Sunday, April 6, 2008

Guest Bloggers

Hi Everyone!
Just a short note to let you all know I am asking some of my regular commenters to post on here as guests. I have mentioned it a few times before and have finally made the leap starting with Skeeter. I am unable to load her pictures so this is as good a time as any!

I will still post daily but have always said this blog is not just about me and my garden. It is about the commenters and readers-and specifically about the commenters, since commenters DO make a blog.

If you are a commenter and already have a blog, I am most likely reading it and commenting on it too. You are welcomed to let me know if you want to post on here, but mainly I will be asking my commenters who do not already have a blog.

If I haven't already spoken with you-don't worry-I will. Sometimes it is better you share your pictures and information with the readers since you know better what is going on. If you don't want to, that is perfectly fine to! Don't be afraid to tell me no thank you when I ask.

in the garden....on a trip to the zoo on this lovely day.


  1. Well don'teven think about speaking to me about it cause a writer, I'm not!

    But I do love zoos. You are near Ohio and that is a Great zoo. Jack Hanna. My favorite is the one in Washington, DC, maybe cause I have been to several times.

    Yes Dawn next Sunday. I will call Sarah and get back to you on the time.

  2. Mom, You are too funny! You can read and comment and that will be fine. But if and when you get a digital and want to talk-let me know. In the meantime I can post like I have. ttyl

  3. I wouldn't mind posting on the lady slipper or yellow birch.
    Just will be awhile before anything flowers.

  4. Dawn, You bet! I have already asked you quite a while ago. Just give me a head's up. I have to send you an invite from here. I am waiting to see if invitees stay on Blogger after that or what happens then I can take it from there. Just let me know!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Tina,

    Hi, back in town, too tired to post. Just wanted to say hey...It was a great time.

    This is a good idea for your post!


  7. Hey Gail, Get some rest, will talk to you tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    If the spammers don't stop spamming, I am probably going to have to put the word verification on this blog. Head's up. This is the second one this week.

  8. Hey you all, If you read a comment that says click here, DO NOT click on it. I will delete it right away. Thanks.

  9. I went to the persons name, then site. I had a microsoft window pull up and do a scan? Wanted to download antivirus ware, over and over and over. I promptly shut off the 'puter by the button. When I reloaded it gave me mail I should of had eariler in the day. Don't know if the 'puter is updating or what? Everythind seems a-okay

  10. Wow what a day of purse hunting. Finally settled for a small camera bag. Will have both cameras with us. I had my first solid food today. You will never guess, A darn Krystal Burger! LOL Soft and small and it did the trick but the onions gave me such a dry mouth! Gum worked but had to be real careful chewing it. Tonight I had angel hair pasta in olive oil and parm cheese! So I am on my way to real foods... Yeah, I just gave the flavored popsicles and juice boxes that I could not eat/drink (we dont eat/drink such things) to the neighbor kids as they called to ask for an egg, they were one short for something they are cooking.

    Okay, Tina has invited me to post and I will give it a try. Yall be kind as I may goof it with my first try.....

    Tina I love zoos, hope you had fun....

  11. Glad you had a good weekend Gail. I am sure you will post all about it so look forward to that.

    Dawn I did the same thing, even in the back of my mind I figured it was a spammer. DUH! So I shut puter down and started all over. Tina we can be good and click on it again.

    Skeeter it sounds like you are close to 100% so that is very good. Have a great day tomorrow!

  12. Dawn and Mom, Those comments like that are spammers. If it continues I will put a letter verification on here as I do not want anyone's computer to be harmed nor do I want to perpetuate the tricks. It will mean an extra step but is worth it. This is the second one this week. Some bloggers have a difficult time with spammers and some don't. Not sure the criteria but I do think people are behind it and it is BS! If it continues I may add that step-head's up! Don't click on someone that leaves something silly like that. Most who comment are legit and you will know by their words. Okay?

    Skeeter, Angel hair pasta and olive oil is so heavenly! It is a start. Before you know you will be 100% again. Have fun tomorrow with your new small purse.

    The zoo was not only a zoo but a Botanical Garden! How funny is that? I have a few pics and will most likely post about it later. It was fun. Just a small zoo but a nice thing to do on a lovely Sunday.

  13. Dawn, Jean, I did the same thing except I didn't turn puter off with button. Just x it out. So far things appear ok. Young'un will have a fit if anything goes wrong. He know I'm computer illiterate.

  14. Hey guys, You will know it is a spammer if you click on their name. That takes you to the profile and if the views are low you know they have no business on other people's blogs. Profile views are generally ok. If in doubt, ASK me first. Never click where someone says to click-NEVER! You must be wary on the computer, even on here. Many bad things out there in the virtual world. I may not always be able to get on here and delete those comments before you see them. This was the second with a different user name and profile but I am sure it is the same person. I will report the next one as each of these spam comments are set up by people and I hope they are caught and whatever!

    I am sure more will come and I will then be forced to add the letter verification but it is for the best. Just a small step that is simple to do. I do it all the time on blogs I comment on. I just guess some blogs are more attractive than others, though I don't see the big deal with mine and why ANYONE would want to spam a blog at all. Don't click on anything unless you know the person and it is safe or ask me. Okay?

  15. Tina I told you I got it....will not click on them again and I bet everone else got it also. But then again someone might come in that did not see the other ones. I knew better when I did it and figured it was a spammer but was curious to see what the spammer was all about.

  16. Mom, You CANNOT be curiuos and act on it. This is what keeps them going. It leads to no good.

  17. I was kinda curious too thats why I took the long way around, figured the "click here" was a spammer. April joiner with 83 views connected with Microsoft, if not, I shouda sent all the reports! Not again.

  18. l said aka Lola
    I thought it was a new commenter & wanted to see where they were from. Sure will watch from now on. It's a shame someone has to try to ruin a good thing.