Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Liquid Aerify vs Mechanical Aeration

A friend (Daron) asked me to give my opinion on a product called Liquid Aerify, a product sold by Nature's Lawn and Garden, Inc. Stuart Franklin is the President. The product claims to loosen and aerate our tight clay soils and is all biological. This is the first I have heard of it and was wondering if anyone had ever used it and if it produced results. The website has several testimonials from satisfied customers. I think if the product is all biological and the homeowner has time to wait for it to work then it might be worth trying.

I would still aerate my lawn though. I think mechanical aeration is beneficial for lawns because not only does it pull out cores of soil which then allows seed, fertilizer and rain to reach deeper into the soil, but the pulled cores of soil stay on top of the soil and mix back into it-essentially building a small layer of soil on top of the grass. I like this for my challenged lawn. I have a little aerator which has saved me a lot of time and money because I can do the job myself. I aerate my lawn about three times a year, when it is wet and prior to reseeding or liming. So, in short I don't think Liquid Aerify would hurt, and might help but mechanical aeration is still an important lawn maintenance step as well. Do any readers have experiences with Aerify?

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  1. Never heard of it. I don’t like to use fertilizer at all if possible. I think it is harmful to the birds by messing up their worm and bug treats. We have hardy St. Augustine and Centipede grass which love the heat and humidity and do well with droughts down here in GA. The Saint was fertilizing three times a year and it was so expensive and the ground birds were less so I said no more fertilizer the past two years. Well, the spiny weeds were so bad last year that I did allow him to fertilize this spring with a formula made for St. Augustine and the yard was beautiful. I think we will stick with once in spring from now on….

    We have to treat the yard for Fire Ants to the tune of about $140.00 each spring! I tried to treat each mound but all that does is move them to another spot. The only way we can rid the yard of the pesky pain biting things is to treat the entire grassy and landscaped areas of the yard. We use a product called “Over and Out”. It cost $20.00 a bag and takes 7 bags to properly do our yard! Expensive but does work! It must be reapplied each spring… arggg. Look out; I hear they are headed to TN….

  2. Aerify is not a fertilizer, it's a biological soil enhancer. Seems to help my veggies as I have a heavy clay soil. I use Aerify Plus which also adds organics to the soil. Never tried on my lawn but worth a go. It's a long range thing, not a quick fix. Good luck this spring!