Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big Work-Little Time or Patience

For those who have been reading along, you will find I really like to write. I can probably write four posts a day for the next year about gardening and never touch upon the same subject twice. Gardening is a multi-faceted project that involves many intricate little machines spinning around to make the whole machine work well. Kind of like dominoes, when one falls it starts a chain reaction. This is what happened to me this weekend. Mr. Fix-it is a collector of cars while I am a collector of plants. We try very hard to share real estate keeping the needs of each other foremost in our minds. Well, I have this big vegetable garden which is probably the crown jewel in my garden. I take it very seriously.

The vegetable garden just happens to be close to his garage which had not been a huge problem until this weekend. This weekend Mr. Fix-it purchased a 30 foot long trailer in which he can haul cars and store excess parts. Getting it in the backyard was an ordeal. I had already decided to move the vegetable garden when this trailer entered the picture. Now the need was here right away.

The part of the vegetable garden which was causing the most pain was the southwest corner and was, in my defense, already in place when we moved here six years ago. Mr. Fix-it's idea was to move the entire garden over to the north about 5 or 10 feet. Here come the dominoes. In order to move it, the cemented 4x4 fence posts have to be relocated, the railroad ties, the plants (still in full season as you can see from the picture) and the beds. This is just the moving. Prior to moving I remove all of the sod from the new area and deposit it in the old area, then I double dig the beds. This would not be difficult if it weren't for a catch 22, the sod has no place to go because the intended area is built up with perfect soil to the tune of at least a pick up truck full and of course the soil has no where to go because it's intended location is full of sod!

All of this frustrates me because when I get it in my mind something is going to happen in the garden, it needs to happen now! It is very hard for me to be patient and to work a little at a time but that is what I must do. I know in the long run it will all work out and I will not have to do it again. I have worked on this challenge all weekend and have cleared the side Mr. Fix-it needs for his cars, repositioned the railroad ties and cold frame (the structure standing on its edge in the first picture) and moved some sod. It is a good start. Today I have to dig an extension to the perennial border directly to the right of the vegetable garden, move the Kniphofia uvarias, aka Red Hot Pokers (received from Susan-a fellow freecycler) from the vegetable bed to this garden, outline an area for the new banana garden (it will be in the center of the vegetable garden and bordered by the round millstones), then lay out the rest of the beds. I am realistic and understand I will not achieve all of this today and that is ok. (I guess it has to be) I will keep plugging along and try to right all of those dominoes that keep putting into motion new ideas and needs. I will keep you all posted. My introduction was very on it when it said I am working on expanding my gardens-this all takes a lot of time. By the way, all of this work is done by hand. I do have a tiller but refuse to use it. I will explain more on that later. Big work-little time or patience on my part.

in the garden....


  1. I would have the Saint out helping me move my garden for his cars if this were me... LOL

    That Saint always fusses at me about my wanting "Instant Gratification".. I am patient when it comes to some things but with my yard work, when I get on a mission, I don’t want to stop until the job is completed to my satisfaction! Just last week we were pressure washing and I had a goal set. Do you think the sun going down stopped me from my goal? The Saint was trying his best (with his best huffy attitude) to get me to stop but I ignored his huffiness until I got out of the floodlight view of the brick wall. Then I called an ending to my days work. He always says to me, ‘once the outside lights come on, it is time for you to stop and come inside’. I try to stick to that deal but it is so hard for me at times. When I am on a roll, it is hard to stop me.... I come from Trane company stock and they once had a Logo that said something like, “It’s hard to stop a Trane”. So I come by it honestly! LOL

  2. I'm with you. Actually Mr. Fix-it did help though he moaned and complained. He concreted in two of the 4x4 posts. Thought I was doing good getting him to do this!:)

    Yup, I'm with you-work by the floodlights if able. Setting an end to work can be motivating in itself so you should thank the Saint! I know it never works though because you want to just complete it. Once it is done don't you have a great sense of ease and contentment?

  3. I do have a sense of ease and contentment when a project is completed but then I am usually too tired to sit back and enjoy it or it is too dark to see it! LOL