Thursday, October 4, 2007

Community Garden of the Month

Since this blog is hosted by the community newspaper, I think it only fair to note some community gardens. Those of you who drive on Providence Blvd will easily recognize this garden at the top of the hill. I have been noticing this garden for about two or three years and have always been meaning to write a letter to the editor to say how much I enjoy it. One thing leads to another and I never did. Now I want to let the gardeners (not sure who they are but I think the New Providence Civitan Club maintains this garden) know how much I appreciate this garden. The color is always outstanding. I saw a group of gardeners planting it in the springtime and I have seen one other person out there as well and they are doing a good job. A lot of thought goes into developing and planting a community garden like this. Sometimes people don't take the time to say how much they appreciate it and so now is my time to say I appreciate it!

There are other community gardens around Clarksville and they do bring a special feeling to the community. I am not sure who started the "Adopt a Plot" program and I know it has been hard at times to get people to maintain the gardens regularly, but it was a super idea and one I hope continues. Kudos to all of the volunteers who maintain the community gardens and give freely of their precious time. It is one thing growing a garden for one's own pleasure, quite another doing it for a community and I say, "Hats off" to them!

in the garden....


  1. These community gardens are one thing that the Saint and I take notice in with each Clarksville visit! I have enjoyed watching them develop with each visit over the years. They make me proud to say I am from Clarksville. I think the city has cleaned up a lot in the past year or so and I truly believe the intersection gardens make a difference! Thanks so much for your time and efforts to all involved in these beautiful venues…

  2. Do you know who started with this idea or where it came from? I think it was well before my time but it is nice.

  3. Not sure who spearheaded the gardens but they have been doing it for some time now....