Monday, April 14, 2008

Magenta: The Garden DayGlow Orange

Magenta in the garden can be so hard to work with. This time of year is when you see ALOT of magenta in the garden. This color owes its fame in the garden to the redbuds, aka Cercis canadensis; which are blooming prolifically this year.

I love redbuds, but I can honestly say I don't like this color in the garden. It is like a dayglow orange to me. A very jarring color in the garden indeed. How does one coordinate it? It is not even a pleasant lilac color like the lilacs pictured in the first picture, or a sweet pink like the tulip magnolia in the fourth picture. No, it is the dayglow orange of garden colors. Truly.
The redbuds are beautiful. A favorite small tree of mine. I can't help but notice them everywhere-mostly in others gardens. I have had a desire for redbuds but despite having a ton a trees in my garden, NONE were redbuds. No, I got stuck with dumb old dogwoods (Cornus floridus), some great oaks, a few cedars (Juniperous virginana), and some wild cherries (Yuck!). I don't like the dogwoods because mine are all diseased and/or damaged. They have only bloomed beautifully once the whole seven years I have lived here.

Now, the redbuds on the other hand, seem unflappable. Nearly every year is a good year. Not every, but nearly. I finally have a few redbuds of my own. The 'Lavender Twist' redbud was a bargain purchase last summer from Rural King. I am thrilled to see it bloom-magenta or not! That is it in the second picture. It has the curvy trunk and will get no taller than about six feet, though it will grow wider.

The problem with the redbuds is that the magenta color of the bloom stands out SO much it can clash with other spring blooming plants and trees, but doesn't it say, "SPRING!"?

Another spring blooming beauty; which gives the appearance of being magenta colored, is the Tulip Magnolia (Magnolia souligiana). This lovely tree is a reliable bloomer each year. Unfortunately, it usually blooms before the last frost or freeze. Not this year! No complaints from me at all! They are so splendid and are easy to match and not as jarring as the redbuds!

Be smart about where you plant this spring beauty. It is NOT a good foundation plant. The Tulip magnolia is actually a tree; which can get quite large. I couldn't help but snap a picture of this speciman in an established neighborhood. Isn't it beautiful? The flowers are actually pink and white but do tend to lean toward the magenta color at times. I think this tree gets along well with all spring blooming beauties, better than the redbud.

One kind of magenta like color I do not want to see in the garden is the kind painted prominently on this house chimney and back door. I can truly say the color scheme caught my eye! Maybe the homeowner was trying to match the tulip magnolia located right around the corner from his house? Or maybe he really likes the color of redbud blooms, as it is a close match. Not sure, but it is different, and I think difficult to fit into the garden. What colors do you all find difficult to match in your garden?

This last picture is of my little 'Forest Pansy' redbud growing in a small garden in my front yard. Can you say Tina really does not know how to design? I am okay with pink and orange, red and pink, and just about every color combination you can think of, but this Forest Pansy with the red tulips just does not do it for me at all. I really think it clashes way too much, but, it does still say Spring! It will change I promise. The tree will stay and hopefully grow a bit faster, but the tulip days are numbered.

in the garden....


  1. Good morning, off to school. Wow, that house chimney was something. Peptobismol came to mind, lol. The flowering trees are just beautiful this time of year. See you!

  2. I love the combination of "dayglow orange" and blue. :) Your redbud is beautiful -- at this point, *anything* that blooms is okay by me! :) The chimey? Not so much.

  3. OK, I have to agree with everybody, that chimney? Ewwww.

    The Magnolias have just started blooming here this weekend and I'm wondering how many gotten frozen last night. I think I'll avert my eyes as I drive around today :-(

  4. Hi Tina, too bad about your dumb old dogwoods, maybe get rid of them and try new varieties, disease resistant, like the cornus kousas. We have redbuds out the wazoo, seedlings everywhere. I am fine with the color, but they seed so prolifically, as do the dogwoods, maples, cherries, oaks. We seem to have the same trees. My forest pansy was damaged by a fallen limb from the pines, but it still alive and blooming even. For your color problem, adding white and/of blue, candytuft and ajuga come to mind, will bring that combination together better. Think warm thoughts.

  5. I love the redbuds. I guess I disagree and think that the color does match well in the garden. But if you don't want that color you could get the white flowering redbud. Cerci canadensis var. alba. Those look pretty good too. And the chimney would have to go, or at least the paint would. I guess I would rather have the redbuds than the tulips from your last picture!

  6. Any color would be great for me, still just snow up here.
    Tina, did you get the pics? I'll resend them to both if you haven't.

  7. Good morning everyone! I think everyone agrees that chimney needs to go! It is too much.

    Anonymous-TCAP this week. No homework-yahoo! Have a great day in the garden. That's where I'll be.

    Nancy J. Bond, I with you, anything that blooms is awesome-but I am having difficulty with this color for some reason. Redbuds don't grow in Canada do they? That's ok, you have maples.

    Melanie, Thanks for dropping by. I hope your magnolias didn't suffer too much damage. Hate it when that happens. I'm with you-yuck chimney and door! Think the owner was making a statement?

    Frances, I think we may not only have many of the same trees but may garden a lot alike, though I don't think I know nearly as much as you. I am learning though so someday both me and my garden may catch up. lol I do have cornus kouse 'Wolf Eyes'. This dogwood I like. Normally I love all dogwoods, but the ones I had in this yard are awful! Even when they do bloom nicely, I never get the red berries. They are going away. I am a bit concerned about seedlings as I have heard redbuds are prolific, but will give them away I guess. Want some more?:) Someday?

    Dave, It is so alright to disagree! I do love redbuds but I think they are hard to match-but it can be done. Not with these tulips-guess I can't offer them to you? The Forest Pansy has to stay. I hope it finally begins growing since it has finally graced me with a bloom. It is three years old. Discount buy. I need to try a white redbud. I have never seen one but know of it. Wonder where I can find it and do you think it will do as well as the purple? Seems to be not so common.

  8. I agree about the dogwoods. I have 2 in my front yard that a family friend planted when my dad died. They have done okay until this year, now I have one in full bloom and the other one is dead. Uggg, now I have to get it out of that flower bed and do something different there since it is my fathers memorial garden.

  9. Jillybean, Did your dad love dogwoods and that is why the family friend planted them? Rip out the dead one and get a nice quality Cornus Kousa, the Korean dogwood. They work so much better and are more drought tolerant. I think much prettier too. Such a shame they die and are affected by disease and drought. Hope you are doing well and Happy Birthday to you again!

  10. Good Morning Tina, Do you suppose the homeowner was trying to antagonise a neighbor?

    I personally think any color in a garden is o.k. I planted a redbud and a pink dogwood in 1993 (as a memorial) They grew very nicely, but didnot bloom until spring of 2005.

    The redbuds are really pretty this year. Tina have you driven hwy 149 lately to see the view?

  11. Wow, I think the homeowner found the paint on sell at a bargain price while on a strict budget! LOL...

    I like redbuds but we dont seem to have many around this part of GA. I agree that with a few more colors, that the tulips and redbud will work Tina.

    I have never seen such a beautiful Tulip Magnolia before!

    Our dogwood blossoms are falling off the trees now. Sure were outstanding this year. Hope you have the same success in TN... Woods starting to fill up with green tree leaves.

    Just returned from a quick trip to Wally World with the Saint. He is playing hooky this morning from work. I picked up 2 ferns for the stumps in the backyard. I will not put them out until I know for sure we will not have that freezing temp Wed morning like the weatherman keeps reporting... Was going to pick up some bargain Azaleas at $1.95 each but they were not marked as to what color they were. I could see me coming home with what I think is all one color and grouping them under the Crepe Myrtle to find out later on that one or two of the colors are odd balls! arggg. Will try elsewhere later today as I have it on my mind to plant some...

    Good luck with testing Anonymous…

  12. Good morning to all. Tina I think the colors are fine but maybe just some white would look good with them.

    The chimney is about as horrid as it gets!

    I am late today as it was bird cage cleaning day. Love my birds but hate the mess and birds are messy for sure!

    Hi BJ in the second pic and bty I like seeing BJ by your name now, been meaning to tell you that and I say hi to him every time I log on here.
    as can be!

  13. Dawn, We posted about the same time above. That is why I never saw your comment. I have this bad habit of only scrolling to where I see my name and stopping. I got the pics! So nice of you to send them right away. Zack did a good job. I may post the one of Josh and Bri as I love that one most.

    Hi Nina, I don't know about antagonizing the neighbors, most folks here are ok with their neighbors; which is good since they live so close together. But it would sure seem that way to me! But it would also be a reflection on him too. Not a great one at all.

    I have not been down 149. It is out Palmyra way right? Are there many scenic views? I am been swamped in the garden. I just can't get as much done as I used to, now throw in weeds and lawn mowing and before you know it, the time is gone.

    12 years is a long time for dogwood to finally bloom. Is it gorgeous this year? I think memorial gardens are special. A way to find peace.

    Hi Skeeter, It is so neat hearing about spring from you and seeing the waves of how it hits all across the nation. I am surprised redbuds are not so prevalent down there. That is what my friend said when she came from southern MS one year and they were blooming. She was not a gardener but sure loved the purple redbuds. Where did that name come from anyhow? The buds are not red.

    Those tulip magnolias are huge and so floriferous this year. I had never seen one so nice either so I am glad I snapped it. Just about everyone has one planted next to thier house here in TN and they really get too big, cute when small though.

    Saint playing hooky....are you putting him to work in the garden? Maybe some more trees to cut down? Did you say the elephant ears are coming up?

    Good morning Mom, Did you see Christine finally came on here? She posted as anonymous but the Mom caught my eye right away. She signed it but since she mentioned Bella girl I knew it was her.

    Your bird cage cleaning reminds me of mine and my two fertilizer bunnies. They are such a pain! I think the one is diabetic. He drinks like crazy and is very rambunctious. They really do have a personality. Just wish they could clean their own cages. Do you clean 2 or 3 cages? Lotsa work.

    Yes, I had to add a pic and since BJ is my gardening partner and doesn't protest too much the fact I put his mug on here, he was the perfect target. Ball and all! We got them shaved this weekend and my neighbor did not even recognize him as he ran into her yard. She has decided to get rid of the two pit bull mix puppies and got two more puppies-six dogs now! Love my neighbor but too many dogs and I think she will have a hard time getting rid of the pit bull pups. One bit Janet. Not cool. Fortunately they are good neighbors too and didn't complain. Good thing that other than bruising and swelling, there were no puncture wounds. Very skittish pups, though kind of cute. You know I don't much like dogs that bite. That is why I have the goldens, though that stinky Link will bite. Bad dog!

    You have been busy commenting on blogs this morning. Good for you! I know the bloggers appreciate it. So many love comments and don't blog only for comments, but they are nice. Truly. ttyl Back to the cold garden. Busy wrapping comforters around Japanese maples. I started with out front so you can imagine the talk about my yard now. Comforters on plants???? I don't care about anything else, just the Japanese Maples. One night shouldn't be too bad though. Cross your fingers!

  14. The Saint only played hooky this morning. The internet was down in his office building so he took advantage to get to Wally World for tire rotation and balancing! Free with purchased tires from 10,000 miles ago. I went with him to get the Azaleas but with no luck due to lack of color info.

    Yep the Elephant ears are coming up and fairly quick too. They were nipped during cold snap but made a come back. I hope we dont get the freezing night they are calling for tomorrow night. Will keep eye on Weatherman and get out the sheets as need be. The maples will be the main thing to save. I have not gotten anything into the garden as of yet, so I am lucky there but may cover the elephant ears. Glads are coming up too. I dont have too much luck with them as I planted 12 and that first year they did great then only about 6 returned last year and this year it looks like only 4 are coming up so far. I think the Vole may have munched on them...

    We ran to Lowes today to see if they had any Azaleas on sale and sure enough they did. I came home with 8 Girard's Christina 1 gallon size. They are a pink color. Found them for $2.50 each and they were larger then the ones at Wally World plus had blooms on them! Also came home with 3 Purple Emperor Sedum and 3 Croftway yellow Sovereign Cape Fuchsia. Never had either of them before but decided to give them a try as they looked so pretty in the garden center! Saint got me a telescopic tri-pod watering sprinkler! And we also picked up some Post Hole diggers. My dad uses them to dig holes for plants and we thought that was better then a shovel so we picked up a set. Then I found two small different type ivy’s. One will go into a little pot with a trellis for the porch and I will put one into a hole in a tree stump in the back yard. They did not have small ferns and that is what I really wanted for the tree stump. Oh well, I am in the mood to plant and ready to get into the yard! Will wait for this cold front then in the yard I go... Yippee, I love digging in the dirt...

  15. Forgot to say, the Saint went back to work by 10:30 this morning so not a full hooky day... LOL...

  16. I liked the one of Josh and Brian together too. Glad to see Christy post, maybe she'll do it more often now.
    Lonnnng day today, I have new sneaks and we all know what new shoes do, food shopping tom. Think I might make it a early bedtime.

  17. Geez I don't see where Christy was on here. Frances was saying this morning that blooger was messing us, maybe it messed that up for me cause I do not see it here and did not get it on gmail either. Wonder how many more I missed. She had called me and said she could not get on the site so I told her you were not with the newspaper any more and gave her the new link.

    BTW....Lola had sent an animated birthday card last week for Josh and I did show it to him. They were ready to go home when I did and he was really tired but he did laugh at it. It was a Tweety Bird (and I love Tweety Bird myself) I hope Lola is doing okay esp since it is her birthday. Hope we hear from her before long.

    Also Hope Gail is okay and my thoughts are with her also as it sounds like her mother may have had another turn.

    Skeeter thanks so much, I just got my CD today. I am sure we will enjoy it a lot. I had sent you a get well card as well as a birthday cards so was wondering if you got them. Our little dinky post office can do some crazy things sometines! Again, much thanks.

  18. We are up to 12 votes already-yahoo! Happy to see folks voicing their opinions. So far it seems everyone is along the same path. Now I wonder what would happen if I put up Barack vs Hillary? Nope, can't/won't do it-no worries!

    Skeeter, I have done like Frances and Gail said "The draping of the south!" Only Japanese maples and houseplants; which I foolishly moved outside already. About 15 sheets with a comforter and two blankets thrown in for good measure. Hope it works. I bet your stuff will be ok. They keep adjusting the temp but it sure feels COLD and it is clear already.

    The Girards will look great under the crepe. Good thing you didn't go with ones at Wal-mart. I have a bunch of glads I just gave away at the Master Gardener meeting. I will save some for you too, pretty pink ones I can't get rid of! I love them but they keep coming up and I am ready for them to move or not die-they refuse. Neat idea using post hole diggers for a hole for a plant. I think it would work great and I find them easier than a shovel sometimes.

    Dawn, Does your leg hurt on long days? I know mine hurt and I don't even have new shoes. Ibuprofen is calling. You get some sleep. Did you tell Zack I said thanks?

    I meant to say I hate that trimester schedule the schools up there have. Really hate it. It caused Brian some problems when he came back in 99 with grades. But it didn't affect him back in Germany. Lucky. Why does the elem school have semesters and high schools trimesters? Mom, do you know? Weird.

    Anyhow, concentrate on no damage tonight for us gardeners. We know there is a light freeze expected and I personally think I may be overreacting since the damage from last year, but it is to be expected. So much work to go down the drain.

  19. IE is shutting down on my again. It only happens at night. Mom, Christine came on the I've Got My Brand Post.

    It was so nice of Lola to send Josh a card and of you to send Skeeter a card. Yes, I hope she and Gail are ok. ttyl before it shuts me down again!

  20. Hello Everyone,
    I hope all had a very enjoyable weekend. Hopefully the weather will not damage the hard work that everyone did.
    It is rather cool here & expect a couple more days of this type weather. I did notice that Caladiums, elephant ears, potted Hosta & a few others were poking their little heads up from the winters nap. Dogwood, azalea, wild plum have finished. Now's the time to trim the Azalea or other wise cut next yrs. blooms off. That will be next big project. Did get another project done that I had wanted--that was to change the pots on either side of shed door. The jasmine is blooming & that's all
    you can smell when you enter my backyard. It's nice to sit in swing & smell that delicious smell.
    Voodoo Lily is finishing up. Funny, it didn't smell when it bloomed out of the soil, but this yr. it bloomed in the soil, boy did it stink. Like rotten meat. Oh well it's a strange unusual plant.

    Seems I have missed a lot of good posts & comments. Will take a few minutes to catch up.

    Thank you Skeeter for your thoughtfulness. May you be Blessed.

    May all of you have a peaceful, restful night & a very beautiful day tomorrow.

  21. Hi Tina --I went out today and took a few pictures of my really nice blooming flowers just in case. I asked hubby if he could cover my lilac bushes:) He said he might. Hi Skeeter --they pushed back the testing by a day. They had some sort of incident happen over the weekend so it all starts tomorrow. I'll be at the zoo with the girl model and side kick. I really don't care much for the zoo but will get to take in the flowers and plants:) Hi Jean --I'm sure you had fun with baby on his first birthday --so cute at that age.
    Hi Lola --nice to see you back and glad you are enjoying the smell of jasmine. My lilacs have been treating me to a lovely smell.
    Hi Dawn and Nina too! I must get off here --busy day today --some shopping and library time for us. I try to hurry but always spend way too much time at the library --just too many books to choose from -will it be Junie B., Arthur, Franklin, lol. I really get into these cool books, hahaha --okay maybe not me but the smaller two do:)

  22. Lola! You are back? Everything ok? We are all happy to see you back and hear how your Florida garden is going. Cold, really cold here. Feels like winter again. Welcome back!

    Anonymous, Thank goodness you tell me all about school, otherwise I'd never know!

    Have fun at the zoo. It is a very nice zoo. I like the bamboo forest the best. But you can learn so much about plants from there.

    Your lilac picture is so good. They have done awesomely this year. I had two out of my four bloom. Sigh, maybe next year all four! Tell the girl model hi and I love her decorations in her room! Say hi to sidekick to and I know he will make you proud.

  23. Hi Guys,
    I did not make the early bedtime, oh well. I had to watch the red sox, good game, they just pulled it out, barely. Wanted to welcome Lola back! I wondered......if the voodoo plant was like the corspe plant, stinky. I think the corspe plant only blooms every 10 years but, boy! The blooms look alike! Voodoo on the smaller scale though. The corspe plant smells, just like you would think. Ugh. I like the one of a kind.
    Nite, this time for real.

  24. Thanks All,
    Tina, things are ok. Things happen. Life goes on.
    I was watching the weather as my granddaughter & the boys are up that way. I told her she better pack warm clothes--she had shorts packed--summer stuff. She was to stop in Music City to see MIL, then to McK & area. Spring break here. I worry.

    Voodoo not bad unless you get really close. The unpleasant smell is to attract flies & bugs. Don't know the reason for that. Will have to research that. Boy, 10 yrs. to wait for a bloom!!!!

  25. Good morning all!
    Dawn, did you finally get to bed and rest those sore aching feet?

    Lola, I think the reason the voodoo plant attracts flies and probably beetles is for pollination. Each plant needs a specific pollinator to produce seeds.

    We had a frost, light one in my garden but enough to freeze a few things that I believe will all recover nicely. The Japanese maples are telling me to take off their covering....gotta go.

  26. Yep, funny how just changing shoes can reak havoc, off to food shop.

  27. Welcome back Lola! Glad to see you again. Hope all is well with your family situations...

    I dont need a stinky plant, I have cat litter box to deal with each day. That is stinky enough for me! LOL...

    Glad the garden survived Tina. We need to be on the lookout tonight. I think I will bring the 4 hanging baskets in from the porch and also cover up the maples and elephant ears.

  28. You are right about the Voodoo plant Tina.

    Same reason Dawn, Corpse or Voodoo it's the same.

    I understand the cat litter box Skeeter. Sometimes they can get a little rough.

    I hope no one had any real damage from the frost & or freeze.

    Sadly another lose in the family but not close to this one, but will go to services. They say it happens in 3's.

  29. dawn-have fun food shopping. fill up that new house.

    skeeter-you'll be ok. i even left out my houseplants and no damage! lucky me!

    lola-sorry about your losses! so very sorry.

  30. Lola, I am praying for a stop at 3...