Sunday, April 6, 2008

Springtime in Georgia by Skeeter

Hello from Georgia! Tina has invited me to write a posting. I am neither a writer nor a professional where gardening is concerned. But like so many people in this world, I enjoy playing in my yard and talking! I will not be professional by any means but hopefully you will enjoy my occasional postings with Tina. Thanks for inviting me Tina….

I snapped some pictures in the yard today before we headed to town. I am sharing three of my favorite shots of the day. I am not sure how to get them in any other order so until Tina assists me in this department, you will see the photos together in a row. Sorry, I am not too computer savvy but can at least get this on the sight. (I hope so anyway)

We have an island in the middle of our paved driveway. I cannot take credit for the plantings within as they were here when we purchased the house in 2001. The island consists of a Crepe Myrtle, Snowball bush, Nandina (which I did plant) and pink Azaleas. I love when they all bloom in sync with the white dogwoods of the woods in the background.

I snapped a close up of one of the snowballs. It is not completely white as of yet. It is a pretty color of greenish white but will be white soon. I played with a setting on the camera to focus on the snowball with the azalea in the background as a pink backdrop.

I went into the garden to see what was happening there and when I turned around to look at the lush purple Verbena, I spotted the island and dogwoods in the background. What a beautiful sight to the eyes. I think, if you click on each picture, it will become larger so you can really see the full impact.

We drove around town today enjoying the beautiful colors of spring time. I must say, this place has to be the most beautiful place I have ever lived during the spring. The Saint and I both agree that this has been the best year for Dogwood trees. They are popping on trees that we never knew were dogwoods in the woods! The azaleas have not been so lucky the past few years but they are still pretty also just not as perfect as the dogwoods this year…

Tomorrow we will be going to the Masters to see the golf course. We could care less about the game as it really does not interest either of us even though we do watch the final day of play. You kind of have to if you live in Augusta Georgia. They would throw us into the Savannah River if we didn’t. I have two cameras packed and lots of batteries for lots of beautiful pictures. I wish all my garden buddies could be with us. You were on my mind today while driving around taking in the beauty and you will be with me in spirit tomorrow also!


  1. Hey Skeeter, a very nice post. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Georgia is a beautiful state. In the area where my daughter lives, they really landscape their yards and even the shopping centers and streets are landscaped to the max.

    I'll agree that the trees and scrubs that have bloomed here are just beautiful this year. Very vivid colors. Our dogwoods are not in bloom as yet.

    Have a great day tomorrow, we have a trip to Nashville for a doctor appointment, which will be an all day affair!!

  2. Yeah, it posted the first try!

    Yes Nina. It is the same way around here. All business and homes really nicely landscaped. I think that is one of the reasons why we like living here so much. Well, that and all the parks, the lake and just plain nature!

    Hope the Dr appt is just routine and nothing serious, Good luck and try to have a bit of fun while in Nashville! Maybe a drive through one of the parks would be nice...

  3. Nina, Hope all goes well in Nashville. Try to get in a little R&R.

    Skeeter, What a gorgeous grouping of plants. One compliments the other. It looks like it is in wild nature---so natural. The little bit of red makes your eyes automatically go farther to see what is next.I enjoyed it all.

  4. What breathtaking pics, how pretty this grouping is, Jack of all trades agrees (even from farther away w/o his glasses!)
    Have fun at the masters tom.
    Nina, even though it's a dr appt, sounds like a good trip.
    Glad to see ya back Lola!

  5. Good post and pics Skeeter. What are you talking about girl? You are a very good writer!

    Be careful Nina and try to have a good day. Like the others said, try to have some fun also.

    Dawn Sarah said noon time. But have a snack cause she plans of having the party first and eating around 3pm

  6. Yes! Lovely post-couldn't have said it better myself! lol

    Skeeter emailed me and said before she knew it she had lots of words. It is like that with blogs, but sometimes you just need every single word! Skeeter every word counts and you did a GREAT job! Lovely pics-especially the snowball viburnum! And that close up is awesome!

    Hi Nina-glad to hear from you! Have a safe trip to Nashville, it is supposed to be nice tomorrow.

    Lola-missed you-glad you see you back!

    Hi Dawn and Mom!

  7. Thanks for the kind words on my first posting. Thanks Tina for putting the pictures where they belong! I will work on that next time. LOL....

    Bed time as we have a big day tomorrow. Will be back with full report on the World Famous National Golf course of Augusta Georgia when I can.....

  8. Have fun at the Masters! Good morning all!

  9. Great photos Skeeter and a very good post. Our verbena is starting to bloom also.

  10. Awesome pictures Skeeter!!!! Have fun today --

  11. skeeter,
    Great post and lovely photos...the last one is beautiful, wish my verbena was that far along!


  12. Lovely post. I love the snowball bush. It looks quite a bit livelier than mine did, but I suppose that's because it's a tad warmer there!

  13. Yes it is warm here in GA. We are wearing shorts and sandels now!

  14. Skeeter, What kind of camera did you use to take these pics. They sure are clear.

  15. I have a new camera that the Saint got me for my birthday Lola. It is a Cannon Power Shot SX100-IS with a 10 Optical zoom...

  16. I need a new camera too. My new battery has died already. urrrrrr!

  17. Sorry about that Tina.
    You just got a new one.
    Something does not sound right.
    Yep, it may be time for an upgrade...