grave marker. And I refuse to choose, it is both a garden and a cemetery. It is the circle of life. The dead feed the living, do they not???

  8. The eternal resting place of so many are honored with such beautiful statures is like a garden of Eden. Seems that in those days the honor given to the deceased was way more than it is today. With the changes, made due to the times, seems like we don't have the time or finances to give such honor.
    A garden for sure.

  9. I look forward to the day when I may visit this beautiful "garden of sleep". Thank you for sharing.

  10. Such a beautiful place! Old cemeteries are interesting places to visit, but I've never seen one as beautiful as this other than in pictures. The live oaks and Spanish moss are the perfect backdrop for this resting place.

  11. I love going through old cemeteries, the stonework is always so interesting. The Spanish Moss really gives it an eerie feeling ---then the talk of ghosts....wooooooooo. Not going to be there in the dark!!

  12. It is another beautiful day here in GA. Time for a boat ride....

    Stacey, your words speek volume....

    Lola, so true indeed. I enjoy strolling through the old cemeteries as they speak to me....

  13. Hi Skeeter, a garden cemetery for me. It is beautiful in western standards, but i don't like the look with those hanging mosses. They enhance eerie feelings and suggest some ghostly images to show up. I don't want to stroll in there, or i will always get goosebumps!

  14. When many of these fine old cemeteries were created, it was fashionable for people to spend their free time there. Maybe the went on a stroll, had a picnic or planted some flowers near some of their loved ones. So I'd say your answer is both.