Monday, April 28, 2008


I really like night lighting and posted about a different type of night lighting before (see : Night Lighting , but this kind of lighting here is not an ornamental type. My little street lamp above my garage door is not highlighting the house, but only providing security and much needed light during the night time hours.

One of the unfortunate side effects of this type of lighting is the fact it attracts all sorts of creatures of the night. To name just a few: bats, moths, beetles, toads, and birds. An unwitting victim of the night lighting is the Luna moth. Stepping outside recently I noticed one fluttering on the ground right outside the garage door. Not one to waste an opportunity I grabbed my handy camera and snapped a picture. This moth is still alive in the photo but it could not fly and initially was upside down. I righted it but still couldn't fly. It was doomed, not really a night lighting victim, but a victim of its short life span.

According to the following website:, luna moths are a rare find in the eastern United States. though they are common in the wild all the way from southern Canada to Maine to Florida. We have been blessed with many luna moths on or near our garage because of the night light. These moths have a short life span of only one week and lay just 4-6 eggs. In the north the luna moths eat the leaves of paper birches. Down here in the south they prefer the leaves of the persimmon tree.

These moths are welcomed into my garden anytime and I do appreciate the opportunity to see them, regardless of my 'streetlight' lamp being a bit of an eyesore. They moths are beautiful and quite regal and always a joy to see fluttering around. The next morning this luna was gone, probably eaten by some early bird or nocturnal predator.

I am on a steep learning curve trying to figure out the whole link thing with this blog, so please have patience as I know the night lighting link did not work but I will continue to learn. If you would like to see the night lighting post it is in the February archives.

in the garden....


  1. Hi Tina, yes I checked the byline. What a gorgeous creature, so sad for it's ending. We had a light like that at another house and in the morning it was a treat to see what had slept over night on the garage door. There were moths of all sorts, I got a book to help identify them. The kids loved it. Keep trying with the links, you will get it!

  2. Hi guys,
    It's wonderful to see these Lunas, interesting how the spots on its back are meant to look like eyes. We have a bug light and for some reason the lunas love it, they don't fly into it. Thank god. But hang on the wood by it. One morning there was seven of them.
    Tina, my little orange birdie came back this morning, Jack of all trades snapped a pic. I was beginning to believe it was someones pet because its been awhile. I'll mail it and maybe someone can identify it. It still may be a pet. The pics grainy and dark because of it raining and hubby cropped it to get closer. Trust me, he fades to orange all the way down, all but wings.

  3. Very neat! When I was growing up in PA my best friend's dad was a naturalist/landscaper and collector of butterflies and moths. He had all sorts of interesting moths collected. I have no clue if he had this one though. A cool find!

  4. Good morning!

    I love moths....and glad you posted about these fascinating creatures. It is beautiful out today...a good day for weeding now that the ground is wet. Thaanks for removing the letter was getting harder to read!


  5. Good morning to all. Very pretty moth and good post on them.

    Very cloudy day here today and yesterday and a small shower yesterday. We need the rain as everything is so dry and have had many brush fires. You would think all the snow would have helped. The water table is high, high, high but with the leaves not out yet, the wind and all the bright sun we have had the water table does not help the trees being dry.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  6. Hi all,
    Frances, Yes the moths love the garage door. It is a real treat. The part I really hate is running the frogs and toads over. Ew! They unfortunately don't climb well. A light frost is forecast tonight. Who would've thought?

    Dawn, What a special treat to have seven lunas! Did the kids like them? I always drag the Jimster out, much to his chagrin. I emailed you reference the bird.

    Dave, I bet your friend's dad had a few lunas. They are spectacular and can get quite a bit larger than this little one I photographed.

    Gail, I wish I could go in the garden, but I will never get anything done if I do! My uncle is coming to visit and we will meet him in Nashville and I have to study for my final tomorrow. Yahoo! A whole month break! So far so good on the word verification. Cross your fingers.

    Mom, It is weird when we get so much rain then just one week later it is bone dry again and there is a threat of fires. It happens though. We gardeners know all to well because of the watering we tend to do. Wind is ever so drying too. Did you know one of my oaks died last summer due to the drought? No rain is hard on every living thing. Hope it comes your way we got just a smidgen.

  7. I had never seen a Luna moth until we moved to GA. We see them often and I think they are really neat in color for a moth.

    Raining today so house cleaning for me...

  8. Mom-
    I love luna moths they are my favorite because they have such great colors, but I am going to correct on one thing. Luna MOTHS don't eat anything thing. Their soul purpose is to recreate, however in there caterpillar form they eat a lot! This is so that they can sustain themselves during the moth phase. I went to a Butterfly conservatory in Mass. and bought two Luna moth in cocoons. Watched them come out and everything. One was deformed and didn't survive, but I released the other one as soon as it came out so it would fulfill it's life.
    We use to get them all the time at the restaurants back door cause of the light.

  9. Skeeter, I am trying my hardest to houseclean too!

    Christine, You are so correct. The caterpillars are what eats the leaves. The few the moths lay that is. I had forgotten that you had hatched some lunas. I bet that was pretty cool.

  10. It was really cool. They create part of the cocoon and use leaves or whatever else to make them. They sleep over the winter and come out in the spring. They felt like paper bags feel. If you held them and made them warmer you could actually feel the little guys moving around inside!

  11. Very interesting moth --I'm sure sidekick would've loved to catch him. Don't worry we got rid of his butterfly catching net:0) Really nice today but super windy --it is drying out fast so I don't know how many more good weeds I'll get pulled today.

  12. Hi Skeeter --I have been behind on the posts. But, our wagon is the big yellow one from Lowes -the sidees come down. I love that thing! It sounds like your beauty is doing good --mine could use a little turtle wax --I had it on three wheels the other day --no NOT intentionally. LOL I was trying to squeeze in by some tree stumps --won't try that anytime soon. Poor red beauty was probably as scared as me:)
    Hi Tina -just a reminder today is Progress Report day for us. See you all later! Hi Jean, Lola, Nina!

  13. Hello All,
    What a lovely moth. I've never seen one only in pics. I think the dots are to confuse the enemy to look like eyes.
    FROST predictions for tonight??? That's unusual isn't it? Late!!

    Dawn, hope you find out what kind of bird you have there. You have my interest peaked.

    Jean, hope you don't start having fires up your way. Nasty, brush or wild fires. Not safe at all. Hard to believe you are that dry after all the snow.

    Tried to do some garden work but this stupid allergy or cold or whatever it is sure puts a damper on things. Plus just a tad of shower. Did manage to get aloes re potted.

    Sure hope my babies oil dip stick came in today. Had to order it. Young'un will pick it up if it did. Hoses are next for her. Shoes later.

    Have fun all. Smile.

  14. Jean,

    Thank you for the sweet card...I am not sure I can convey to you and Tina how much I appreciate you both in my life.


  15. I am with Lola about Dawn's orange bird...curiosity killed the cat....

    Ditto to you Gail. These blogs are just the greatest things!

  16. You've been tagged for a meme!


  17. We had half inch of rain so it kept me in the house. Cleaned 15 windows inside and out! We are getting new windows and here I go cleaning the old ones! LOL. Saint thinks I am nuts... oh well, dont want anyone accusing me of having a dirty house... Ha ha....

    Sure does feel nice with that cool breeze coming in the windows. Weatherman says we may have 39 temp! That is so not right this time of year...

    I peeked in on the garden and the beans and zucchini are popping out! Yeah, I planted them from seed so I’m excited about that...

    Time for something to eat…

  18. Hello Everyone, Back home and back to work! We had a great weekend celebrating Sarah's birthday. Her team played a good game Friday night. Tina this was her eighth birthday.

    Tina, I have seen the luna moth and thought they were rather eerie looking!

    I am taking a big risk tonight and not covering anything. They are saying scattered frost, so maybe we'll be lucky and not get any.

  19. Skeeter I have heard of people cleaning before the cleaning lady comes and making your bed in a motel (now that I have done but no more) but did'nt know it was you!!

    Welcome back Nina. Glad you had a good time. We grannies have a way of making that happen! :=)

    We have gotten a good steady, gentle rain since middle of afternoon with some scattered hard rain. So that is good news. Sun comes back in the morning.

  20. Hi all, Busy night at Carrabbas with my aunt and uncle. Such a cool restaurant and delicious food! Skeeter, it looks just like your post! I had to try it out.

    Christine, That would be SO cool feeling the caterpillar move around.

    Anonymous, What would I do without you keeping me up on what the Jimster is up too? I know he is wondering how I know today is progress report day. We'll keep him guessing. :)

    Gail, You are welcomed and we appreciate you too!

    Mom, Dawn and Jack of all trades are going to work on a post on their bird. I gave them a hint...

    SuzyQ, Thanks for thinking of me but I have been tagged and am going to politely bow out? Still blogging friends? I hope so.

    Skeeter, Quit cleaning the old windows! I agree with the Saint...not worth it if they are leaving! Glad for your rain. We had a bit too.

    Nina, Welcome back! Glad you are safe and happy and I do hope you told Sarah happy birthday from your blogging friends! I'm not covering anything either. Cross your fingers.

  21. Yep, you were right Tina, who knew? I'm pretty lucky according to the data. Look for a post full of interesting fact on my orange friend.

  22. I sent the invite. Any day but Sunday and just let me know ahead of time so I won't post. Have fun. Looking forward to reading about your friend.

  23. Hi Tina and everyone:0) It turned out to be a great day to pull the rest of the weeds --just making room for some more weeds with this rain:0) We had scattered rain showers on and off but nothing significant. Welcome back Nina --glad you had fun with Sarah --a great age if you ask me --still cute enough to hug and shop with:) Skeeter --I'm sure the window people will be smiling --maybe they can take them as a trade in considering they are all spruced up:) Hoping no frost tonight --I'm not covering anything --
    Hi Lola --glad you had fun with the boys this past weekend --they sure keep you hopping.
    Hi Jean --hope all is well up your way --my Aunt in PA said quite a few flowers are starting to bud up --they should have the lilacs in early to mid May --lucky ducks:)
    Well, off to bed --see you all later.

  24. Lola, How are you? Tired and tuckered from all that gardening or from allergies? I keep telling the Jimster he has allergies. Pollen is everywhere here, but I have never seen it worse than it was in Germany. Very thick there. Did your baby get his oil stick? I hope so. I am mailing you a little box out NLT Wednesday.

  25. Anonymous, I agree, weeding to make room for more weeds! It never ends. I'm not covering either and think the tree cover will help us. Cross your fingers. Talk to you tomorrow!

  26. Tina I am glad you got to go to that great looking restaurant. Usually Uncle Rick likes the buffets. Has he seen a doctor yet?
    If he improves as much as last year they may take him of the transplant list so not sure what I wish for. Well anyway, tell my brother hi and good luck and Mits.

    Oh Sketter it sounds like Dawn's orange friend might be what you and I both mentioned but did'nt think it came this far. Must be the global warming.

    Wow Tina I am amazed about the pollen in Germany as both times I was there I never saw any and it is so lush and green with nice weather.

    Anoymous it is really starting to look like spring here. All my
    Forsythia bushes are in full bloom.
    And oh boy, the one down back this year is probably close to 20 feet
    long and almost a high. It has been very big for several years but this year I think it doubled in size. I keep looking out to see if I was dreaming! The trees are full of bursting buds. The DD'S are blooming and Tulips will follow before long. Our Lilacs usually bloom by mid May, if not before. I have several vases of Forsythia in the house now but will not get anymore as they don't last long in the house once they are in full bloom. So when they are gone I should be able to bring in some lilacs and force em opened. Can't wait!!

    Tina the global warming must all be up here or mother nature does not know it is almost May. I will keep my fingers crossed for you folks.

  27. Hi Mom, Just getting ready to hit the sack! The adjacent property owner's had a home inspector over there today. I know the realtor too as he and I went thru the tree class together. Nice guy. He liked my garden. I think the house has sold!!! Yahoo!

    Uncle Rick and Mishi are fine. The dinner at Carrabbas was ever so good. He had told me to find a restaurant and we usually do a restaurant when he comes. He does like Crazy buffet but I don't think there is one here. Since I wanted to try Carrabbas after Skeeter's post, Uncle said it is ok. I told him we talk each day and he should check in too.

    I think maybe the pollen came before you came to Germany. Not sure. It was always way thicker. Seemed like 1/8 of inch or so. Measureable for sure so I don't complain about it here. It doesn't bother me. The poison ivy does though and that is already up.

    Sure enjoyed your walk thru spring in Maine. I think all the rains you all got last year maybe helped this spring. It has been nice here but we didn't have the rains. Not sure the reason. When we came up there last May, the lilacs and rhodies were blooming gloriously. Loved it all. Especially the delphiniums. Something I haven't tried here in Tennessee since they are reportedly short lived here. They are such a pretty blue. You'll have to take lots of pictures to share. ttyl. Goodnight for sure. Finals tomorrow and a few errands in the morning.

  28. Gee Tina, I had forgotten about the pollen in Germany. I reckon because it is so much worse here in GA... I am glad you enjoyed Carrabba’s.

    Jean, when in a hotel, I deny Maid Service and yes, I make up my own bed. Many times we had our cat (Skeeter) with us and I did not want anyone possibly letting him out of the room. So I guess I just got use to not having Maid Service. My mom laughs at me... LOL... I was cleaning the windows in case they can reuse them. They are not that bad just not the energy saving ones we will be getting. Plus the new ones lean inside to clean.

    If that is the same bird I was thinking about, it is way off track. I will be waiting in anticipation for the posting and picture!

  29. Yes the Delphinums are a very pretty plant and Nana always grew them Tina.

    Skeeter I don't blame you for refusing maid service when you had your precious Skeeter with you but don't do it anymore. It is just lost pay for the maids. If the windows can be reused by the time they take them outta your house and they lay around a bit and get put back in some place else they sure will need washing again anyway
    so take a break for yourself instead of wasting all that energy!

  30. Tina, I think my allergy problem was from the smoke from the guns at Pioneer Day. I noticed then it was real thick & smelled really loud. If it had been from anything else I would have already had some symtons. Glad you got a chance to try out that restaurant. My baby got her dip stick but it won't go all the way in. ????? Still doing some garden work as I can. Yesterday I finally got the aloes re potted between showers. Had to put gloves on as they sure did a number on my hands & arms. Will try to get camera from Young'un & take some pics for you.
    Yeh, Skeeter let the maids do their job & leave the windows alone. When I had mine replaced they broke all of them. I picked glass up or months.
    Later, maybe.