Friday, November 28, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge and Recruiter Ring Ceremony

The Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio is definitely great. Mr. Fix-it is an Army Recruiter; the toughest job in the Army because without him and the other recruiters, there would be no Army. Have you ever tried getting folks to join the Armed Forces during times of war? I digress, this posting will be saved for a later date, but the fact Mr. Fix-it's job is so tough entitles him and the other recruiters to many perks. Okay, not many, but a few. Great Wolf Lodge for the recruiters and their families is one of those perks.
Mr. Fix-it's battalion headquarters is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, though the battalion's recruiters are spread out all the way from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Kentucky. It is a very wide area for one command to command. In order to bring the entire battalion together and to enable training and bonding of all assigned soldiers and their family members, an Annual Training Conference (ATC) is held once a year. This year and last year the location chosen was The Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. What a location!

The lodge has an indoor water park and neat machines all through the hotel where children can become 'Magi' and acquire runes and obtain points. The Jimster spent a good six hours just on this game. His goal was to get the highest points ever, and he has plans to return when he is 16, just so he can still see his score. He also enjoyed the waterpark. His dad worked, and I suffered through a migraine headache in the hotel room, though I did manage to take part in the award ceremonies. This weekend was very special to us because Mr. Fix-it earned his Recruiter's Ring. It is a ring like a class ring and not all recruiters can obtain it. We were so honored Mr. Fix-it earned his and very excited to be there for his award ceremony and induction into an elite group of recruiters who proudly wear the ring. Here we are all standing with the Sergeant Major and the Battalion Colonel after the ring ceremony. We were quite happy the Jimster was able to participate by walking 'the gauntlet' with us. The ring ceremony was a proud day of my husband's long recruiting career; which will come to an end in a few months. Thank goodness!!! Great Wolf Lodge is a real gem and if you are ever in the area and have plans to visit Kings Island, do stay at Great Wolf Lodge and have a super great time. Their service and facilities were great for the large of group of Army recruiters that ascended on the lodge this cold weekend in November.

in the garden....


  1. Good Morning All,
    Tina that was a great honor for Mr Fix-it. A lot of hard work & dedication. And a lot of patience on your & jimsters part.

    Congratulation Mr Fix-it.

    That sounds like a lovely place to stay. I'm sorry you had such a bad headache. That can take a lot of enjoyment out of the festivities.
    I hope all have a lovely day.

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Fix-it for this wonderful achievement.

    The lodge does look like an amazing getaway. And your boy is really cute! And congrats to you too Tina! Behind every successful man......!!!

  3. Good morning all!

    Lola, Thanks! We did have a great time, headache excepted, it was worth it to take part in that ceremony. You have a great day too!

    Kanak, Thanks! Yup, behind every successful man...and he actually gives me credit too, though recruiting is all him. I don't normally put people pictures on the blog, but every now and then it is probably okay, and how neat sometimes to see the folks behind the words? So I am glad you liked it and the Jimster too. He is at a bad age-teenaged:) But is a pretty good kid if I must say so myself.

  4. Tina,

    Congratulations to your husband! I can imagine that his job is quite challenging. It's great to see a person rewarded for their dedication.

    All the best,

  5. Congrats to Mr Fix-it! A well-deserved honor for all his hard work and service.

    Sorry about the migraine, though. They are no fun at all.

  6. i LOVE anything that looks like an apline lodge - even if it in Florida! LOL Your photos look like a beautiful place and I would like to visit someday.

  7. Congratulations Mr. Fix it! That lodge sure looks like a cool place to visit. That outside entrance is impressive!

  8. Congratulations to Mr. Fix-it! The Lodge sounds awesome! Thanks too for stopping by Cackleberry Cottage!

  9. Congrats to my wonderful son-in-law
    He works soooo hard and am glad he got some glory out of his hard work. Great photo of you guys.

    Hope all had a great day yesterday and the cookers for the day have recovered. We had a great day and Josh and Emma had lots of fun which in return gave us adults lots of enjoyment. They are so special!!!! They had not seen each other for a month and a half so they really were so cute, squealing and running around.

  10. This looks like a really neat place to stay and with a waterpark?! Congrats on getting the hard earned ring!

  11. A big Congrats to Mr. Fix-it and family!!! You all deserve this congrats as sacrifices are made by all with such jobs. You all Rock to the core!

    We had a nice turkey day and got as stuffed as the bird! lol....

    Today plan includes lunch with some special friends :-). I cant wait! Maybe we will fit in some garden chat... lol....

  12. That's wonderful! Tell him congratulations!

  13. We have one in Williamsburg, never been but my boys went with a friend to the indoor waterpark & loved it! Congrats to Mr Fix it! He has one of the hardest jobs in the military!

  14. Cameron, Thanks! He has worked so hard these past 3+ years.

    Sue, Thanks!

    My Little Family, It was very nice, alpine and all. I will come and try to vote again too:)

    Dave, Thanks! A truly great themed park it is. Good for kids.

    Lorilee, Thanks! And thanks for dropping by. I think you may be looking for Dawn though. She is at C and G Design. But visit anytime!

    Mom, I bet Josh and Emma were having a ball yesterday. Two cute little kids! Hope your day was great too! Ours was super! ☺

    Dawn, Thanks! This joint was so awesome-and free too☻

    Skeeter, Thanks! Lunch was fab and even a bit of garden chat, family chat and a tiny bit of blog chat.

    Brenda, Thanks!

    Racquel, I should've posted these lodges are all over the country. They are way cool if you get a chance to stay. Your teenaged boy would love it. And thanks on the hubby, I know you understand how hard the Army is, recruiting truly being the hardest and I think the least rewarding, though he does get a good bit of salesmanship training. Do you think that will help when he retires?☺

  15. My brother in law was a marine recruiter and I know how hard those guys work. Well deserved reward for your family. It takes a team....

  16. Hi Tina --what a wonderful accomplishment! I'm so glad that Mr. Fix-it's recruiting time has come to and end. That is one TOUGH job and you and the Jimster did an awesome job supporting him along the way --kudos!!!!
    We had an excellent time today --the kiddos enjoyed a treat out for lunch. It was so nice to see everyone -the weather today was great. I wish I could say I finished up some yard work --hehehe but I didn't. We went for a run and a bike ride. And, it was the BEST night for commissary shopping --I didn't have to struggle to get down the aisles. It was practically empty --yeah!!!
    Hi Skeeter --the kids think you totally ROCK!!!
    Miss Tina --you are the kids number one Garden Mommy:) Yeah, they know there mama can't tell one plant from the next, hehe. So, they are happy we have you to guide us.
    Nina --your yard is sounding rather enticing to my little hunters:) Good thing they can't drive yet, lol. Only have one Boy that needs a deer this year --that would be Boy 2 --I'm sure he'll get it soon.
    Hi Jean --it's so nice that you get to see those little ones. I'm sure they are the most entertaining. Enjoy them --they grow so fast and then turn into bigger kiddos that aren't quite as cute all the time, lol.
    Hi Lola --hope you had a nice turkey day with your family. My mom, sister and brother came down --so it was a fairly relaxing day. Now, it's more visiions of Christmas dancing in the kiddos heads. They can't wait for Sunday --the start of Advent. A sure fire way to tell it's getting closer to Christmas when they can't keep track of the days:) Better check email and read some news. Nighty-night y'all!

  17. This Navy vet stands at attention and salutes Mr. Fix-it.

    A job well done sir!

  18. Great lunch with Garden buds! Anonymous, your family Rocks also! Kiddos were little angels in public, but after all, daddy was there too keep them occupied on the pool tables. By the way, how much did they hustle? tee hee...

    Nina, my mom wants to know more! she was shocked that you knew her Uncles and Aunt! We must meet again to chat more...

    Tina, what can I say, another great (but not enough time to) chat it up girl... Soon we can chat until our hearts desire. Set that alarm early for a good trip soonist! :-)

    I also had a great visit with an uncle I have not seen in 17 years and met cousins for the first time! Great visit and some serious bonding time at dinner after visiting with our 90 year old Great Aunt! Then a wonderful stroll along the river to enjoy the Christmas lights on the Cumberland! Could not have asked for a more perfect day!!!!

    Tomorrow, more family to visit. I just love the joyful holidays!

  19. Hi Tina, we are so proud of Mr. Fix it and you all for the hard work and sacrifices. That is so smart that they have something like those games to keep the younger set busy and happy. Sorry about your headache, but as always you were a trooper and showed up for the big stuff. Congrats to you all.

  20. Hi, Tina--Let me add my congratulations to Mr. Fix-it. I'm glad the Jimster had such a good time--I've been to Kings Island, but never the Great Wolf Lodge. I do hope you're feeling better. We've had a lovely week at the beach and I'll be posting about it soon--

  21. Congratulations to Mr. Fix-it! A friend's son-in-law was an Army recruiter for awhile, and I know it was very hard. Sounds like you had a great time--except for the migraine, of course.

  22. Troutbirder, Thanks so much!

    Anonymous, It was a pleasure seeing you and the family yesterday! So glad they could all come as I am thinking they had a great time and it was good for Nina and Skeeter to meet everyone too. I sure enjoyed seeing you guys. We'll all have to get together when my mother comes down-maybe you guys can come out? Someday my sister will make it down too. Have a great rest of the weekend.

    TC, Thanks! Hubby is so modest he is wondering why I am making a big deal but he will appreciate your sentiment.

    Skeeter, You have a great visit with all the family here in town! It was super seeing you yesterday.

    Frances, Thanks so much. That headache is gone now. Yahoo! Now for some rain and gardening. I hope you are staying warm and your holidays are great!

    Cosmo, I actually took a picture of Kings Island. I thought surely everyone had heard of that amusement park, but not so many of the Great Wolf Lodges. I am glad you have had a great time at the beach and I will look for the post. Don't forget the time date:)

    Rose, Thanks so much! Recruiting is very tough. I never realized just how tough until Mr. Fix-it went to do it. The rest of the Army is kept sheltered from the tough hours and job. I hope your holidays are going great! Have a super rest of the weekend all.

  23. Sounds like Mr. Fixit's award is well-deserved. There's also a Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky where we visit often and a newish one in the Pocono's I hear.

  24. Those Great Wolf Lodges are all around and I had no idea until I kind of started researching it JGH. If you get the chance, you should visit it. We liked the gas fireplace in every room. Thanks on the award too. He has worked so hard.

  25. Congratulations to Mr. Fix-It!!!!! I've heard of Great Wolf Lodge but have never been. You all look great!

  26. Thanks Cindy, very kind of you. Only 6 more months! Yeah!