Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crabapples for the Birds

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at "In the Garden...."

Skeeter's parents snapped the picture of the turkey along with her friend the squirrel in their backyard recently. A fitting tribute to our day of thanks and our Turkey day. What do you suppose the squirrel and turkey are discussing? How lucky the turkey is she did not wind up on someone's dinner plate? Enough about the turkeys, let's talk of feeding the birds.

Do you remember my post on Crabby Crabapples way back in April? Well, it is crabby crabapple time again, and this time the crabapples are showing the world why they should be in the garden. The birds love them and the crabapples are a feast for my eyes. I assure you that if you eat these crabapples, you will not be happy with the taste. At first bite they seem to taste just like apples, then the bitter and sour taste come through and you say, "Yuck!". But, the birds say, "Yum!"
All birds love crabapples, and they are a great source of food for the birds in the winter. I find that in my garden mockingbirds are particularly fond of the crabapples, but I also enjoy the cardinals and chickadees eating them too.

Food for the birds is a fitting tribute to Thanksgiving when we are all warmly ensconced in our homes feasting on-what else-birds-shhhh-don't mention turkey or our friend above might get all gobbly and wobbly. Happy Thanksgiving!

in the garden....


  1. What a lucky turkey --indeed, lol. Happy Thanksgiving --have to get my turkey cooking soon:) Ciao!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Tina!

    We had a crabapple tree when I was a kid--it made the prettiest blooms and the sourest apples. I didn't realize how much the birds like them. It make me want to plant one--I don't think I have room, though...hmmm, what could I get rid of for a crabapple tree?

  3. You too Linda!

    Me too Anonymous! Got company actually and company coming:)

    Susan, they are kind of small-sure you could fit one in somewhere that you don't have to take something out?:0 Have a great Thanksgiving all!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! The birds love those apples. I can wait until ours produces, maybe next year!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Tina!

  6. Cute!

    At a previous home (where I lived in the woods) the wild turkeys were daily visitors. When they had a line of little poults following them around, they were really cute.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I've put it off long enough...I've got to stop making the blog rounds and go cook!


  7. Hi Tina, Skeeter, Lola, Dawn, Jean and anyone else involved here, happy Thanksgiving to you all. I love that turkey and squirrel photo, what a perfect one for today! Great job. Those are beautiful crabapples, we have had them at a couple of houses we have lived in, including our very first home in PA, it was an old one and was a beauty in flower and fruit. I might have to think of a good place for one here, I miss having them.

  8. Tina, wishing you a glorious day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Cute. I like the pic of the turkey & squirrel. I really like the crab apple. Does it make a very large tree? I also like the fact that it provides food for the birds.


  10. Nothing like waking up to a TN Thanksgiving! Yesterday i was thankful we made it through Atlanta with little traffic. I am not sure what the deal was: Less people traveling or more people traveled the day before. Either way, I am thankful....

    Our little crabapple never has mature fruit as the pesky squirrels get the baby berries!

    Everyone have a Great Thanksgiving Feast with family and friends galore! I think it may be time for a parade...

  11. What a cute picture of the turkey with the squirrel!
    Can you make jam/jelly out of crabapples? They sure are pretty when they flower.
    Happy Thanksgiving all.
    Gosh! It feels like a saturday! @:?)

  12. Happy Thanks Giving all! i am in NC right now spending time with my Grandma and other relitives! I hope you all have a great thanks giving! i will be posting something on my blog at the end of the be looking forward to it. And as a leaving thought! I am thankful for all of my family and friends and for the people who I met on this blog!

  13. Thanks Frances and to you and your family, I hope it is the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

    I, as with the rest here, love the photo of the turkey and squirrel together. Great photo!!

    Dawn, you must not remember me making crabapple jelly when you were a young whippersnapper. It makes the BEST apple jelly. Wish I had some as I have not had any in years.

    I do hope all my blogging friends have a very happy and blessed day with lotsa family, fun and food.

  14. Cute duo there! And the crab apples look very tempting. Now I'll check out your April post.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving1

  15. Dave, They grow very fast so I bet next year will be the year for sure. Have a great day.

    Racquel, You too!

    Cameron, Gotta do the blogging first:) Good cooking to you today! I finally got mine in.

    Frances, Thanks! Yes do fit in a crabapple at Faire Gardens. Maybe on the lawn side? It would look nice there. I can't take credit for the picture, Skeeter sent it to me as her parents sent it. I am glad she did too! Have a great day!

    Beckie, You too!

    Lola, Crabapples are generally small trees. Do some research before you buy one and get the right size for you. Have a great day. P.S. IE is Internet Explorer, not sure which one you use:) I like FireFox. It is the way to go. Dave told me he did not like IE and ever since then I have switched, except for preparing posts. Sorry I used the acronym:)

    Skeeter, That was real luck! Little traffic? Super great! Tell your parents thanks for the picture. A good pic for sure.

    Dawn, Yup, sure does feel like a Saturday. Crabapple jelly is the best, especially with a sprig of mint. You need to put one in your orchard. I can see it now and you have plenty of room. Have a great day today.

    Zach, You have a great time in NC. My in-laws are here visiting us from NC. It is a really small world. You can be we'll look for your post as you are on my blogroll so it shows up easily. Have a great day!

    Mom, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I remember crabapple jelly. That might be why I make it. I made it in NC and it was the best as was yours. Easy too. Are you cooking? I am, usually we go to NC but they came here this year, Liz and Chris will down later. Lots of food going.

    Kanak, Have a great day over there and stay safe. Your country is so neat and I enjoy talking to you and Sunita. I told my in-laws about the trouble over there and they thought it neat how we can talk so much thru the Internet and how things far away can reach out and touch so many. Life is like that but now I am getting philosophical so I must go! ttyl

  16. I spent the morning setting up my new bird feeder. Since I'm on my own today (and happily enjoying it in the garden), I've indulged in decorating outside a bit!

  17. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


  18. Great photo! You know, the turkey was almost the national bird instead of the eagle.

  19. Hi Tina, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Love your bottle tree, do you plan to keep filling it in?

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to you! So nice of you for stopping by....

  21. Brenda, Sounds like an awesome day! The kind I like best, in the garden..Have fun.

    Amy, You too!

    My Little Family, I am pretty glad the turkey is not our national bird, though it might be more fitting since more Americans have first hand knowledge of it (sure is good right). But then again, why would we want to eat our national bird?:)

    Msrobin, Hi there! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was good, only burned a few things:) I think you saw my sister Dawn's bottle tree. Yes, I think she will fill it in. Mine is almost too full and so I have to add lag screws to make more 'branches'. You really must make yourself a bottle tree if you don't have one. I have several pictured on this blog under bottle trees, but make one that is individual and totally reflects you. It would add some color up there for sure. Thanks for asking about the bottle trees. Lotsa fun.

    Marina, Thanks for stopping by In the Garden! I think you were looking for my sister Dawn's blog though. She is found at: But do come back when you have the chance and have a great day!

  22. Tina, just a note. I was checking your post again before going to bed last night & oldest ggk was sitting on my knee---he had to read your post. He really liked the turkey & squirrel pic.

  23. Lola, I am so glad the grandson enjoyed the picture! Skeeter's mom did good. We all missed you Mom, and Dawn (the missing three commenters, at lunch today. I do hope you get to visit here next year.

  24. You're making me want to do some foraging. A crabapple wreath, maybe? Don't worry, I'll leave some for the birds.

  25. Hi Tina,

    I wanted to say hello and see how your holiday has been going? The day was beautiful here...hoping it was you you as well. Now back to my vacation and time with Mr I! Gail

  26. Perfect post for Thanksgiving Tina. Crab apples are wonderful ~ I should think of someplace to plant one too. Hope you had a great holiday, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  27. One of our crabapple trees didn't have crabby apples this year. They were actually quite tasty. I don't ever remember this tree producing sweet fruit before. I wonder what happened?

  28. JGH, A crabapple wreath would look great! A good idea to feed the birds at Christmas ☺

    Gail, Holidays are going great and I hope yours too! Don't spend too much time blogging as hubby wants your attention and you should relax too. I am hoping for rain here-soonest! You take care the rest of this long weekend.

    Kathleen, Thanks! I appreciate that very much.

    TC, I think that since last year was so bad for fruits and nuts that the trees compensated for it this year and the weather cooperated, hence pretty good tasting fruit. A bonus for sure! Maybe Mrs. TC will make some tasty crabapple jelly to add to the larder?