Sunday, October 28, 2007

Starfish Plant

I try to be a well rounded gardener, but houseplants just get to me because of all the watering required and what seems like constant maintenance to me. I tend to stay away from houseplants and don't know much about them, honestly. So, to assure all of you I am open to new ideas and even have some houseplants in my house, I want to share with you this little story.

I was reluctant to take a piece of this houseplant. But at our annual plant swap at garden club this year, Esther (the proud owner of the mother starfish plant) insisted I should take a piece of her starfish plant. Doesn't it look like a starfish? Being from the coast of Maine, a starfish plant is a must have! She excitedly told me how it blooms after many years of maturing and how it has an awful smell-just like a starfish.

I did research this plant for this posting. The scientific name is Stapelia gigantea. The awful smell is to attract flies. Flies pollinate this plant, and we all know flies like rotten stuff so beware! She passed along a piece of a her plant which has easily rooted in a pot on my porch. I find this plant to be easy to grow-so far. So, with the help of my friends I will become a well rounded gardener-even with some new houseplants.

Has anyone else ever seen this plant before? Which type of plants do you all prefer-open ended question I know! Some people are going to think the only type of plant they prefer is a rubber one! Me too sometimes truth be told! Many people love houseplants and not the outside plants. I met one woman who has 48 houseplants she tends to and loves year round! When I told her I wasn't fond of houseplants, she was a bit aghast, but kindly forgave me for my love of outside-don't have to move around plants!
in the garden....


  1. I have never heard of this plant before. It sounds interesting though well, except for the stinky part! YUCK....

    I love house plants but so do my cats. So we dont have many. Our front porch is always full of potted plants and I bring some of them in for the winter but only if I can hang or place them high up away from paws reach...

  2. I didn't think to see if this plant makes animals sick. I would think that because it is so thick they wouldn't eat it but I don't know. I know that philodendons can get to cats. One of my dogs vomited a peach pit yesterday. Not sure which one and what they were doing eating peach pits!

  3. They ate the peach pit because they are dogs! My cats nip at the philodendons because they are dang cats! My cats are so bad that they nibble on the fake plants then barf them up! I have thrown more stuff in the trash due to the cats! Argggggg...