Monday, April 21, 2008

Beautiful Blooming Crabapples

Remember my post on the Crabby Crabapples? This post is a follow up to that post and is a redeeming post for crabapples. These pictures on this post are why I grow crabapples.

I just absolutely love them when they are in bloom. And guess who else loves them? The bees and butterflies are in heaven with the blooms this time of year. You can surely tell spring is here.

The big pink crabapple is Nina's crabapple. I like the pink blooms so much because they are different from the usually white dogwoods and white cherries and white crabapples. They really show up well and blend in nicely with the landscape. Nina planted her crabapple in a great spot. There is plenty of room for the tree to grow, and this tree really stands out nicely!

My little Prairie Fire crabapple also has pink blooms and is filling out nicely. I had no idea what color or form my crabapples would grow into since I bought them on sale and out of season. While I love all three of mine, the forms are all different. The different forms make a problem for me. The Prairie Fire has a large spreading form and is planted near a pathway. This has caused me to have to prune it more than I would like. Another upright white crabapple (not pictured here but pictured in Aprils Bloom Day post) has plenty of room and would've been a much better choice in the Prairie Fire spot. I wish I had known that prior to planting 4 years ago.
The second picture shows my 'dripping' crabapple in my perennial garden. This tree has a weeping form. See how the branches tend to grow down? I have had to prune it too much in order to raise the canopy and it is a painful battle for me. Sigh. Anyone else have these problems or am I the only one who doesn't fully plan my locations out with the right plant in the right spot? I am doing a MUCH better job of planning now, but initially when I earnestly began to garden here about five years ago, I barely had enough time to read the labels, let alone research the cultivar. I have since learned to read, research and then plant! Regardless of the form of the crabapples, the blooms are all lovely.

Since crabapples can vary so very much in both form and color, please be sure to buy a variety which will work with your conditions and which is resistant to diseases and fungus so you don't wind up with 'crabby crabapples'.

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, we were guilty for a long time of planting things without long term planning of size at maturity. Finally the wisdom has crept upon us with the standing on the soapbox of allowing enough space for natural, not pruned growth of tree and shrubs. But do the youngsters listen? You are linked in today's post, Monday Report, since you were responsible for planting the idea. Thanks.

  2. You should see my yard and trees...and the mistakes I have made. It is quite the site with all of my fruit trees bunched in one area needing more room. And I do wish I had know alot more before I planted them. So, after a 2 year break from my yard I am getting it cleaned up this year, adding very few plants, like daffodils and lilies...and will see how it actually looks and what needs to be changed. That is my plan for this year.

  3. We planted a Robinson Crabapple. It has only bloomed twice since we planted it as the squirrels eat the buds off. This year we had a few blooms on the smaller outer branches that could not support the pesky critters.

    I can see we planted 3 dogwoods too close together but at this point, they seem to be shooting upwards more so then outwards. I think we are probably all guilty of that at some point. Live and learn…

  4. They look great Tina. Our crabapple is a Sargent. It has tons of new growth and hopefully will bloom next season. Everyone makes a few mistakes from time to time. With trees though you have to be extra careful since you really can't move them easily once they are established. My willow comes to mind...

  5. Tina,

    I confess to planting a tree too close to the driveway and pruning it has destroyed its has to come down!

    I am back in town and am going to start's hard to get back in the groove!


  6. Hi Tina --the colored trees are very pretty. Everything by my house is white in color. I like the pinks and purples:) Hope you have a great day. Hubby insists he felt an aftershock last night or should I say this morning about 0130. I must've been really tired I didn't notice. I keep thinking we might get more --this has me a bit on edge the past few days. Not much you can do about it I suppose?? Need to run a few errands and maybe get some paint to get started on my paint project.

  7. My in laws have two of these planted close, one stays short while the other grows tall. It makes for a nice staggered look when coming down the road.
    Tina, I stained my commode in aged oak, it has two tone staining to it. I also used the gel stain, how easy it was!
    Anyone know what kind of bird is the size and appearance of a chickadee but vivid orange? Never saw that kind around here before.
    Kids are on vacation this week, hope it'll be nice.

  8. Good morning all! I can't think of a better type of day to garden than today! I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who makes mistakes.

    Frances, I checked your post and I must say, I will still miss them on the weekends! But understand the need for outside work and a break.

    Jillybean, We always change no matter how perfect we make the garden to begin with. It is a fact of life that can be painful.

    Skeeter Hopefully your dogwoods will grow together and be none the worse for the wear. A gardener's most common mistake is planting too close.

    Dave, I agree, with trees and some shrubs you must be very careful with planting. I have gotten better thankfully!

    Gail, Welcome back! How is your mother? Well we all hope.

    Anonymous, I heard there was 4.6 aftershock felt this morning. A total of 18 shocks according to the radio. I think hubby is onto something..

    Dawn, Don't you have any crabapples? They would fit right into the orchard when you establish it.

    Ah, I love oak. Glad it was easy to stain. Usually it is the prep that is painful. Staining is when instant grafification comes in.

    Can the bird possibly be a Baltimore Oriole? They are bigger than chickadees though. I will check my bird book. But Skeeter is a good birder, maybe she will know.

    Good morning Mom, Christine, Nina and Lola. Where is Lola lately?

  9. Up here we have crabapple trees that have a good useable amount of apples and I love crabapple jelly (as I said on the other post on crabapples) that have a regular white and pink flower. Then we have what everyone calls flowering crabapples. They mosty have flowers like yours in the 2nd pic but a bright, dark purple color but bear very, very tiny fruit that is hard to get a useable amount of fruit from. But boy oh boy are they pretty. No green leaves peek out when they flower. All you can see is the so very lush flowers. I am sure there are different kinds but don't know much about crabapples except they make the BEST apple jelly!

    Dawn there are orange colored birds in the warbler, sparrow and finch families. Or maybe a tanger of some kind.

    Sandra called from Italy yesterday and is having a wonderful time but started crying. Terri-Lynn asked her why she was crying if she is having a good time and she said I just miss you. Now that is funny cause 6 months ago she ran away for 2 days and could not wait to get out of school and leave home!!! Kids!!

    Anonymous I just now heard on Paul Harvey as I was typing last sentence that there was an aftershock last night and it was the 18th aftershock since the quake and they expect them to last for 6 months. :( so your hubby probably did feel it.

    Hope everyone has a great day:<)

  10. Hello to all...
    I am baffled by the small orange bird. The only orange birds I am familiar with are the Orioles and Tanager but they are way larger then the small Chickadee. I flipped through my book and found a Flycatcher that was small and orange but they are found out West and not on the East coast... Maybe someone’s pet bird got loose. I saw a ferret type thing run through our yard one day. I grabbed my mammal book and we don’t have anything close to what it looked like in our area so I am thinking it was a Pet on the loose! Sorry no help here...

    Wow, I will have to ask my family if they have earthquake insurance!

  11. Skeeter I also was going to say the flycatcher but knew it was not a northeast bird and it is more a bright red but could be mistaken for orange at a glance. Actually the color is called vermilion, (which is bright red) and their wings are either black or brown, depending what type flycatcher it is. Did you know they are so great in catching things to eat while in flight they sometimes catch such large amounts of bumblebees that it is harmful to them. Very interesting bird as well as a pretty one.

  12. Mom, Glad Sandra is well and missing home. It is hard sometimes the first time away from home. Part of growing up. Thanks for calling me about Gail's mother. I can be a bit dense at times. I did not know that about flycatchers coming to harm eating so many bees. Makes sense. My dogs try to catch all the big bees here. How dumb?! Catching a bee can be dangerous.

    Skeeter, Thanks for looking it up. It may very well be a loose pet bird being that small. Dawn are you sure it was small? Sound pretty. If it was bigger it was maybe an oriole and you should put out orange slices to attract it. I'd love to see one. I have seen buntings and tanagers but no orioles.

    Anyhow, garden and dinner is calling as the Jimster will be home soon.

  13. Hello All, Do hope all had a lovely weekend. I spent most of the day in the yard/garden Sun. & again today. Was so tired Sun. Night could hardly stand it. Tonight will be the same as I have so many transplants to do. More Caladium bulbs arrived, not must find a place for them. Had already done one long pot of them from what I already had. Just trying to keep them together. My Aloe have outgrown their pots so just did one & need to do the other three. 2 are blooming nicely. Must get the other Hosta in the ground as they are sprouting. I had gotten some daffy bulbs but I think it is too late to put them in the ground--may keep them till this Fall. So much to do.

    I love the Crabapples. I think they are so pretty especially the dark pink. Doubt they would live here. They do good in upper Ga. where my brother lives.

    Well back to garden--have lots more to do.

  14. Hi Tina --nice day to be outside --getting a little warmer these days:) The pool is just about ready for a swim:0) I can't wait --hubby might heat it up so we can swim early --the heater makes it feel wonderful --especially after a long day at school for the kiddos:) Hi Lola, sounds like you have been super busy. Just don't overdo it --the plants won't be upset if it takes a day or two longer:0) At least mine don't get mad at me --hehehe I really need to weed the flower beds but I am waiting for some rain again --it makes it really easy then.
    Hi Jean --thanks for the info about the quakes --I've never been exposed to them before so this bothers me but like I mentioned there really isn't much you can do so life must go on. Just a little nervous --
    Hi Dawn, so exciting that you have flowers out and birds showing up --I knew you'd see Spring soon:0)
    Hi Skeeter --I'm sure your having some nice warm weather considering we've got a gorgeous day here today. Hubby got a bunch of crappie last night --the three of them filled up the live well and he plans on a fish fry (UGH) I don't like fish so I told him to cook it when I have family reading night at school:0) Hahahahah --he can cook it and clean up while I am away --the smell is GROSS --I don't know if it's the fishy smell or the oil I dislike more, hahaha.
    Hi Nina --hope your doing okay --went to the commissary again --still can't tell you where anything is --it will take me some time to remember this new setup. I like the produce section --didn't change:0)
    Oh Skeeter --hubby was pretty impressed with that catching two fish on your first cast --I'm sure he is going to try to do that now too, hahaha.

  15. Hi Lola! Please slow down and take it easy. That is what I am doing. In fact, I am on my way out with the Jimster to go shopping. Not something I normally do but needs to be done. The garden can wait. We just can't get all done we want to anymore. Take some aspirin and chip away at it a little at a time. Like anonymous said, the plants won't mind at all!

    Anonymous, It was a gorgeous day! I know you can't wait to get in that pool. Go ahead and turn on the heater! It is supposed to be warm like late May this week. Good time for a swim, that's for sure. Gotta go for some Jimster time..

  16. Good Good Good Great news! It looks as though the adjacent property owner is FINALLY moving! We hope so anyhow! Yahoo!

  17. Hip hip hurray Tina! I know how you feel about them. I can only hope the replacements are better to deal with!

    I dont like fresh fish either! I think it has something to do with seeing dad clean them when I was a kid. We catch and release our fish. I do like the fish sandwiches at Burger King and also the fish at Captain D's but dont like the stuff we catch fresh. Yep, I can be strange. LOL.. I impressed the Saint also catching two at one time! But that has never happened since.... I prefer cricket fishing for bream. They are my favorite to catch with a ultra light rod and reel so much fun to hook a really big whopper! I caught several large catfish one summer also. We had better luck fishing when we had the bass boat but we upgraded to a custom ordered pontoon with fishing set up. I think the fish dont like the new boat as we dont have much luck fishing in it. LOL...

    Lola, take it easy. Remember to stop and smell the Rose's! I am like you, have more stuff out of the ground then in the ground. I have yet to get the fuchsia and 8 Azaleas in the ground and darn if I did not come home with a flat of purple Periwinkle and two wave petunias. Also slips of green pepper, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, egg plant and several different types of hot peppers! Plus I dug out several things to move them to other spots and they are not back into the ground yet! Arg, I am humping my hiney just cannot get it all done! Today, I weed eat for 2 solid hours. Thought my forearms were going to fall off. Saint had me stop when he got home so we could get to town for some bags of dirt. So I will be busy for the next few days getting it all in the ground.

    We decided to go with a container veggie garden instead of planting it in the ground. The ground is just too soggy and will never dry out at this rate so instead of spending a fortune on dirt and building forms, I found $3 large pots at Dollar General store to put the stuff in. We will keep it in the area we fenced off from the bunny though. I had to make stepping stone from wood to be able to walk in there as it is so soggy to the feet! Arg, Plan B is starting to sound so Redneck! LOL.... Oh well, as long as we get a little veggie for our troubles. If not, then the fence comes out of the ground and no more veggie garden for us in the future. We will go to the roadside stand instead. LOL...

    How did those tests go Anonymous? Warm pool sounds good but a hot tub sounds even better! My back is a bit pained but after a good night sleep, I should be ready to go again tomorrow!

    Jean, I have never heard of the birds getting harmed by to many bees either! Interesting. I know when we put the meal worms in the tray for the bluebirds; they grab so many at one time that they fall from their mouths. The birds will fly to the ground to pick them back up! It looks like they have a mouth full of spaghetti!

    Sorry, too long again…

  18. Umm... (raises hand) I do! I'm not totally knowledgable about all of these plants. I can totally see myself doing something like that.

  19. Oh yes-we are ALL so hoping after 7long years. But they aren't gone yet and the property has been on the market nearly a year. No telling if it will ever sell. Cross your fingers?

    You guys are funny with fish. Talk about country. Mr. Fix-it and the Jimster caught this huge catfish, came home and cleaned it then I fried it for dinner. Best catfish I ever had-maybe because it was fresh? I kind of like the idea of hunting or fishing for dinner. It was pretty convenient (at least for me who only had to cook it).

    Skeeter, I think going container is the way to go. Never know, we might have TONS of rain this summer to make up for last summer. Wouldn't that be nice? Hope everyone gets all their plants in soon. It is supposed to get hot so the sooner the better. Rain expected Friday and that will water them all in too. Found another tick today. No surprise there! Two hours of weedwhacking! Holy smokes! My arms would fall off for sure. Anyone else weedwhack like that? That is a lot of weedwhackin! Anyone can go as long as they want on here. Talk takes up more room when your write it-does anyone notice this too?

    Gotta catch up on my newspapers. Talk to you all tomorrow! Otherwise before I know it, it will be bedtime!

  20. Cinj, How are you doing? Any news on the house yet? Not more bad news I hope. Plants can be bears if you really don't know them well. Even with research they sometimes don't cooperate. Plants Sound kind of like children huh? You read Dr. Spock and all the books but somewhere along the way the children turn out the way THEY want to and so do plants! Not always the way you expect! Hope my oldest daughter Christy Lynn doesn't mind me saying this.. Anyhow, best wishes for the house and new garden.

  21. Ummm fresh catfish. Now that is right up my alley. I love it. Won't eat but a couple other kind.

    Anonymous, that heated pool sounds delicious. It sure would feel good on my back & hips. Get frustrated because I can't even get down on my knees.

    Repotted some plants, put rest of Hosta in ground--have more coming. arggg whatever was I thinking? Gotta find somewhere to put 15 Caladiums--3 different kind. Supposed to give the illusion of lightning up a dark corner as they are on the white side. We'll see. That corner on East side I would like to remove the Flowering Almond & the pink dwarf azalea. I would like to put a tall plant there in the corner that is tall & narrow. It's called pencil something. Maybe next yr.

    Way to go Skeeter--2 at a time--can't beat that. I think pot gardening is ok--that's what I have to do. Rods don't bend.

    Tina, ever thought about buying out the neighbor? Rent it out that way you could say what goes. Just kidding but would be nice.

    Hope everyone had a very nice productive day. It was gorgeous out today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. Another good day to transplant. According to signs. You guys ever go by the signs?

  22. Lola-You amaze me with all of your planting! I hope you get it done soon and I am the same way, "What was I thinking????!"

    Mr. Fix-it and I would love to buy the adjacent house and burn it down and expand our area property and make sure no one lives there again. Just kidding, maybe bull doze it instead. There might be a law against burning down houses. Their asking price is realistically about $35000 too high even if we could afford the fair market value price; which we can't. Sigh. We are hoping it sells soon and we get great people next door-gardeners would be a bonus but not necessary. Just to take care of the yard would be nice. Oh how I would LOVE to live next door to some gardeners like you all! I can see landscaping yards to complement each other and sharing plants. One of the other neighbors when I first moved here actually did share plants. It was so nice to have a neighbor like that, especially since I was new here and never even knew what a hosta was! And she gave me a bunch. I have to laugh now at my sorely lacking experience though I considered myself a 'gardener'. Hence all the mistakes with crabapples. The rest of the trees are good though. Anyhow Lola, I'll talk to you later and I hope everyone gets their planting done soon! One blogger says, "One garden at a time". I try to take it that way but it is like housecleaning, when you see one garden needs to be worked it inevitably affects other gardens and you wind up all over the place! Getting little accomplished. I still really like your plant stand behind the garage. I plan on using that pic at some point. It is so organized! ttyl

  23. Lola it sure sounds like you have been tooooo busy. Take it easy. Anonymouse if right....they won't mind waiting a little more.

    Oh Anonymouse that heated pool sounds absoultly scrumpious!!! I would love to have a heater for our pool but they are so pricey to buy and run. Our pool is one of the big oval ones and with our temps and the size it would cost an arm and both legs to heat, esp with the price of fuel now.

    I like most fish but really love most seafood and live in the best place for the seafood. Unless you folks have been to Maine and tasted it fresh you have no idea what it is really like. We also cook it much different than books tell you and that also makes it much better. Just like the catfish down south, which I drool for. When I lived in Georgia I used to go catch it. However I did'nt like the crappie.

    Ditto on the hip hip hurray. I know how much stress they have caused for everyone. Hopefully next neighbors will be great after what you have had to put up with, you are due.

  24. Hi Guys,
    I have to snap a pic of the little orange guy. He was red ontop his head but faded down to a vivid orange, wings were brown and white striped. It was with a sparrow, so maybe. Keep my eyes open tom.
    We got the fish tank stand out. (the ones you watch for a hobby!) and my big ole antiquish dollhouse to place on top of the stand. I craft all kinds of dolls so it just makes sense I would have a world of mini. The house, and stand, and items have been packed away for 15 years, it was like Christmas here!
    I container gardened one year and it was great, we used 55 gallon drums cut in half, lenghtwise. Hope you have much luck Skeeter.
    Holy cow Lola, staying busy is a understatment.
    Anonymous, my teen took the testing last week, his algebra teacher told him by his results, he was under his potential-go figure.
    Where is Nina?
    Well, must tear Nikki away from the tiny people, so late, time for bed.

  25. Oh yes! They are actually moving! In the dark no less! Wonders never if the house will sell!

    Mom, I miss the lobster in Maine. Truly I do. But I didn't find any good catfish there! I do like the salmon and swordfish. Love fish. Mr. Fix-it hates it.

    Dawn, Maybe the little fella was a type of sparrow? The sparrows sometimes cross mate and can wind up looking very different. Snap a picture as I bet it will return.

    Did you build a place in your house for the big fish tanks? And how does a dollhouse fit on a fish tank safely? I am sure it is like Christmas if it has all been packed away for 15 years. Nikki has never seen it all then. What fun! G'night all. I was catching up on tapes and papers but now time to bed.

  26. It's a 2 part stand, the bottom is a "box" for the tank and the top is a taller less wide "box" again. The top has ladder sides and a shelf, on the very top, that hangs over, all for plants. I made it years ago.
    It's in the hallway side too to the deck doors. Nikki had fun, she can amuse herself for hours.

  27. Hey people!

    Mom I love fish too...but on my meager income is not something that I eat often, plus I am now allergic to shellfish like clams and scallops. I love salmon and haddock. It has been forever since I have had catfish. Love that fried!

    Glad to hear the nasty neighbors are finally getting out of there. About time! Hope you get great new ones. My neighbors are moving and I am not looking forward to having new ones, the current ones are so great and nice!

    Getting on Free Cycle today if they ever email me my password!

  28. Dawn, That sounds cool.

    Christine, Freecycle shouldn't need to mail you a password. I use my yahoo account. Once you are approved the messages come to you there. Good luck!

  29. Yeah it is actually being really stupid. I got denied from both cause I forgot to put my zip code. I'll try again later.