Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Determined Gardener

Talking about community gardens means I also must talk about the community gardeners. The one who easily comes to mind is Ann. This is obviously a picture of New Providence Middle School. My son and her daughter have attended this school for going on the third year now. When Ann's daughter entered the school she was determined to beautify the school and that she has done. This picture shows some Crepe Myrtles and Butterfly bushes in front of the school. There are many more plantings around the school besides these-take a look sometime. Ann planted these bushes, mulched and watered them. While this in itself is not all that different from other community gardeners, what is different is the fact she went out and sought donations for the garden, then planted the donated plants in the MIDDLE of the summer of 2005.
I was out there only one day when she was planting and I can assure you, August 2005 felt just as hot as this past August, and the ground was rock hard due to little or no water. Ann diligently watered and cared for these plants (with the help of a few other volunteers) and as you can see, the plants are thriving and have grown tremendously in only two years. Planting in the middle of summer with no water is not the best way to garden and certainly not the easiest as most gardeners will testify, but Ann is a very determined gardener and made quite a difference that will only get better with time. These plants should still grace the school grounds when her grandchildren attend New Providence, and that is quite a feat for a community gardener.
in the garden....

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  1. Job well done Ann! You have done something for you family to be proud of for many years to come!