Friday, April 25, 2008

What's the Point?

Mr. Fix-it and I were traveling the Indiana countryside recently and we came upon this cool garden. Cool is a word I like to use for the different and out of the ordinary. This garden fits the bill.

This farmhouse sitting off of a city road caught my eye from a distance. You know the Bette Midler song? From a distance.... Anyhow, what really caught my eye was not so much the farmhouse itself, but the huge immaculately groomed spruces surrounding the farmhouse and nearby barn.

This barn and farmhouse were what I thought classic examples of country architecture and are quite common in this area.

What wasn't common was the fact you could barely see the farmhouse itself due to these large 'pointed' trees. The landscape made me wonder what point the homeowner was trying to get across to his or her community and neighbors. Obviously this type of garden does not develop overnight and required many years of precise attention to detail and care. I really would've loved to knock on the door and ask the homeowner about the garden, but we were pressed for time so I will just have to ponder the point.

in the garden....


  1. Wow, sure is an interesting eye catcher!

    Do these trees grow like that or do they trim them? Trimming reminds me of the hedge that will need trimming soon. argggg

  2. These are so nice, ours can get that tall but most have spots where the heavy snow gets them. Maybe the farmers want the public to feel welcomed by seeing nature, refined nature!

  3. I am getting frustrated in the last 3 days many of my comments aren't posting!

    This is a good post and asks a great question (and it's fun, too)! and it makes me think of many other questions about houses and their landscapes.

    As Tim Allen said on his TV show...."More Power!"...there are people who just have to use those power tools~


  4. This is a very nice example of blending in with the scenery --of course that is what it looks like to me --they are blending in --don't want to stand out:) I like that look --so clean cut. Hope everyone has another great spring day --looks and feels great outside. The backyard is ready for another haircut --I really should keep track of how many haircuts it gets each summer, lol. I guess I could use my empty gas can as a counting device:0) Hubby made fish last night --everyone seemed to like it --it was the crappie they caught the other night. I have to get the girl model to eat something this morning --see you all later!

  5. Good morning! Short post today. I am going to try to whittle them down. I hope it works!

    Skeeter, They do trim the trees. They would need a tall ladder as they are about 20 ft high, or a bucket truck. Christmas trees are also trimmed-all by hand. Have fun trimming that long hedge and maybe thinking of trees will make you not so bad with these tall trees.

    Dawn, It is truly refined nature. Not sure if I like it. Too much work.

    Gail, Hope you find out what is up with your posting. I thought you would do a tree post? Yes, I think you are right...Tim Allen-men and power tools.

    Anonymous, Yum, fresh caught crappie? You all must have had a good dinner! You should keep up with the haircuts. I know I cut mine about every three days and should keep up with mine too. Lawns are so time consuming. Right now I am keeping up with ticks. Four in four days. Hate it! Hopefully lawn cutting will outnumber ticks at some point but not yet! April is a bad month for ticks, May too but they do stay around a long time. I should do a post on them.

    Anyhow, have a good day. I have Survivor to watch and a headache to make go away. I never understand how one can wake up with a headache at all. Anyone have this happen to them?

  6. Hi Tina, sorry about your headache, maybe the front coming our way? I am not a fan of the sheared trees, nature gave thema beautiful shape, why mess with that? But if that's what the homeowners want to do, fine by me. Freedom to do want you want with your own land is a strong belief I have, even if someone else thinks it's ugly.

  7. It sure does look like a lotta work but is very neat looking. I don't think that look goes very well with a farmbut, that being said, I agree with Frances with all she said. However, I was looking more at the barn anyway as I have always loved barns. Just something about barns that represents soooo very much

    Frances if anyone thinks your place is ugly they must be a very unhappy person not to appreciate such beauty and hard work.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  8. Damn it! I think I am having trouble posting to the site as well!

    So let me re-type all that I said!

    Mom, sometimes when you wake with a headache it is an indication that you have slept to much. Must be nice if that is the case. Try waking sooner or going to bed later, or not napping during the day. I get them when I sleep to long. Wish I had one now, can't seem to get enough sleep and am always tired lately! Oh well, life goes on!

    As for the trees, I like them as well. Jane (I work for her in Yarmouth) has some around her house that her handyman trims for her. I don't like them as much though because they are to close to the house. I think whoever planted them didn't realize they would get so big. They are right up on the house, and the ones between the pathway and house cover the path. I hate walking in the wet grass or snow int he winter...really when it is 5 feet high!

  9. The headache is finally going away. Not too much sleep and probably not the front. Not sure the issue. I had to take a pill for it. They happen. I got watch Survivor while it was going away. Love Survivor! Dawn did you like it last night? I don't know why all those people hated Jason but he really was kind of dumb! This has been a good season but the immunity idol should go away altogether.

    Frances, I am more a natural gardener too. Too much work pruning nature's beauty to something we think it should be.

    Mom, That barn was nice. I really wonder why all the spruces in the way they did though? Something different for sure. Indiana is nice and this is actually in the city, believe it or not.

    Christine, I sure did not sleep too much. Maybe more than usual since I went to bed earlier but not too much. I wish. You try to get a schedule and maybe you won't be tired all the time.

    It is too bad to have large trees in the way. I had to take out my boxwoods for that very reason. Hate that! You are so right when you said people don't realize how big they get. Time goes on.

  10. Tina,

    This has been fun to read! Glad your headache is on it's way out...hormones!


  11. Like a regular schedule is in my near future! I wish!

  12. I personally don't like the manicured look for trees--think they are much prettier in their natural state. Those in the pic certainly don't look like they belong to the house. Wonder if they put x-mas lights on them!!!!!

    Mentioned trimming-- I must trim the azalea on the East side of the house [the ones in bloom in one of the blogs] so I can get some control of them. They are really getting wild. Try to keep them trimmed the same as the hedge on the West side. The way I trim does give me a certain amount of privacy of which I would like more of.

    Sorry about your headache. I find most times what causes mine is spine misalignment or when I sleep to hard & am too tired when I go to bed.

    Another hard day in garden. I put the milorganite out on most of back yard. Need to get more but fear it will have to wait. My poor baby's oil dip-stick broke in to. Lucky it didn't go all the way in. Young'un changed oil & filter on her. My idiot light came on & stayed. Fortunately I got back from G'ville with my pot soil. At least I have something I can work with till my baby is well.

    Hope all had a very nice day. Hope all will have a very restful night so to enjoy another blissful day.

  13. Hi Y'all --another gorgeous day! I ended up mowing the entire yard --usually I break it up -one day front and then next day back and sides but did it all today since it might rain this weekend. Every mower in the subdivision was humming along today --so it was a good day to do the lawn:) Today was tax free day here so got sidekick some new shoes and socks. He can wear thru some socks --only because he doesn't keep his shoes on and runs outside in his socks???!!! Great day --see you all later --

  14. Hi all,
    Gail I SO wasn't going there with hormones, but it just may be that. lol Thanks for reminding me. I actually think it is the Splenda I have been drinking lately. Does this cause headaches in some folks? Anyone know?

    Christine, Ah, to be young again...

    Lola, I'm with you, the more natural the better. Sorry about your car trouble and all! It will work out. I finished your stone yesterday and will get it in the mail soon. Probably next week. I could only make two this time as I ran out of materials. Guess what two names? Martin and Martin! The other one is for a wildflower lover here in town who is so kind to share her garden with everyone.

    Anonymous, I know that's right with all the mowers just a humming today. Even today in Woodlawn! Great day to cut the lawn. I weedwhacked. Not as long as Skeeter does, but long enough. Another tick for a reward. That makes 5 in 5 days. Be careful out there. Watch the kids especially the sidekick who doesn't like wearing shoes. Pool open? Oak flowers are falling here so we must wait on ours.

  15. Tina, Now that you have this blog you don't seem to go to bed as early as you used to so don't think your headache is caused from too much sleep. Gail may have hit the nail on the head as it happens to all us women sooner or later and in our family it seems to be sooner rather than later. Glad it is now gone.

    Ha anyone read or seen on the news about how things can affect what sex baby you have? Well according to that study I should have given birth to all boys instead of all girls. Think they should have talked to me! LOL!!! Wonder how much it cost for that great study.

  16. The Saint and I got the pressure washing finished, well, what we intended to get today. Did the teeth cleaning thing, early dinner in town and then to Lowes, Home Depot for another exploration tour of the garden centers for stones. I have 3 new projects in my mind but could not find the correct stone. I finally decided on some and will get it all in place, hopefully next week. Calling for rain Sat-Mon so I may be out of the yard. But probably best as my body is taking a beating with all the work lately. But I just love getting out there and taking off like this! I do it every year!

    I have been dealing with a headache since yesterday. Lost it at bedtime and did not sleep a full night again! Too much on my mind in the yard I guess and woke up with back pain then the headache was there again this afternoon... I think my headache may be from drinking tea while in town. But after working all day in the yard in 86 degree sunshine, I needed the iced tea, unsweet but with sweetner but I think it is the caffeine that gets me. Or Sinus pressure as it does seem to be in the eyes area. Picked up some sinus headache pills at Drug Store and they usually work as they did at bedtime last night but it did come back today... May just be the body telling me to slow down…

    Have a good weekend all...

  17. Hi guys,
    Ah, car trouble...sorry to hear about yours Lola, if it makes you feel better my hubbies truck went in last weekend (for the whole weekend) for the master cylinder clutch to be replaced. guess what? Replaced last summer. The parts place warranteed the part but not the labor. $160 later, thank-you? Another van went in this week for rack in pinion replacement. Power steering fluid leaking for months (needed the service van) Seals replaced 3 weeks ago. Rack in pinion replaced Jan 07! That god our service place pitched a hissy fit! They are taking care of everything on warrantee including alignment which comes along with poor steering! What annoyance.
    Tina, now that you mentioned oak flowers blooming, ever think headaches might be related to allergies? That would be a curse for a gardener. Yes! I watched survivor and was mentioning to hubby, the players should be able to play the idol AFTER the vote. I guess making the rule to use it beforehand makes for a longer chance at it.
    Rain on sunday and all next week, might have flooding up here although it might be a good thing since we are so dry.
    My kid keeps chewing at his cast, he wants it off bad(that way he won't hit himself while sleeping) Finally had to tell him he would get another. We will know on Mon if the director of the sports will let him hit and run. Gee wiz.

  18. Mom, It is true I am so much later. No more going to bed early with a good book or more likely good gardening magazine. Sigh. But I am ready to hit the sack now. I did see that study. Very interesting indeed. Millions of dollars I am sure.

    Skeeter, You are one busy lady. But you know since you do it each year keep saying that forever! That is the way I look at it though I can't do as much as I used to do, I can still do and that is what counts! You may have the same problem as me with the headache though mine has finally disappeared. Of course, now that it is dark and I can't work anymore. lol Get some rest, ttyl.

  19. Dawn, Car trouble stinks. So frustrating. Hope Zack can hit when he checks in with the director. I wouldn't think so though with a cast. I too think it might be cool if the Survivors could play the stupid idol after they were voted off. Does hubby watch it too? Allergies are a curse for gardeners. Some doctor tried to tell me I had some. No. Never. I think it may be the splenda. I need to get some sugar soon. It has been dry here too and windy. I had to water today. Hope you all don't have any fires.

  20. Good morning! Raining here in GA so I am taking the day off from the yard! I do need the break I reckon... If the rain will fill up that lake, I would be on it on the weekends thus relaxing also..

  21. Tina, funny thing is......had he been playing football, a contact sport, it would be no question. Give him a padded sleeve and sent him on his way, but because baseball isn't contact, we need to go to this area. Up and down for my kid. I never believed Jack of all trades about that until the doctor told it to Zack. Go figure. You'd think it would be the way around.
    Yes, hubby watches survivor and loves it. We make sure thur is always open.

  22. To add insult to injury, pun intended, Zack found out yesterday, the game with Mt Ararat is now a doubleheader. May 3rd. Boo, hiss, boo.
    Needed to let us know earlier or go to the on site sports nurse when it happened, like he is surpose to do.

  23. Dawn, if dr says no, then no it is!
    He must let it heal properly or he may suffer the rest of his life...

  24. I know, we are trying to make my kid understand that. Could have a messed up hand for life.

  25. Morning all! Rained here last night and that only adds to the beauty. So far 1 inch of rain per week. Yahoo! Let us hope it continues!

    Dawn, Do have Zack take it easy like Skeeter said. It can be frustrating for a big boy who loves to play sports though.

  26. Dawn, Tell Zach that you do not want another "I Told You So" moment when he turns 30....

  27. Those are some big trees! I think I'd leave them natural as well. They can be troublesome when they're trimmed like that anyway, the centers die out unless you're careful to let enough light get to the center of the plant. Sorry, I just can't see the "point" of all that work.

  28. Skeeter, Parents revenge on their children are the grandchildren. Zack will remember all.

    Cinj, They are big trees. Too darned much to trim! I don't see the "point" either.