Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beachaven Garden Club's Visit to Lee Hall's Garden at Austin Peay State University

It is not everyday something so special happens to me but I must say the visit to the President's Residence on Austin Peay State University's (APSU) campus was a special treat. I can, once again, thank my garden club for providing me the opportunity to tour this house and garden and meet its charming caretaker-Lee Hall (spouse of the President of APSU Tim Hall).
The residence is located in a prominent location on the campus but it is a somewhat low key residence; for obvious reasons. You see, even though one is the President of a university that doesn't mean he or she wishes to live in a fishbowl on the university grounds. Therefore this residence is concealed by a tall wooden fence even though it is in the center of the campus. The residence is so well set into the campus that even though I attended and graduated from APSU I never even knew anyone lived in this house! The above picture is a view from the house toward the Sundquist Building. Yes, two sides of the residence have campus lecture halls as neighbors. One side is bordered by a large parking lot, and the last side is bordered by College Street in Clarksville. You can clearly see the residence from College Street but not so much the garden. Our garden club came to see Lee's lovely garden, the bonus was seeing the residence. There will be a part two to this trip and post as I wish to share a little piece of Clarksville's history with you all. But first let's take a stroll in the garden.
Red Knockout roses simply shine next to the classic white and brick structure.
Wrought iron was also a big part of the garden. Here I show you Lee's sage. Wowser on it!
Here is Lee Hall herself. She clearly loves her garden and was so gracious to invite us all into it. It was such a treat!
Before touring the garden we were welcomed into a covered pavilion area for our meeting and get together. I loved this area and almost wished to stay seated here all evening.
The back of the house has some nice groundcover in the form of Creeping Jenny. I adore this groundcover. I know some say it is invasive but in my garden it has a hard time growing. It makes a splendid groundcover for a shady spot where grass will not grow.

And lastly a group shot of all of the members in attendance visiting with Lee. Members shown from left to right: Carla, Sandy, Lee Hall (Garden owner), Ginger, Mary Clare, Dianne, Irene, Faye, Donna, Charene, Helga, and Nancy, and Tina....

in the garden....

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  1. A large stately red brick residence surrounded by beautiful gardens. What more could a person want? Thanks for the tour, Tina...:)

  2. What a great tour. So glad the club got a chance to go.

  3. How much fun to look inside the secret garden! It looks like a nice group too.

  4. I grew up two streets away from this beautiful home and have never been closer then the sidewalk! I would walk past this house and gardens daily during my years in the 7th grade at Bert School. How exciting to get to tour the house and gardens. I can hardly wait to see the inside....

    Hey Tina, your picture is not in group. I notice that all pics in landscape fashion only go as far as "th" on your water mark for "In the Garden" Probably due to a smaller screen so some things are missing for me....

    1. Yes, due to a smaller screen Skeeter. Sorry:(

  5. Looks like a nice garden. I love the settee in the pavilion area.

  6. What fun. I love house and garden tours.

  7. Wow, that garden is charming indeed. I love it, but you know what I really noticed? The colorful cushion on the wicker chair! I want to have one just like it. Or make it!