Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dogs Who Love to Garden-With a Ball

I have briefly mentioned my pets before, but when BJ and CeCe were under my feet this weekend while I was busy working in the garden, the opportunity presented itself to get this great photo. BJ is the big dog with the tennis ball in his mouth. He is my gardening buddy. Whereever I am and whatever hole I am digging he is there to pester me to toss his ball. It can be sooooo irritating at times I have to hide his ball while I am working. He is a smart dog though, as he always drops the ball right in the hole I am digging so I HAVE to pick it out-so I might as well throw it for him. I think that is positive reinforcement and is not good if you are trying to break a habit. Oh well, the rewards he gives me are more than enough payment for me throwing the stupid ball.

CeCe is always just there. She usually likes eating the plants and has destroyed more than a few expensive plants. Plants like camellias which are said to be poisonous to dogs. They don't actually eat them but just kind of swing them around and destroy them, maybe that is why they have never gotten sick. I am more careful with my new plants now. Both dogs came from Animal Control and have been wonderful pets. I have actually met BJ's old owner. He had to repair an appliance in my home and realized BJ was his old dog who had coincidentally jumped out of his truck the same month I adopted BJ. Small world. Of course, he didn't get BJ back.

in the garden....


  1. What two beauties you have! Now when we meet at your garden, don’t be offended with me if I give the furry ones more attention then your garden! LOL. I love animal's more then I love some humans! LOL. Our girls show us so much love and even though they can be pests at times, what they give us daily more then makes up for those pain in the butt moments!

    I would love to have a doggie join me in the yard. We are super protective of our cats and keep them inside but we do get a neighbors dog in the yard to help us at times. We end up playing with them more then the flowers as they give kisses and my flowers don’t do that for us!

  2. You should get you a little dog to garden with. They can be a special addition to the garden and sure do a good job of 'watering' the plants. What type of dog does your neighbor have?

    I am with you, my dogs are way better than a lot of people I know. They are so loving and loyal and never ask for anything in return, never hold grudges and live for the moment. I don't know what I will do when I lose them as these three dogs are the only ones I have ever had in my life. They are a part of the family. I smile about Sandy's intro where her spouse says, "She loves them in that order." We have to keep this under wraps though. LOL

  3. We have many neighbors’ dogs that come to visit. We keep dog treats (milkbones) in a cookie jar for them when they come over. Next door is Zip-Zip aka Zippy Butt. He is a Rat Terrier and a high strung barker but cute as a button. His next door neighbor is Skeeter (dont you just love that name) she is a Jack Russell and the sweetest thing you ever saw! She loves to gives kisses and she comes into the house and plays with us in the sun room. I would steal her but her daddy is a hunter and I am afraid he would shoot me if I stole her! She and Zippy play together in our yard. They love to chase each other in the grass. They don’t have much grass in their yards so they enjoy our grassy racetrack around the butterfly bush island... Zip has a big sister Jetta which is a Chow mix. She makes her rounds twice a day for treats. She is getting old and I fear she will die in our yard one day. Then the neighbors on the other side of us have three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The older one Kie would come on a regular basis and with him being a big puppy, we had to insist they get their fence completed as he was digging and peeing on the flowers after the spring planting. They finally stopped procrastinating and got that fence completed before his two new puppy brides showed up. I cannot pronounce their names as they have some sort of space odyssey names. So far, they have escaped the fence about 6 times but they are quick to retrieve them once I call over there. They also have McCall (spelling?) parrots that screech throughout the day! They are annoying but we are pretty use to hearing them now and don’t notice them as much as our company seems to… LOL…

    As for us getting a dog. Not going to happen as the Queen of Sheba would not allow that one to happen. It is all we can do to keep her and Cheetah filled with entertainment. A dog would only get in their space. So for now, we will just surrogate the neighbors dogs when they visit...

  4. Gee, you sound like you are surrounded by dogs and definitely do not need your own since all the dogs come visit. It is very nice you give them treats and don't mind their visits too much.

    I bet the parrots are loud but I think I would be like you and get used to them, maybe even enjoy them. Can you see them? Are they in an outside aviary or something? Sounds cool.

  5. Tina, BJ looks a lot like my Scooter! Though my dog Peanut is the one who goes nuts for balls!

    They are both very handsome.

  6. I was thinking the same thing Sandy! The parrots stay on their back porch out of our view. They talk about making them an aviary but they are such procrastinators that they never get anything done. They had a make shift pen for them by the back fence and they moved it. I reckon the neighbors behind them complained but not sure on that one. They have so much going on over there that they don’t really give proper care to any of their animals and it drives us nuts! They have 11 people living in that house of which 8 are under the age of 18.... Their yard is soooo redneck that other neighbors have written then Nasty Grams and left them in the mailbox unsigned. One time one of the children, that is around 10 said to us that their yard looks like the Ghetto. The Saint and I about died but kept our laughter to ourselves until she was out of ear range from us…. It bugs us to no end but on the bright side (I always try to find the bright side of things) their ugly yard makes our yard look that much nicer….

  7. Hi Sandy, is Scooter the dog in the picture with you? I think he and BJ look a like too. You have a beautiful dog. What type of dog is Peanut? I guess I should go over to Pet People and I will find out, right? Here I come!