Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Old Friends and Weepers

Got you intriqued yet? No, I am not going to talk about weeping friends! I was at the commissary today when I ran into an old and dear friend who is a fellow resident of Woodlawn. Tina (yes, her name is also Tina) and I go back a few years and we had a good time catching up.

Boy, I tell you the commissary is THE place to run into people you know and want to see! Anyhow, she reminded of the weeping redbud. This summer when Rural King had its big sale (which my friend Judy called to tell (warn) me about) they had this awesome redbud. This is known as Cercis canadensis 'Lavender Twist'. It is a neat little redbud that will only get about six feet tall and wide. She and I both bought this plant. She was smarter though and bought four (two of which she kindly gave to her neighbor). I am really looking forward to the springtime to see how it looks in bloom. Note the zig zagging tree trunk.

Friends and plants just seem to go together. Tina is a good gardener and I have been trying for years to get her to come to my garden club. Garden clubs are all about friends and plants, but Tina is one of those people who doesn't have a lot of time. I do understand. For now I guess we can just catch up as it happens along the way!

in the garden....

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  1. What a neat tree! We have two huge planters that are bricked in with the brick wall and steps to the front of the house. The previous homeowners had too many overgrown bushes in them when we moved into the house. We have since thinned them out by moving some to other areas of the yard. Some survived and some did not. The Saint had it in his mind to get two Japanese maples, one for the middle of each planter. We researched them and looked high and low at our local garden centers until we found the perfect one. I cannot remember the name but I want to say something like Crimson Queen, but not sure as we looked at tons of them and I just cannot find the tag! I wish I did a better job of tag filing! They are the most expensive thing we have purchased at a whopping $80.00 each! We chose those as they will not get taller then the front porch railings. They are a weeping type and we love their red leaves in the spring and fall. One was really hurt by the late freeze over Easter while we were in VA. If we had known, we could have watered it well and sheltered it from the freeze but we were not home to protect it. The one on the West side of the house was damaged pretty badly and did not do well this summer while the one on the East side of the house was not damaged and did well this summer. It is strange because they both face north just on different sides of the front entry. I guess next summer will tell all… If we loose one, it will be difficult to replace it with one of a similar size at it will cost us a small fortune! I will send you a picture of them when they were at their best last spring…