Sunday, April 20, 2008

Restaurant or Garden?

Is this beautiful place a Restaurant or a Garden? I like to think of it as a Garden Restaurant!

I still recall the feeling of excitement when seeing Carrabba's Italian Grill for the first time! One cannot help but be captivated by the beautiful garden rooftop. I could not wait to get inside to see the greenery awaiting within. To my disappointment, the inside is filled with artificial plants. What a total let down that was for me. The yummy food makes up for the lack of decor inside!

This is a chain restaurant and I think there may be one in the Nashville area. I can only assume they are all displayed with beautiful greenery such as this one.

I bet they get lots of new customers due to this unique display of live plants. I know it gets our attention and business.

We usually keep this place as a treat for Special Occasions.

Every time we drive by the place, we are still mesmerized at the beauty. How do they keep it watered and so lush with green? I don't know but I do know one thing, I ready do admire this Restaurant or is it a Garden?


  1. It's a good restaurant but I don't see it as a garden. It's a good example of a green roof though.

  2. It is beautiful! I especially love the sculptural evergreens. I have never heard of it before. What kind of food does it specialize in?

  3. Wow! How IS that watered!?!
    I can see how it gets the extra business. What a nice asset, looks like two gardens (upper and lower) with the benefit of eating.

  4. No doubt it is a great looking place but I also would have espected the inside to be full of lush living plants. They should have named it the Garden Restaurant!

  5. Yes this lush green space does well to break up the huge paved parking lots of the surrounding businesses!

    I do wonder how they water it and keep it nicely trimmed. I can only assume they have a watering system plus a rooftop door to get to the area. Really pretty place but wish they did a bit with the inside décor.

    Tina, Italian food! Wood fired pizzas and the best side salad with their own creation of a dressing I ever ate!

    Too windy to risk burning in the pit so we will give the girls (cats) haircuts today. Oh boy, that is always fun! Off to Flying Fur-ville now…

  6. Hi Skeeter --that place is very nice --and hearing they make brickoven baked pizza like in Italy --you can bet I'd love to frequent that place:) Another very nice day today --not mowing since I did Thursday. Hubby finally took the crappy beds to put in the lake. They were so silly looking sitting in my yard, hahaha. A bunch of stick like things sticking up --so glad to see them move:) Hope you all are having a nice Sunday. See you later!

  7. E-Gads, my cats are naked! Fur cuts went as well as can be expected. LOL...

    Aching bodies from yesterday's yard work and from fighting squirming cats today. So rest for us the remainder of the day. Tomorrow, I will get back to the yard...

  8. I would expect the inside to be full of live plants too and maybe they have a sprinkler system installed? Or maybe these plants don't require much water?

    There is a whole horticultural industry I think called indoorscaping of professionals that take care of indoor plants and design the indoor areas. They need to hire one for indoors area at this restaurant to match the outside.

    Italian food sounds so yummy....I found Italian pizzas are not the same as American pizzas though.

    What are crappy beds anonymous?

    Fur'ville sounds like a good place to stay away from when the kitties are being shaved.

    Very nice day today! Anyone planting? We dug two yews. Or should I say the truck did as we had to pull them out with chains. Not pretty. Here's hoping they survive the trauma. They are probably about 30 years old. Very woody. I have to find a spot now. Freecyclers are so nice.

  9. I didn't do planting today although I'm tempted to pinch my pansies off so they will hurry up and bush up.
    Finished my commode. Tina, a commode is a cabinet with a small door, two drawers and another long one near the top. They have a towel bar rising from the back but some one removed mine. It came out nice but lots, and lots of back breaking work. Then I helped Jack of all trades with the dvd/cd rack, that too came out nice and is finished also.
    Nikki has company for the next two days. Zack to see the surgeon on tues. they reassured me there is nothing to do for this type of injury. He's begging to take the 1/2 cast off. Not til then.
    Goodnite all.

  10. Tina, those were some big Yews!

    We stayed out of the yard too. Clipping two cats takes the wind out of us. It is not a pretty sight around here during clippings. LOL.

    Dawn, what you are describing, we call those Wash Stands. Where a bowl and pitcher of water sat for washing off.... Keep that hand in cast until doctor says ohter wise. My dad did not listen to the doctor about a high school football injury and he still suffers today and wish he had listen to the doctor....

  11. Hi Tina -crappie beds are safe havens for the crappie to hide in/lay eggs and be safe from other fish. Of course, as a fisherman you would love to come upon a crappie bed area --you could really catch alot of fish. I guess it would've helped if I spelled it right, lol. And, I don't envy you Skeeter clipping your girls today --yowser! My mom washed there two dogs today and gave them the treatment --I guess to keep ticks and fleas off them. She said they were so happy and acting all prissy since they were cleaned up, lol. The daschund loves getting washed but the beagle doesn't --poor thing clawed mama up trying not to get clean. But, after all the struggling was happy to be clean:) Hubby took the boat up the lake today after church and Sunday school --only took the birthday boy with him --one on one time for the guys. The oldest had a project to work on for school and the smaller two were outside playing with me. We saw two very skinny bunnies by the cow pasture and lots of baby cows with there moms. I guess I should get things ready for the morning --school days, school days only a few more school days:0) See you!

  12. Dawn, Pinch those pansies and put some timed release fertilizer to them! They bush up quickly enough.

    What color did you stain your commode? I like the oaks and maples but cherry is nice too.

    Hope you and Zack have good news for his hand. I am sure it is not life threatening and he will recover soon enough.

    Skeeter, Knowing how hard it was to clip BJ, I couldn't imagine clipping cats. I can see where that would take some effort. Got my yews halfway planting. Now I am tieing some twine around a limb and praying over them they survive the trauma. It would be such a waste of our time if they do not. But it wouldn't be the first time. Got my first tick in the process. They are going to bad again this year! Watch out!

    Anonymous, Ah, did hubby put the crappie beds in a secret fishing spot so he'll have good luck? Seems like there are already alot of crappie here aren't there? Or maybe I am thinking of NC. Used to be TONS at the Rod and Gun club there. Did you all ever go there? Hope the b-day boy and dad caught some fish on the boat. Yes school tomorrow. The Jimster is OVER tired but will hopefully get a good night's sleep.

    Hi Lola, Mom, Christine, and everyone else on here! Good night!

  13. You found a tick Tina and we found a little brown scorpion under some wood yesterday! Also a dead Mole in the garden. Reckon that cat next door did that good deed but I did not think of the two baby chickadees I found dead as a good deed! Sniff sniff...

    At our lake they ask for Christmas trees after Christmas is over. They tie cinder blocks to them and sink them into the lake for fish coverage. They mark some of the spots for people to fish. Another way of recycling.

    I hope to have a full day in the yard tomorrow. Night all...

  14. Hi Tina --crappie are really good here and we did catch alot of them in NC too. Have to hit it just right --temperature etc and of course find a crappie bed:) And, Skeeter hubby has done that too --old Christmas trees in the lake for fish coverage. It is a great way to recycle the trees --around here they mulch them up and use them around Dunbar Cave --on the trails. They smell so good when you drive by and they just mulch them up:)

  15. I knew Dunbar Cave did that. My parents live near there so I see the trees piling up when I am home after Christmas Day. Our Home Depot also takes in Christmas trees to mulch. Drop off a tree and take home a load of mulch! Good deal indeed… I am always sad to see the trees still in the bay that no one bought for Christmas. I think what a waste that poor tree did not need to be cut down…

  16. Anonymous, I forgot to tell you.
    The first time I ever went crappie fishing, the Saint had me all rigged up with two hooks and bait on one pole. I threw it in the water near some trees and caught two fish at the same time! I was so excited and then I never caught another one nor did he that day! Beginners luck! LOL...