Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Color Rocks in Woodlawn Tennessee!

Fall color along the Kentucky-Tennessee border rocks! Specifically fall color in Woodlawn Tennessee looks ever so good this year! All pictures in this post were taken in my garden or from my garden with the exception of the one picture of an old farmhouse; which was taken about three miles down the road in Woodlawn. 

Experts are saying the so called drought of this year has affected the fall color and timing of the fall colors but I beg to disagree. Yes, we had no rain in my Woodlawn garden in the months of May and June but since July we have had an abundance of rain and as far as I can see all of the trees have recovered. Additionally, I went back and checked my last four years of these Garden Blogger Fall Color Project posts and found that this year's schedule is only about one week ahead of the previous four years of posts. What is different this year is this is the best year ever!

Just look at my Korean maple shown above and below. Oh how it sparkles in Tiger Gardens. I love the orange colors as they are so sunny and bright. It was also my lead in photo in last year's Garden Blogger Fall Color Project Post.
Here it is again. Love this little tree that is ever so s-l-o-w-l-y growing.
Just past the Korean maple is some interesting color. The tall red tree along the property line is probably a gum tree. The small multi-stemmed green leaved tree is a Four Winged Silverbell. It is funny how some trees show their fall colors so quickly while others hold on to their chlorophyll a lot longer. The sun sets in this direction so the view from my yard and my home is awesome each afternoon.
This beauty resides along the road in the right of way across the street from my home. I adore the beautiful red each year but do not agree with allowing trees to grow on the edge of banks along the road in the right of way. I find it irresponsible in that not only does the county have to prune this tree and others in this yard but I fear someday the trees will come down in my yard from across the road. This is due to the overcrowded conditions these trees grow in as well as the fact that one whole side of the ground the trees grow in is a five foot drop off to the ditch. Growing with lopsided roots cannot be a good thing for trees. It is a mess over there and managing trees is a big deal for me so I am a bit unhappy about the situation. The tree color is pretty though.
Here Winged Sumac grows in my far and away garden behind the garage.
This is what I believe to be another gum tree in the yard two houses down from me. Our yards abut a cow pasture that faces west. The setting sun backlights the trees wonderfully.
Fall color also includes fruit. Here we have some orangey crabapples growing on the north side of my home. Birds love crabapples in the garden.
Another backlit picture shows my bottle tree and vintage bench waiting for someone to sit and rock in it. That person is almost never me!
This picture is of an old house surrounded by maples not far from my home. I love the orange color of the maples each year and when I see this now long abandoned home I think of pioneers of yesteryear. Smart pioneers planted trees alongside their homes to help shade and protect the homes. That is what I envision the first owner of this house did and today, some 50 years later (I'm guessing) I and everyone else who passes by can notice the beautiful trees.
We finish our fall color with Lo-Gro Sumac. This is one of the loveliest and easiest shrubs to grow in my garden. It does great in dry shade and looks good all year long. And wow on the fall color! I may follow up this post with a Japanese maple fall color post but for now that's it for spectacular fall color....

 in the garden....

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  1. Loved seeing your fall colors!! My tree has already lost all its leaves.

  2. I do love the many colors of Fall. I miss that an awful lot. You have heaven right at your finger tips.The old homestead needs only someone to love it.

  3. I do love the many colors of Fall. I miss that an awful lot. You have heaven right at your finger tips.The old homestead needs only someone to love it.

  4. Don't you just LOVE fall???
    I don't remember a year that the trees have been this gorgeous here in Ohio. And they are lasting a lot longer than other years too. We have had awesome color for almost 3 weeks. Very unusual. Last year we had peak and a week later they were gone.

  5. We had no rain all summer but are making up for it now, nearly every day. Our color has suffered because of it but seems to finally becoming pretty now. Your color is of the quality of the famous New England colors! Love Sumac in the fall. I do not think it ever has failed to be stunning.

    The farmhouse is wonderful but such a shame to just sit there and rot away. My heart always aches when I see that. However I have hope for this one as it looks like someone is keeping with mowing the grass even if there it does look like the window is missing from the second story window.

  6. The TN colors are spetacular this Fall!!!! We came over the Mount Eagle in the night hours so missed that but should have a great view on the way back.... I only wish the sun had been shining today as the glow would have really been something to behold. But then again, I was driving and would have been way too distracted by the beauty and probably run off the road! LOL

    Sorry we could not squeeze in a cup of coffee today but had too much going on with a last minute costume change but all is good once again. Whew, I dont like last minute things as i stree too much/ All is good now though....

  7. Wonderful color. We are getting some pretty nice color here in spite of the drought. I think having the one freeze got everything started and it has been mostly warm since then. Although, the winds this week really helped a lot of leaves fall faster than normal and blow away. Thanks for sharing. Just having more trees in your area gives fall such beauty.

  8. I love fall colours,then again I say that about all the seasons.

  9. I love seeing colors around the is so gorgeous as it slowly spreads...we are at peak here and past peak in many areas as the colors drop from the trees now.

  10. Awesome colors Tina! I do think this is going to be one of the best years in a long time for fall color in TN. I'm going to have to find a Korean maple for my garden! That Low-Gro Sumac is awesome too. I've always thought that sumacs are an under appreciated tree. The fall color they offer really is something!

  11. The color is gorgeous! We don't usually get much color this far south, but I have noticed that the years of extended drought actually do make the color more pronounced. I especially love the picture of that old house with that big, beautiful tree!

  12. I love your exuberance about fall color. We are also having a beautiful fall for color, so much for the predictions you mentioned. Senecio is a great plant but it really is a groundcover intent on covering everything in its path. Think of it as vinca or pachysandra. Sorry I haven't been visiting much lately. I have been overwhelmed with work at my nursery.

  13. I love all those amazing colors! There are a few landscape pleasures we're denied in Southern California, and blazing fall trees are one of them. I'm surprised bottle-fruit trees aren't more popular to give us some color...

  14. There's nothing like the beauty of fall--gorgeous colors, Tina! I agree--I expected this year to be kind of dull after the summer drought, but our fall color has been vibrant as well. Thanks for including the link to the Fall Color Project; I've been wondering about it this year. Now to find time to organize my photos...

  15. I think being able to compare past years' foliage color is one of the nice benefits of blogging. I have three Lo-Gro Sumac but mine isn't showing fall colors yet. I need to prune mine back to branch more. Your comments on the maples growing by the old homestead make me think of the saying that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, then next best time is now.