Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Decorating Season

It is that time of the year-time to decorate for the upcoming holiday seasons. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I usually go all out on decorating but I am not sure if I will this year. A few years ago I had one young trick or treater who came by the house. He must have been about 10-11 and he remarked, "Gosh it must have taken you forever to do all this!" I thought what a thoughtful boy he was to think in this way and explained it really didn't take me all that long because I usually put a little out at a time over a period of time. Works best for me. So far this year I only have one pumpkin from my garden on display. I was lucky to get that pumpkin too! I will add more slowly-lots of color. I am from the northeast where the winter season is a colorless season, so we yankees try to get all the color we can from lights and decorations to add color during the winter holidays.

Anyhow, Skeeter sent me a picture of her lovely decorations for fall and says all of her neighbors enjoy the display. I like it too as it is friendly-with the exception of the crows who look a bit sinister. Taking the time to decorate one's home for the holidays says a lot about who we are as people and how we feel about our community. I love all the decorations I see around town and appreciate everyone's creativity in crafting such unique and different displays. I think the Clarksville Real Estate Association should have a "Best Decorations for Halloween" Contest like they do for Christmas. By the way, a house nearly across the street from my home won the Best Christmas Decorations Contest last Christmas for the county. It was a beautiful display.
So get out there and decorate your home and garden and put to good use the bounty you have harvested from your garden (or other gardens) and take pride in your creativity for all to enjoy!

in the garden....


  1. I am glad you enjoy my Fall Display! I have since worked on it a bit more. I added my "Welcome Fall" Sign that I forgot about and also hidden the Scarecrow's pole behind a leg. He looks more realistic while pulling the wagon with his pole hidden. I fear someone may steal the wagon but I have Faith in mankind so I am not going to worry about it... I got my inspiration from going to Gatlinburg one fall. I love all their displays throughout the city of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. If you get the chance to go during the fall festival time, go! It is well worth the visit plus the color in the mountains is spectacular!

    The Saint and I dug the Lantana and Butterfly bush out of the garden today. We put them into pots for transporting to TN. I was glad he helped me because the ground is so hard from lack of rain. I don’t think I could have dug it out by myself. The butterfly bush looks a bit wilted so I hope we did not harm it too much by removing it. The ground is so dry that we hooked up the sprinkler and we are giving everything in the garden a good slow soaking.

  2. My family and I traveled to Gatlinburg a few years ago. We absolutely loved it! We went to Ripleys Museum and Haunted House, the Aquarium and played Mini golf for a ridiculously low price because they have a military special that leaves us wanting to return and return. Unfortunately, Mr. Fix-it works an incredible amount of hours and has not had the time off to visit again. We were there in October but I don't remember fall festivals. Jimmy was PETRIFIED at the haunted house though he will never admit it.

    I am looking forward to the plants. Let me know if and where we can hook up. I already told Mr. Fix-it I have plans next Saturday-good thing because he is working. Pray for rain soonest!

  3. I will email you about our meeting point....