Thursday, April 24, 2008

Planting Trees

I love trees! Did I say I love trees? I mean I really, really love trees. Trees are the backbone of our landscapes and serve to truly raise our quality of life by providing shade and protection, and by taking our wastes and making food and converting energy to oxygen; which is what we breathe! The first picture is but a sampling of some of the trees on my one acre lot. We are blessed with many oak trees and a few evergreen trees too. Last year my son Brian came to visit the first week of May. It was a sad sight which greeted him in Tennessee. We had no leaves on the trees. What you see above is more than what we had in May of last year and I am ever so grateful for the shade and leaves this year.

Dave at The Home Garden (see sidebar) is linking posts about planting trees so I thought I would join in. This year alone I have planted about eight trees. Four were coral bark Japanese maples and four were seedling redbuds given away by our extension agent. These little sticks haven't done anything as of yet, but I am still hopeful they will take. The coral barks have taken off. I finally figured out what it is I love so much about the Japanese maples, it is not the wonderful color of the leaves or the bark, nor is it their nice branching pattern, though that may be part of it. No, I really love Japanese maples because of the cool way all the leaves seem to lay horizontally. I really like that effect from these trees as I can't think of any other tree that does the same thing. See how the leaves on my little Japanese maple seem to all be horizontally laid out? Part of the effect is created by the branching pattern (probably all, but I can only see the leaves) and I really like it in my landscape.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing all of the posts Dave links to concerning planting trees. Here is to happy tree planting!

in the garden....


  1. I also love trees and it would shock you to know how many people do not know all the good things that trees do for us and I DO MEAN SHOCKED!!Then there are the nutcases that just don't care.

  2. Yes Mom. It is like that sometimes with people and all kinds of issues. That is life. Gotta go to the garden. The Jimster's school was locked down today. Wonder what happened? Again, people and situations! ttyl

  3. Tina,
    Are we to post about trees we planted then link to Dave? What a good idea!
    So glad your maples are thriving..they are delightful trees.

    I planted several trees...must write it up!


  4. Oh no!! Well he will be home before long and he will have a story to tell you that you can relay to us

    Hi Gail. Thought you musta been working on those bills when you had not been on or posted. LOL

  5. Yes, apparently a bank robbery or something. He didn't know why the school was locked down.

    Gail, Yes Dave said to have it up by tonight. Do get a post up!

    Where are all my other blogging buddies today? Lola? Dawn? Anonymous? Nina?

  6. Hi Tina --the lockdown doesn't always have to be a bad thing --thankfully. It is the one time I am happy when they lock my kiddos in the school, hahaha. Keep them critters safe from the outside for a bit. Posted on the grass thread --called your sister a babu --meant baby sis:) Really in a rush to get things started in the kitchen. It will be a late dinner for us --we are usually the 1700 crew but with guests it's pushed back a bit. See you!

  7. Hi Tina, had to make a run to g'ville. That is the closest I can now get my favorite pot soil. The local hardware stopped handling it. so now when I need any it's to G'ville. Took me 2 hrs. Arrrrgggg!!!!!

    I really like the post on trees--so much to learn.
    Good they have lock down now. Keeps kiddies safe till danger is past. A good thing.

    Hi Jean, Gail & anonymous. All others too. Missed some today.

    Not much time ingarden--over did it at beginning of week--now I'm paying.

  8. Hi Guys,
    arrrgghh, the pump on the fish tank leaked! Great, the water was 1/2'' lower this am. Anyhow, guess what I've been doing! Once I started with one floor, I couldn't stop. I got the water up and figured it might be a good thing, seens how the hallway rug is wool and no matter can NEVER stretch that kinda carpet to keep it fitting. Vacuuming creates ripples. Soooo, maybe the water will shrink it alittle. For a yellow vines, pale yellow background, you can't tell. Thank god!
    Tina, I think...jap. maples are the perferred tree for bonsi, they are the best because of growing horizontally and always recommended. I have two terra cotta trays, and hope to start a bonsi soon, jap maple and maybe juniper.
    I love trees, not a tree hugger though, although I've been known to interfer with our power company when it came to cutting. 3 great oaks are in my yard but I have mostly evergreens. Smell nice, stay green and give you perfect cones all the time, esp. for crafting, or just basket fillers.
    All of our trees are budding now, not too much flooding. In fact, high fire warnings today due to winds and dry conditions????
    Well gotta get the kid out of the tub, we will be planting the little trees this weekend. I hope.
    PS> I got my wine bottles, 3 green left over and I've found afew clear ones. Waiting for blue and red. I'm well on my way to my bottle tree!

  9. I love all trees but Sweet Gums! My favorites are the Bald Cypress and Japanese Maples.

    Another full day for me and still so much to do. Taking 3 weeks off for surgery really put me behind. The worse has been the weeds! I was on my hands and knees getting it out of the pea gravel and out of the garden. The Brown-eyed Susan’s were popping up all over the place as they seeded outside their planter. I moved a Lantana and peony and finally got the 8 azaleas in the ground! Not where I had intended for them to go but will be nice where I put them. I put the Caladium in the ground too. Tina, they are not doing anything. Maybe I had them too low in the pot, now in the ground and not so low. I mowed also and then had to give the mower a wash as it was so full of pollen from the pines a while back.

    Tomorrow the Saint is taking the day off and we will pressure wash the patio, and walkway. Love that water toy..

  10. Hey all,

    Anonymous, You have a good time cooking and entertaining tonight! We know you mean baby sis so don't worry. It is hard when you type fast and you have bunches to do. If you don't come back that is fine.

    Lola, Glad you got your favorite potting soil. It must be special to make a long trip! Sorry you are so sore but I tell you sometimes taking a break is a really good thing. I am about at that point. I washed my porch and rearranged it today. That was a big deal. Now maybe I can wash the wisteria arbor tomorrow then RELAX! You do so too and get to feeling better.

    Dawn, So sorry about he leaky pump. Was it pumping water out onto the floor? Maybe it will shrink the wool rug, doubt it though.

    I love bonsai and I hope you get into it. It seems so cool especially when you have a mature tree. I hear it is expensive. You are well on your way to a bottle tree and you should post about it once it is up. I will love to see it on here since it is not looking good for us to come up there.

    Skeeter, There is so much to do but it sounds like you are getting it done. Why didn't you put the azaleas under the crepe? You said that was the plan? My caladiums are doing next to nothing too. I planted 24 and three are showing. Sigh. That might be it. Maybe in the ground is better and I hope yours come. I am not happy about those caladiums or seed starting in general this year. Too much time for not so much to show.

    Have fun pressure washing tomorrow. A three day weekend sounds good to sit back and enjoy the garden.

  11. Good morning all...
    A sore back got me out of bed so time for me to relax on the yard work! Saint can do the pressure washing today without my help. I think I might sit and supervise. LOL...

    Tina, I just saw azaleas at a good price and got them. Did not look at the tags until home. The tags on this type says to plant them with morning sun on them and not full sunshine of afternoon. This myrtle is in the full sunny side of the yard. I could have put some in the front of it as the tree would shade it but did not think that would look as well as surrounding the entire tree. So opt for Plan B... They look good where I put them so I am happy with them...

    Have a good day everyone…

  12. Gosh, wish I knew the trick to azaleas, they have so many different colors. I've planted two and each one died no matter what I did for them. They are beautiful.

  13. Dawn up here in the north the azaleas need just the right spot.
    They need a part sun and part shade spot that is sheltered from the wind. They are a gorgeous shrub when in bloom but like the lilacs they do not last long. I love the orange and yellow as EVERYONE has the others. The Church Road and Plesant Hill Road is a good spot for viewing those colors.

  14. Hey all, I am not getting all the comments or maybe it is the fog of my headache. I know, wah wah. Azaleas are tempermental. What color are yours Skeeter?

    Dawn, If I lived in Maine I'd forget about the azaleas and do only rhodies. They are so awesome up there!

    Mom, I like the yellows and oranges too. Some of these are fragrant. I have three deciduous yellow/orange ones. They are less picky and do well in about any situation with good drainage, moisture and shade. I didn't realize there were so many azaleas in Maine. More of that forgetting.

  15. I love trees too. Some people might think I'm silly; here I am living out in the middle of the woods and I planted 21 seedlings yesterday. Does that make me a bit crazy???? Okay, maybe it does. I'm just looking for a little biodiversity....

  16. Cinj, What kind of 21 seedlings did you plant?? No, never crazy when it comes to growing and loving growing things, especially trees. Biodiversity is ALWAYS good..

  17. Tina, the azaleas i just bought are a redish color...

  18. Like the red but pinks and purples are my favorites in these. They will be lovely whereever you put them. In the woods right? You had mentioned you wanted to add some.

  19. I dont know what I am thinking Tina, they are not red but bright pink! Duh, brain cells fried from too much work. LOL I ended up putting them around the tool shed and patio area. 3 are behind one of the birdbaths. I think they will be pretty in time but will not get too large as these are the 3 by 3 foot types. These azaleas will coordinate with two I have in a small island in the white gravel that I think are the same type. The new ones are blooming now and I wonder if that will mean they will be late bloomers in the springs to come…?...

  20. Pink is good. Too much work? lol