Monday, October 29, 2012

My Special Pets In the Garden

Lady Lou (also sometimes known as Radar because of the large ears)
AJ-The Moose
Smokey Boy
Last but not least for today's special pets is Cloud...

in the garden....

Any special pets in your garden?

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. 

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  1. Great photos. I love Smokey Boy in the planter. :-)


  2. Hi

    Your Lady Lou looks so elegant. She is really a beautiful dog! AJ-the Moose looks gentle and well-behaved! I feel a little bit embarrassed that my comment is prosaic as usual but I felt relieved to read your comment on my blog about what you think of comments. My cat, Nao-tan, loves to eat grass in my backyard. What beautiful coats your cats have!!

  3. Now that is the most pretty plant in the window box! LOLO, how cute. You know I love those fur babies... Just yesterday while playing in the garden the Saint and I spotted OJ and Lilo laying nose to nose just outside my semi-formal garden. They love hanging out in the garden. If only the could catch those darn voles and moles... LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Yes Les they do. Everybody here is most friendly. The dogs don't play too well with the cats but the cats are front door guests and the dogs back door guests. Two of the cats do gang up on our old cat but we try to disrupt that when we can.

  5. Love the expression on Radar's face! What a cute bed for the kitty..

  6. Beautiful photos! I agree -- beloved creatures, whether pets or sojourners (like our birds, frogs, tadpoles, dragonflies, etc) make such wonderful garden decor.

  7. how do you keep your beautiful dogs from digging, rolling on, or eating your flowers? my dogs,labs, usually promptly dig up the most expensive plant i just bought, at too much shipping charges. i hate to kennel them, but my yard really suffers. please share your ideas on keeping boyh dogs and flowers.

    1. Hi Rose Gardner's momma, Great question! I actually did an article on gardening with dogs a few years ago. In it I talk of some coping strategies. As I've gotten different dogs though I've had to adjust. The big moose dog who is mostly lab is a bully who tears up the gardens in his quest to get critters. Lady is not so bad but still I don't want her in gardens. To solve this issue I have added underground wire that keeps her out regularly. For the moose it works most of the time. Unfortunately I can't fence off all the gardens or the signal would be too weak. As a consequence I find many holes and plants dug up. Lately I've been amazed at just how deep those holes can go and get most stressed to see valued plants shredded and dug up. All I can do then is replant it and place wire fencing over it where they cannot dig. It is frustrating! But check out the post I did and also try the underground fencing and wire fencing like chicken wire. That works great on areas you cannot fence. Here is the link:

  8. My dog died :( but I have several cats that help me out in the garden. Truly, I'd rather not have their kind of help! :)

  9. So cute your animal family. I am like Holley, my dogs are gone and I am left with the cats. Not being a cat person, I rarely take their photos, yet I have hundreds of the dogs.

  10. I loved seeing all your pets, Tina. I had to laugh at Smokey--this is something my cat Toby would do, too. You know I have a soft spot for our furry friends; I can't imagine gardening without my garden "helpers" nearby!

  11. Love the kitty in the window box (and the one on the haystack). Pretty pups too.