Sunday, October 14, 2007

Perennial Plant Society and Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Being a passionate gardener and one who wants to continually learn, I have discovered a good learning resource and great networking society right here in middle Tennessee. It is the Perennial Plant Society (PPS). I was at a local nursery one day when the owner (Karen) suggested I join the PPS and she gave me an application (above). I have been a member for over three years now and have gained invaluable knowledge and a great variety of plants for my garden.

The society meets every third Tuesday at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville (Except for December and June). Social hour begins at 6:30 pm and the actual meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Programs vary from subjects as diverse as camelias in the garden to hardscaping. Nationally known speakers come from all over the country to speak at these meetings. To mention just a few: Carol Reese from Jackson, Tennessee and Felder Rushing (featured in Southern Living Magazine). The speakers are always very informative and usually witty. Members of the society number over 200 and the meetings have excellent attendance each month. As an added bonus, members bring plants to swap each meeting. Some gems I have gained for my garden include: Red Hot Pokers, Colombines, Fairy Rose and Sweet Autumn Clematis. I think as of now only two members of the PPS are from Clarksville, that is my friend Gerrianne and myself. The reason may be because it is a long way to drive and perhaps not enough people in Clarksville know about this society. I am including a copy of the membership application if anyone is interested in joining. Membership dues are $15 per year and this is a real bargain for the monthly speaking programs, plant swaps, garden tours and annual plant sale.

This month's speaker is Karen Angelucci, author of Secrets of Tennessee Gardening (A 12 month road map to gardening success). The meeting is Tuesday, October 16th at Cheekwood so come and visit.

While talking about PPS I would be negligent in not mentioning Cheekwood. Cheekwood is a local treasure we here in Clarksville have easy access to. Cheekwood also offers a 50% discount to military families so the entry fee is very minimal. One can easily spend several hours touring the grounds and gardens, not to mention the mansion which is open to the public. Here is a picture of Jimmy on one of the porticos sitting next to a Wisteria vine. Note the girth on this wisteria! It was beautiful and I sure would like to see it in bloom next spring. We shall see. Cheekwood is host to a number of societies and information can be found on their website. Additionally, each year Cheekwood features a "kid exhibit". One year it was mazes and another birdhouses. I think it is fairytale settings this year. Check it out!

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