Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wags to Witches Fur Ball

It is that time of year again here in my Georgia Gardens folks! What time you ask? Time to hunt down things to create a unique costume for the annual Humane Society's Wags to Witches Fur Ball.
The Fur Ball is the number one fund raiser for the Humane Society of Clarksville, Tennessee. And it has also been voted the BEST CHARITY EVENT in town!
I have not missed one Fur Ball even when The Saint could not join me. Part of the event is a Pet Photo Contest. Each vote for a pet equals $1.00 tax deductible donation.
The Male and Female pets with the most votes wins. The winner of the contest has their picture on the Front of the following years Calendar. Which is another benefit for the group and usually ready for Christmas gift giving. My Beautiful Fur Baby Cheetah helped make history for this event. She and little Bruce kitty were the first place male and female winners as a cat duo! Mr and Miss Wags winners, THE CATS won front cover of the calendar! Cats rule, Dogs drool. Ha ha, not really just having a bit of fun here today.
Cheetah also had her picture inside the calendar being Miss September. Cheetah earned just under $700. I was so proud of my Fur Baby.
But the real winners are the countless animals that the shelter helps within my hometown community. I am sad to say that little Bruce kitty was on Chemo during the event and has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His family was devastated to say the least.
This year we have entered Sheba Kitty into the photo contest. I decided to have a photo op with her thinking that it would be a total flop. After all, she is a feisty gal and does not beckon to any ones call. Not even her persistent mommy, ME.
But ole mom put her thinking cap on and went to work. I set up a couple of backgrounds and with the aide of cat treats, I got that girl to strike a few poses for me! Anyone with a black cat or dog knows how difficult it is to photograph them.
After a few minutes and many cat treats, we had a photo to enter! If any of you would like to donate a dollar or two, feel free to go the web site, Fur Ball Pet Photo Contest. 100% goes to the HS. You do not have to vote for my kitty as there are some wonderful pets you can vote for other then her. Even a little fluffy baby chicken! After all, this is a benefit and all the pets win in the end. When funding is tight, this is the best way we know to help out the needy animals. And remember, "Don't Liter, Fix your Critter"...
I shall be off the Net for a bit as I will be busy finishing my costume (Mummy Gal) and getting ready for the WAGS TO WITCHES FUR BALL, In the Garden...

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  1. Best of luck to Sheba in the contest! She's a beauty, for sure. I hope she wins, but the best part is that all the animals win in this contest. What a great way to help the Humane Society!

    Looking forward to seeing your costume, Skeeter--I'll have to get on Facebook more often this week.

  2. Skeeter, you took some wonderful photos of Sheba and I think she is a shoe in to win! Yes, it is a wonderful event because of all the good the Humane Society does for the local animals. We sure have a lot of animals in need. I like how she looks like she has a mane of fur for the furball!

  3. Rose, Sheba is a winner with us no matter how this contest turns out. Yes, stay tuned as I am a Sexy gal this year....

    Tina, We started clipping Sheba with a mane about a year ago. She looks like a little black lion and is adorable. Winter is here so long fur is on the way....

  4. Impressive pets here! Love these photos...

  5. Good luck to Beautiful Sheba. How cool would that be to win 2 years in a row and have a calendar for each girl!!

    Be safe and have fun.

  6. too adoreable!!!!! I love the first one

  7. Know you have had a great time with this charity. Love the photos of Cheetah, very pretty kitty.

  8. Most adorable. Our fur babies do surprise us sometimes. Can't help but love 'em.

  9. Cute kitty, but I am a dog person despite having two felines. I just don't get them!

  10. She's the perfect Halloween kitty!

  11. That is so cool! Hope you both win. I see a haircut in these shots:) We have 5 cats and three of them get trimmed as well. They get the "lion cut!" They look so nice after it's all done. Good luck to you!

  12. Great idea of a fur ball,
    love the calender as well. Kitty is such a Aristocat