Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Colors with the Queen & King

The Saint and I took a quick road trip over the weekend. We drove to Tennessee for a benefit for the Humane Society of my hometown of Clarksville. The Fall colors in my niece's front yard were stunning! Real color has yet to arrive here in my Georgia Gardens so seeing the Fall Colors of Tennessee was a treat.
Prior to our departure, I was busy making a costume for the "Wags to Witches Fur Ball Bash"
The Saint does not like to partake in such silliness but I was able to talk him into wearing this green tee shirt with a painted "P" on it. The Theme of the Ball was "Grimm Fairy Tales". So keeping with the Fairy Tale theme, we went as the "Princess (mummy) and the Pea"
We had a blast at the Fur Ball. And I am proud to announce that our kitty Sheba won the title of Miss Wags earning the most money for the Photo Contest in the Female category. Meet the Queen of Sheba's King, Herman. I must share a quick story about Herman the Beagle. He was recently located at the Clarksville Montgomery County Animal Shelter and on death row. He was on "the list" for the day and had been sedated before the final goodbye. Someone came forward and requested to adopt him just in the nick of time! It does not get any closer then that! His story was so touching that his jar was filled with money at the event. He is now in a happy home and crowned King of the Ball. Stories such as this happy ending keep everyone involved within the Humane Society going strong from day to day. We drove many miles for just 2 days fun but it was worth it to see the FALL COLORS WITH THE QUEEN AND KING, In the Garden...

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  1. Congrats to Sheba! Oh boy, that was ever so close on the beagle. So sad so many animals are put in this situation to begin with! Your costume is COOL! I saw the pics from the ball on FB and thought everyone looked good and had fun. So super you all came all the way from Georgia! This year's fall colors are really nice for sure.

  2. Love your costume!! Woo whoo to Sheba!! Beautiful fall leaves!!

  3. First of all I love your dress! The Saint is a good sport! Congrats to the winners and what a touching story...in a nick of time....

  4. Yes Tina, this is the 6th year I have made the event. Nothing shall keep me away as it is the best fun and for a great cause... Sorry I did not have time to see ya though. I did not get to see one of my brothers on this trip. Luckily I was able to see 2 nieces and spouses and one Sister in Law. Of course we enjoyed lots of time with my parents...

    Cherry, thanks! Was fun to create the costume and the leaves, well just awesome!

    Darla, the costumes I create take time but original for sure. The Saint is a sport for sure.. One lucky pooch indeed...

  5. The Saint is such a good sport:) Congratulations to Sheba! The story of Herman, though, touched my heart. I am so glad it had a happy ending!

  6. How cute and sounds like a great time! Love the fall color.